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Teaching Islam in Our Schools

Religious Freedom Day is January 16, 2016. Gateways to Better Education helps parents, teachers, administrators and students understand their right to religious freedom on campus. You can find more information at Show More Summary

Americans Strongly Favor Equal Applications of the Law Over Religious Freedom Accommodations

A recent nationwide poll conducted by political scientists from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky shows that by a wide margin, Americans strongly favor equal treatment under the law over respecting individual religious beliefs when the two come into conflict. Show More Summary

Political Debates on German vs US TV: Paging John Stewart

Last week I spent a few days with family, friends and startups in Germany. When I was at my parents we watched a television debate about Islam, religious freedom and German society. I was struck by the stark contrast to most political...Show More Summary

#BringYourBible Goes Viral in Schools Nationwide – Stand Up for Your Christian Faith [Video]

Today is ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day.’ It’s fantastic! This is a great way to share your faith and teach your children about religious freedom and the Constitution. It

The Kim Davis saga and the religious right’s skewed view of religious freedom

yesterdayNews : The Raw Story

When Keith Bardwell, a justice of the peace in Louisiana, turned away a couple looking to get married in 2009, he cited personal objections to justify his decision to withhold a marriage license. Bardwell wasn’t hailed as a culture war hero, greeted with a campaign rally or praised by...

After RFRA Blowup, Indiana Governor Mike Pence Considering a ‘Utah Compromise’

Months after Indiana Gov. Mike Pence faced severe backlash for signing into law a sweeping "religious freedom" bill that opponents said gave businesses a "license to discriminate" against LGBT people, the Republican governor is now reportedly...Show More Summary

Newsboys Stand with Students for ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’

Students around the country will show their support for religious freedom by bringing their Bibles to school this Thursday. And this year, they’ll have the support of the award-winning Christian band Newsboys. “We’re thrilled to be able to help spread the news about this event to students and their families,” said lead singer Michael Tait. […]

Indiana Governor: What About A Law So We Still Get To Hate The Gays?

Totally. Remember earlier this year, when the entire known universe (except, like, Iran and Alabama) did a Two Minutes Hate against Indiana and its very stupid governor, for signing a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (“RFRA” if you’re...Show More Summary

Satanists to Democrat Missouri governor: Abortion is a ‘sacrament’

The Satanic suit identifies abortion as an 'essential religious duty' for Satanists, and says restricting abortion violates their religious freedom.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence Wants Business Leaders to Back ‘Utah Compromise’ on LGBT Rights: VIDEO

2 days agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) is reportedly considering a “Utah compromise” on LGBT rights in an attempt to appease those angered by the state’s anti-gay Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which he signed into law in March.… The post Indiana Governor Mike Pence Wants Business Leaders to Back ‘Utah Compromise’ on LGBT Rights: VIDEO appeared first on Towleroad.

What Pope Francis Just Did for Religious Freedom in America

In Pope Francis’ visit to America, religious freedom was a key theme in his public addresses from the White House to Independence Hall in Philadelphia. But even more significantly, it was the center of Pope Francis’ unscheduled meetings: With the Little Sisters of the Poor, and with Kim Davis, the clerk who went to jail […]

"Expert Religion" and Hurd's Beyond Religious Freedom

This is the first of three posts in a series reviewing Elizabeth Shakman Hurd's new book, Beyond Religious Freedom. In the following weeks, look for posts by Cara Burnidge and Lauren Turek. Michael Graziano I was reading Elizabeth Shakman...Show More Summary

"Religious rituals don’t need any practical justification for the believers who perform them voluntarily."

"But many recyclers want more than just the freedom to practice their religion. They want to make these rituals mandatory for everyone else, too, with stiff fines for sinners who don’t sort properly. Seattle has become so aggressiveShow More Summary

Freedom From Religion Foundation: America’s Islamic State

The Islamic State, when not torturing and murdering its neighbors, has been destroying religious monuments and artifacts, particularly focusing on artifacts of Baal worship, and other pre-Islamic architecture. Sounds crazy right? But...Show More Summary

Why Mike Huckabee Picked a Fight With Frito-Lay Over Gay Doritos

Evangelicals call it a battle for religious freedom. Dan Savage calls it a fight over a "gay bag of chips"

Niqab or Red Herring?

All my life I have been happy and proud to be a Canadian. The Canada of my generation has been liberal in its policies and with peaceful purpose for its role in the world. Canada is a country of religious tolerance and freedom; it is written into our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Show More Summary

Meet The Newlywed Who Had Indiana's Anti-Gay Pizzeria Cater His Wedding

5 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Remember Memories Pizza, that anti-gay pizza parlor in Indiana that used the state's so-called religious freedom law to refuse to cater gay weddings? Well, they just unknowingly catered the wedding of same-sex Chicago couple Robin Trevino and his husband. Show More Summary

Valerie Jarrett on Kim Davis: ‘Obviously, We Believe Strongly in Religious Freedom

"We also believe that public officials have to comply with the law and they have to comply with the Constitution."

Satanic Temple Sues For Woman’s Religious Freedom To Do Devil Abortions

Don’t expect a Wonkette review any time soon You might recall that our very favorite First Amendment activist-trolls, the Satanic Temple, sued back in May for an exemption to Missouri’s 72-hour waiting period for an abortion, putting the “logic” of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision to pro-choice use. Show More Summary

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