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Victorians’ Fears About the Ills of Modern Technology Sounded a Lot Like Ours

Late-night overdrinking? Writer’s cramp? Spoiled kids? Such complaints haunted 19 th -century Britons. The blog Diseases of Modern Life is run by a group of historians at the University of Oxford, working on a research project about Victorians who feared that new technologies and configurations of social life were making people sick. Show More Summary

Hackers are making $500k off mobile trojans they deployed, research shows

Chinese hackers are making a whopping $500,000 a day from a group of smartphone trojans dubbed “Hummer,” security researchers estimate.

Democratic Group Prepares Trove of Research to Unload on Donald Trump

The opposition research group American Bridge is maintaining an archive of digital video footage, with 6,500 clips of Mr. Trump speaking or being mentioned.

Pig manure may pave the way to sustainable road building

Researchers from North Carolina A&T State University have developed a process that uses pig manure as a low-cost replacement for petroleum in the production of road asphalt. In searching for bio alternatives, the group discovered that...Show More Summary

Triple external quantum efficiencies -- a new material TADF was developed

An international joint research group succeeded in developing a novel thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) material which displays emission of light in colors from green to deep-red through Intersystem Crossing from the singlet to the triplet excitons, a world first. Show More Summary

Church attendance linked with reduced suicide risk, especially for Catholics, study says

Against a grim backdrop of rising suicide rates among American women, new research has revealed a blinding shaft of light: One group of women — practicing Catholics — appears to have bucked the national trend toward despair and self-harm. Compared with women who never participated in religious...

Remington XM2010 Sniper Rifle Spotted in Syria

ARES Armament Research Services identified the XM2010 platform in Syria on social media last week: An image shared via Twitter on 17 June shows a member claiming to be affiliated with the New Syrian Army (NSyA) or an allied group operating in Syria’s Aleppo governorate. Show More Summary

Don't abandon national referendums, but smaller groups often make wiser choices

Larger crowds do not always produce wiser decisions, new research shows. Moderately-sized crowds are likely to outperform larger ones when faced with combinations of easy and difficult qualitative decisions.

Researchers identify new strategy for decreasing neonatal mortality

Washington, DC - June 28, 2016 - Researchers have discovered how the bacteria Group B streptococcus (GBS) avoids detection by the immune system during pregnancy. The findings, reported in the journal mBio, could lead to the development of new drugs and strategies for treating GBS infection, which is a leading cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality. read more

iPhone 7 and making Lightning strike twice

Michael Gartenberg has covered the personal technology beat for more than two decades at places like Gartner, Jupiter Research and Altimeter Group. Most recently, he spent a few years at Apple as Sr. Director of Worldwide Product Marketing. / /-->/ /-->/ A...Show More Summary

A group of wildlife biologists take their tiny research base with them on expedition

The tiny living unit will function as research base and home to wildlife biologists led by Katy Gavrilchuk and David Gaspard who plan to go on an expedition this summer to study the whale and dolphin species of the Gulf of St. Lawrence in Canada. Show More Summary

CRM Impact on Recruiting and Retaining Agents

WAV Group has deep experience supporting real estate brokers on the selection and adoption of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for their agents. Sometimes the best business strategy is a simple one. All research points out that...Show More Summary

We don't know jack about the next iPhone

Michael Gartenberg has covered the personal technology beat for more than two decades at places like Gartner, Jupiter Research and Altimeter Group. Most recently, he spent a few years at Apple as Sr. Director of Worldwide Product Marketing. / /-->/ /-->/ 'It's...Show More Summary

Roswell UFO Memo: $10,000 Reward Offered To Decipher ‘Ramey Memo’ Believed To Be ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence

A UFO researcher, Kevin Randle, has announced an offer of “$10,000 reward for the first person or group/lab that can” decipher the text of a memo held in the hands of a top U.S. military officer in a photo in which the officer was shown examining debris allegedly freshly recovered from the 1947 Roswell UFO... Show More Summary

Tiny algae ideal for sniffing out nutrient pollution in water

The key to effectively measuring damagingly high levels of nutrients in freshwater streams lies in the microscopic organisms living in them, according to a group of Drexel University scientists. A team largely made up of researchersShow More Summary

WIU Faculty, Staff Studying Zika Virus

A group of Western Illinois University student and faculty researchers are spending the summer conducting surveillance of tick-borne diseases and mosquito-borne arboviruses in regional counties.

More Art Museums Are Using Focus Groups In Planning Marketing And Programming – Is This A Good Idea?

“Museums are increasingly using the popular market research tool to gather input from the public and refine exhibitions and programmes. … [Yet] some feel that the use of focus groups to develop exhibitions – a practice pioneered by science and history museums – encourages institutions to act more like for-profit businesses than mission-driven entities.”

How yeast cells regulate their fat balance

FRANKFURT. Not only humans but also each of their body cells must watch their fat balance. Fats perform highly specialised functions, especially in the cell membrane. A research group at the Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences...Show More Summary

Biometric Technology, "Brainprints", and the Death of the Password

Rawlson King, lead researcher for Biometrics Research Group, says the biometric industry is experiencing exponential growth, expected to go from $15 billion in 2015 to $35.5 billion in 2020, as the global banking and financial services industry continues to make...

State laws aimed at curbing opioid abuse may not be working for one group with high rates of use

Lebanon, NH -- A new study by researchers from The Dartmouth Institute of Health Policy and Clinical Practice and UCLA School of Law found state laws aimed at curbing prescription opioid abuse have had no measurable effect on opioid use by a vulnerable population with high rates of use. read more

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