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Behind the Rise and Fall of BlackBerry

“Losing the Signal,” a new book, tells the inside story of Research In Motion’s efforts to take on Apple’s game-changing iPhone. Read an excerpt.

Flexible electronics harvest energy from natural motions of human body

Researchers created thin, flexible electronic devices that efficiently harvest the mechanical energy from natural motions of the human body. In addition to advances in materials processing to enable creating these devices, accurate analytical models were developed to predict the electrical output.

Balsillie’s Call for Patent Troll Reform: Why Did RIM Co-Founder Urge Caution Only One Year Ago?

Research in Motion co-founder Jim Balsillie wrote a lengthy article on Canadian innovation policy last week that focused primarily on intellectual property policy. While the article would have benefited from some editing, Balsillie's...Show More Summary

Researchers put magic spin on protein to tease out its first dance with the tempo set by temperature

All cells contain complex molecular components that fulfil functions necessary for the cell to live. These components require motion in a very particular order to function almost like an intricate set of dance steps, and researchers have learned that temperature affects these movements.

MPAA Will Pay You $20,000 For Your Pro-Copyright Research

Are you a college-affiliated academic who could use an extra $20,000? Do you have strong feelings in favor of copyright protections? Then the Motion Picture Association of America has a deal for you! The folks at TorrentFreak point out that the MPAA has been quietly running a research grant program that pays up to $20,000 for research into “increasing public … [More]

New proton therapy technique brings hope of more effective treatment for tumors without causing collateral damage

Researchers have succeeded in making a model of breathing movement that allows for the precise measurement of narrow beams to a dummy tumor in the lung by simulating the motion and physical properties of the chest anatomy in a model, thereby taking a large step towards maximizing the targeting of treatment in mobile organs.

"Motion-Tracking" MRI Tests Reveal Novel Harbingers of Stroke in People with Common Heart Rhythm Disorder

Researchers performing sophisticated motion studies of heart MRI scans have found that specific altered function in the left atrium of the heart may signal stroke risk in those with atrial fibrillation and, possibly, those without i...

"Motion Magnification" Reveals Vibrations Invisible to the Naked Eye

last monthTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

A crane towering over a construction site might look rock solid to the naked eye, but new video processing software developed by researchers at MIT is able to accentuate and reveal its subtle motions as it sways back and forth in the wind. And it promises to have a devastating effect on enrollment at crane operator schools across the country. Read more...

Passengers in robotic cars may be prone to motion sickness

Hitching a ride in a robotic car may cause motion sickness, according to a study from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.

Why motion sickness will be a bigger issue with self-driving cars

A newly released study from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute finds that around 10 percent of people riding in an autonomous car might experience motion sickness, if they aren't paying attention to the road. Show More Summary

Under the microscope, strong-swimming swamp bacteria spontaneously organize into crystals

The researchers dubbed the individual cells "microscopic tornadoes" for their rapid rotation, which both forms the crystals by drawing in other cells and then powers the crystals' own motion.

Mercedes-Benz Shows Us What The Autonomous Future Will Look Like in Cool New Video

Mercedes-Benz is showing off their vision of the future in a very SIMS-like video, which stars their F 015 Luxury in Motion autonomous research car. The animation shows what an average day may look like in the future, from your car greeting you with op... via

World's first plasmonic nanostructure recording could produce storage breakthrough

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

The use of optical sound-on-film recording on early movie films revolutionized the motion picture industry and remained the standard method of audio recording in that medium for more than 80 years. Now researchers from the University...Show More Summary

"Cosmic Music?" --Discovery: Stars May Generate Sound

A chance discovery by a team of researchers, including a University of York scientist, has provided experimental evidence that stars may generate sound. The study of fluids in motion -- now known as hydrodynamics -- goes back to the Egyptians,...

Have researchers discovered the sound of the stars?

A chance discovery has provided experimental evidence that stars may generate sound. The study of fluids in motion – now known as hydrodynamics – goes back to the Egyptians, so it is not often that new discoveries are made. However when examining the interaction of an ultra-intense laser with a plasma target, the team observed something unexpected. Show More Summary

Is the Solar System’s Galactic Motion Imprinted in the Phanerozoic Climate?

Guest essay by Kirby Schlaht Nir Joseph Shaviv is an Israeli-American physics professor, carrying out research in the fields of astrophysics and climate science. He is a professor at the Racah Institute of Physics of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.He is also a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. He is best…

'Driverless' Mercedes gives you luxury without a limo driver

Mercedes-Benz is showcasing its self-driving sedan, the F015 Luxury in Motion, a research vehicle that envisions what high-end cars might look like when people don't have to drive them. (March 17)        

Researchers Use Slow Motion to Study Hummingbird Flight; Will Improve Drone Stability

Drones have evolved from hobbyist toys to professional tools as the FAA partnered with CNN to establish a drone usage protocol for journalists and started issuing exemptions allowing commercial use. In order for these tools to succeed in the fields above, let alone search and rescue missions, commercial delivery and monitor livestock farms, they need [...]Show More Summary

Why Super Mario runs from left to right: People prefer it

There may be a fundamental bias in the way people prefer to see moving items depicted in pictures, according to research. An analysis of photos of people and objects in motion revealed a common left-to-right bias.

How the iPhone confounds disruption theorists

Nokia, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson and BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion were all victims of disruption. During the 1990s and 2000s, they led the cell phone during its period of takeoff into ubiquity. Then in the last five years, they all lost their leadership positions and are now on the verge of irrelevance. The common culprit was the 2007 launch of Apple’s iPhone. read more

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