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Hackers Can Steal Your Smartphone's PIN Via Built-In Motion Sensors

A team of researchers from the Newcastle University, UK, uncovered a new way an attacker could guess and steal smartphone users' PINs by taking advantage of all the motion sensors in modern smartphones.

Ford investigates causes of car sickness

2 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Car sickness can be the bane of many a road trip. In an attempt to find a way to combat the problem, scientists at the Ford Research and Innovation Center in Germany recently teamed up with motion sickness experts in Norway to studyShow More Summary

Device boosts interaction between light and motion

(Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo) Novel design developed by Brazilian researchers couples light waves and mechanical waves at higher intensity levels. One of its potential applications is in telecommunications as...Show More Summary

Stretching the boundaries of neural implants

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) New nanowire-coated, stretchy, multifunction fibers can be used to stimulate and monitor the spinal cord while subjects are in motion, MIT researchers report.

Man moves paralyzed legs using device that stimulates spinal cord

(Mayo Clinic) Mayo Clinic researchers used electrical stimulation on the spinal cord and intense physical therapy to help a man intentionally move his paralyzed legs, stand and make steplike motions for the first time in three years...

The Other Shoe Drops: Trump Signs Executive Order Gutting Environmental Protections

Today U.S. President Donald Trump set in motion a reversal of support for environmental protection, climate and earth science, and basic energy research. All, apparently, in the misguided or cynical assertion that it will "bring coal jobs back." Newsflash: It won't.

Researchers create an app that makes you tilt and roll to type

last monthTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Scientists from the University of St Andrews in Scotland have developed a new text input system called SWiM, or Shape Writing in Motion – and it's designed to make typing on the smallest and largest touchscreen devices that little bit...Show More Summary

Microorganisms in the subsurface seabed on evolutionary standby

(Aarhus University) Through genetic mutations microorganisms normally have the ability to develop new properties over a short time scale. Researchers now show that microbes in the deep seabed grow in slow motion with generation times of up to 100 years.

Quantum movement of electrons in atomic layers shows potential of materials for electronics and photonics

(University of Kansas) A University of Kansas research team has observed the counterintuitive motion of electrons during experiments in KU's Ultrafast Laser Lab. Because this sort of 'quantum' transport is very efficient, it could play a key role in a new type of manmade material that could be used someday in solar cells and electronics.

A multidrug efflux pump in motion

Researchers have mapped the conformational changes that occur in a protein 'notorious' for pumping chemotherapeutic drugs out of cancer cells and blocking medications from reaching the central nervous system. Their report is an important step forward in understanding - and perhaps one day interfering with - the highly dynamic ABC transporter known as P-glycoprotein.

A multidrug efflux pump in motion

Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center have mapped the conformational changes that occur in a protein "notorious" for pumping chemotherapeutic drugs out of cancer cells and blocking medications from reaching the central nervous system.

A multidrug efflux pump in motion

(Vanderbilt University Medical Center) Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center have mapped the conformational changes that occur in a protein 'notorious' for pumping chemotherapeutic drugs out of cancer cells and blocking...Show More Summary

Modeling the motion of chips produced in gun drilling shows a simple angle change could lead to better gun drill design

By simulating the removal of chips during the drilling of deep holes in metals and metal alloys, ASTAR researchers have paved the way for gun drills that are more durable, reliable, and have longer lifespans.

Magnetic fields at the crossroads

(American Institute of Physics) Almost all information that exists in contemporary society is recorded in magnetic media, like hard drive disks. Researchers are studying the motion of vortex domain walls -- local regions of charge that...Show More Summary

ProBeat: BlackBerry is dead, long live BlackBerry!

2 months agoTechnology : Venture Beat

OPINION: Full disclosure: I did a one-year internship at BlackBerry when it was still called Research In Motion. It was my first and only office job, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My first phone was a BlackBerry Bold, and I’m still a big fan of hardware keyboards. Even after finally offering Android phones at the end […]

BlackBerry tries again

Remember when Research in Motion’s BlackBerry smartphones set the bar? My first smartphone was a BlackBerry 7130e. I loved the phone. And then my son gave it a bath in a ginger ail. The 7130e had it all: A scroll wheel, Java apps, a keyboard and a swappable battery that would last for days. Show More Summary

Closer look at atomic motion in molecules may benefit biotech researchers

Every molecule holds a complex landscape of moving atoms – and the ability to single out and examine individual nuclear vibrations may unlock to the secret to predicting and controlling chemical reactions. Now a new method, developed by researchers in Sweden, enables biotech researchers to do just that.

Combining pulsed laser with electron gun allows for capturing fast motion of nanoparticles in a liquid

(—A team of researchers at the California Institute of Technology has combined a pulsed laser with an electron gun to capture imagery of suspended nanoparticles moving at nanosecond speeds. In their paper published in the journal...Show More Summary

A former Wall Street analyst made a $145 million trade of a lifetime to join Snap

Snapchat's parent company Snap Inc. has set in motion what could be the biggest tech flotation in years. The filing for its initial public offering revealed the compensation of Imran Khan, a former JPMorgan research analyst turned Credit...Show More Summary

New study connects running motion to ground force, provides patterns for any runner

Researchers at Southern Methodist University in Dallas have developed a concise new explanation for the basic mechanics involved in human running.

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