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Seeing quantum motion; even one day ripples in the fabric of space-time?

Even large objects obey quantum physics, meaning they are never quite at rest. Researchers have developed a way to detect -- and manipulate -- this underlying quantum motion.

Stanford research points to Lytro-like VR that kills motion sickness

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Not too long ago, virtual reality was more science fiction than science fact. Over the past couple of years, giant leaps have been made toward developing this robust platform. However, one challenge still stands in the way for greater consumer adoption: motion sickness. Show More Summary

5 Crazy New Ideas Out Of Disney Research

A taste of the future in animation, motion capture, and 3-D printing, from five new papers published by Disney Research. Leading up to this year's Siggraph conference—the biggest event of the year in computer graphics and experimental...Show More Summary

Protein machines make fluctuating flows unconsciously

Protein machines, regardless of their specific functions, can collectively induce fluctuating hydrodynamic flows and substantially enhance the diffusive motions of particles in the cell, an international research group has demonstra...

Father/Daughter Team Films an Active Lightning Storm in Slow Motion at 2,000fps

4 weeks agoHumor / odd : Laughing Squid

Lightning researcher Tom A. Warner and his daughter recently filmed an active lightning storm in slow motion at 2,000fps using a Phantom Miro eX4 high-speed camera. The footage captures the lightning as it appears to slowly creep through the sky and down to the ground. via Twisted Sifter

Research grasps how the brain plans gripping motion

With the results of a new study, neuroscientists have a firmer grasp on the way the brain formulates commands for the hand to grip an object. The advance could lead to improvements in future brain-computer interfaces that provide people with severe paralysis a means to control robotic arms and hands using their thoughts. read more

Inside Forbes: We're Ready For A Different Kind Of News App -- And Our Audience Is, Too

I have this technology artifact near my desk. It was called the AOL Mobile Communicator, a small blue plastic device for instant messaging and email that was made by Research in Motion (now Blackberry). AOLers, as we called ourselves in the 00s, played with them incessantly. I often made colleagues [...]

Fiat Chrysler Issues Recall Over Hacking

The news that two researchers had hacked into a Jeep Cherokee, set in motion a nine-day flurry of activity by the automaker and the safety agency that culminated in the recall of 1.4 million vehicles.

Researchers bring to life proteins' motion

A new study expands scientists' understanding of proteins' normal functioning. Researchers identified how proteins move and change their shape in order to perform specific jobs. This advancement fills a gap in scientific knowledge that persisted for more than 30 years.

Ex-RIM co-CEO Balsillie offers brutally frank reflections on BlackBerry’s downfall

While Research in Motion certainly made many strategic missteps over the years, it never really had a shot at going toe-to-toe against Apple and Google in the consumer smartphone wars. Ex-RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie on Tuesday gave a talk...Show More Summary

Jim Balsillie Defends His Record At Research In Motion

Jim Balsillie, the former co-CEO of Research In Motion, spoke in public about the company for the first time since leaving a few years ago.

Assessing the Rational Agent Response to Elimination of Tenure

Thinking about “Exit, Voice and Loyalty” in Wisconsin The Joint Finance Committee motion to remove tenure from state statute. Winners of the most competitive research awards the University of Wisconsin–Madison provides to its scholars have made a statement, found here. We are especially concerned about provision 39 of the omnibus motion, which authorizes the Board […]

Researchers warn of motion sickness in autonomous cars

3 months agoVehicles / Cars : Leftlane

All factors associated with motion sickness are said to be elevated in self-driving cars.

Behind the Rise and Fall of BlackBerry

“Losing the Signal,” a new book, tells the inside story of Research In Motion’s efforts to take on Apple’s game-changing iPhone. Read an excerpt.

Flexible electronics harvest energy from natural motions of human body

Researchers created thin, flexible electronic devices that efficiently harvest the mechanical energy from natural motions of the human body. In addition to advances in materials processing to enable creating these devices, accurate analytical models were developed to predict the electrical output.

Balsillie’s Call for Patent Troll Reform: Why Did RIM Co-Founder Urge Caution Only One Year Ago?

4 months agoIndustries / Law : Michael Geist

Research in Motion co-founder Jim Balsillie wrote a lengthy article on Canadian innovation policy last week that focused primarily on intellectual property policy. While the article would have benefited from some editing, Balsillie's...Show More Summary

Researchers put magic spin on protein to tease out its first dance with the tempo set by temperature

All cells contain complex molecular components that fulfil functions necessary for the cell to live. These components require motion in a very particular order to function almost like an intricate set of dance steps, and researchers have learned that temperature affects these movements.

MPAA Will Pay You $20,000 For Your Pro-Copyright Research

Are you a college-affiliated academic who could use an extra $20,000? Do you have strong feelings in favor of copyright protections? Then the Motion Picture Association of America has a deal for you! The folks at TorrentFreak point out that the MPAA has been quietly running a research grant program that pays up to $20,000 for research into “increasing public … [More]

New proton therapy technique brings hope of more effective treatment for tumors without causing collateral damage

Researchers have succeeded in making a model of breathing movement that allows for the precise measurement of narrow beams to a dummy tumor in the lung by simulating the motion and physical properties of the chest anatomy in a model, thereby taking a large step towards maximizing the targeting of treatment in mobile organs.

"Motion-Tracking" MRI Tests Reveal Novel Harbingers of Stroke in People with Common Heart Rhythm Disorder

Researchers performing sophisticated motion studies of heart MRI scans have found that specific altered function in the left atrium of the heart may signal stroke risk in those with atrial fibrillation and, possibly, those without i...

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