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“Conflict Mounts Inside Voting Fraud Commission in the Wake of Child Porn Arrest”

ProPublica: The arrest, on child pornography charges, of a researcher for the controversial Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity is intensifying conflict inside the group, with two Democratic members asserting again that a small band of conservatives holds disproportionate power. The … Continue reading ?

Researchers turn atomic force microscope measurements into color images

A French and Japanese research group has developed a new way of visualizing the atomic world by turning data scanned by an atomic force microscope into clear color images. The newly developed method, which enables observation of materials...Show More Summary

Bringing the atomic world into full color

(University of Tokyo) A French and Japanese research group has developed a new way of visualizing the atomic world by turning data scanned by an atomic force microscope into clear color images. The newly developed method, which enables...Show More Summary

Genomics researchers showcase their applications of Droplet Digital PCR at ASHG 2017 Annual Meeting

(Chempetitive Group) During the conference, researchers will discuss how Droplet Digital PCR helps them screen stem cells for harmful mutations as well as how Droplet Digital PCR provides early detection of transplant rejection and delivers absolute quantification of gene expression to investigate cancer.

Youth football: How young athletes are exposed to high-magnitude head impacts

(Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group) Researchers examined exposure to high-magnitude head impacts (accelerations greater than 40g) in young athletes, 9 to 12 years of age, during football games and practice drills to determineShow More Summary

Study: Dance Helps With Aging Health Compared To Regular Exercise

Over a year and a half, older adults who took weekly dance classes showed gains in their balancing ability. There were no such improvements in the traditional exercise group. Researchers also found hints that all those mambos and cha-chas had extra brain benefits.

Vibrating nanoparticles interact: Placing nanodisks in groups can change their vibrational frequencies

Like a tuning fork struck with a mallet, tiny gold nanodisks can be made to vibrate at resonant frequencies when struck by light. In new research, Rice University researchers showed they can selectively alter those vibrational frequencies by gathering different-sized nanodisks into groups.

GW researchers contribute to global effort to identify extraordinary astrophysical event

(George Washington University) Three astrophysicists from the George Washington University are part of a global group of scientists who collaborated on identification and study of the first confirmed observation of two merging neutron stars, a so-called kilonova.

WIFI security has been KRACKed says researchers

In our increasingly networked world, many of our IoT devices rely on WIFI security for safe communication.   Now a group of security researchers are set to reveal that the most popular WIFI security protocol currently in use, WPA2, has an inherent flaw. Show More Summary

The Southern Poverty Law Center, Not Family Research Council, is a Hate Group

On August 15, 2012, I was on my way into downtown D.C. to record my daily radio program at the Family Research Council (FRC) when I got a call not to come. I was in D.C. for a conference and had been using the studios at FRC to broadcast...Show More Summary

Trump Becomes First Sitting President To Address Anti-LGBTQ Event

4 days agoNews : The Lookout

President Donald Trump on Friday became the first sitting president to address the Values Voter Summit, an event sponsored by the Family Research Council, a group known for its anti-LGBT views.

Trump Will Speak At a Hate Group Event

The Family Research Council will also host anti-Muslim speakers.

Trump Just Delivered a Big Speech at a Hate Group Event

The SPLC calls the Voters Values Summit a "rogues' gallery of the radical right." President Donald Trump will be the first sitting president to address the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit, which the Southern Poverty Law...Show More Summary

Hate group leader accidentally acknowledges research affirming transgender kids

On Wednesday, the Heritage Foundation — which has been described as “Donald Trump’s think tank” — hosted a panel featuring three doctors who reject transgender kids. ThinkProgress was in attendance and apparently ruffled some feathers. Friday morning, Heritage posted a video clip from the event showing panelist Michelle Cretella responding to a question ThinkProgress asked, […]

Ending NAFTA Could Cost U.S. 50,000 Auto Jobs: Study

Automotive trade groups have issued warnings about the scrapping of the North American Free Trade Agreement all year. In January, the Center for Automotive Research claimed killing NAFTA could result in the elimination of at least 31,000 auto jobs within the United States. Show More Summary

WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump and others speak at 2017 Voters Value Summit

4 days agoNews : The Raw Story

The annual Values Voters Summit kicks off in Washington, D.C. on Friday. Donald Trump will become the first sitting president to speak at the event, which is hosted by the anti-LGBTQ group Family Research Council. His speech is scheduled to start at 10:10 a.m. (ET). “Values voters have waited...

Trump is First Sitting President to Speak at Hate Group’s Values Voter Summit: WATCH

4 days agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Donald Trump is the first sitting president to deliver the keynote at the anti-LGBTQ Values Voter Summit, a conference sponsored by the Family Research Council, designated a hate group by the SPLC. FRC President Tony Perkins made the announcement on… Read The post Trump is First Sitting President to Speak at Hate Group’s Values Voter Summit: WATCH appeared first on Towleroad.

Internet researchers harness the power of algorithms to find hate speech

During the municipal elections in spring 2017, a group of researchers and practitioners specialising in computer science, media and communication implemented a hate speech identification campaign with the help of an algorithm based on machine learning.

Modified enzyme used to provide better anti-Markovnikov selectivity in alkene oxidations

(—A team of researchers at the California Institute of Technology has used a modified enzyme to provide better anti-Markovnikov selectivity in alkene oxidations. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes using an iterative process to modify the enzyme and producing a desired end result.

Dutch researchers construct ecosystem of the future

Can biodiversity provide insurance against the potentially harmful effects of climate change? And do decreases in biodiversity eliminate this insurance? To tackle these burning questions, the Ecology and Biodiversity research group at...Show More Summary

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