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Pew: Party and ideology matter a lot on climate and energy but not as much on other science issues

A study and statistical modeling of a previous survey by the Pew Research Center concludes that Americans are much more likely now than a few decades ago to line up on scientific issues according to their ideological leanings and party identification. Show More Summary

Urbanization in Sardine-Packed Beijing Has Quadrupled the Size of Its Environmental Impact

With Beijing’s dense population and smoggy skies, it stands to reason that the Connecticut-sized city would be radiating an outsized environmental impact. But until now, we weren’t clear on just how bad it was. Researchers from NASAShow More Summary

Gene therapy for cystic fibrosis could be possible by 2020: researchers

2 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

Although results of first trial were ‘modest and variable’, second bigger trial aims to combine gene therapy with other treatments for longer term benefits A treatment to help those with cystic fibrosis may be available within five years, say scientists who who have been working for decades to...

Princeton rescinds employment offer to researcher who faked pro-homosexual study

Despite a 23-page defense, Princeton announced last week that 'we have completed our review' of the matter 'and rescinded our offer of employment.'

Gossip From France

In Paris and Burgundy complaints were plenty about the state of the wine world. What happened to reading and researching? Were people going into wine as going into acting, for fame? And could they really do this on knowledge based on...Show More Summary

Surprise: NASA's New Horizon Probe Finds no New Moons in Pluto System

To the surprise of researchers, a NASA spacecraft on course for a historic Pluto flyby discovered no signs of rings or additional moons in the dwarf planet's system.

Study Finds Link Between Blue Eyes and Alcoholism

3 hours agoHealth / Addiction : The Fix

Researchers found that eye color and alcohol dependency share the same genes.

Nanospiked bacteria are the brightest hard X-ray emitters

In a scientific breakthrough, researchers have fashioned bacteria to emit intense, hard X-ray radiation. They show that irradiating a glass slide coated with nanoparticle doped bacteria, turns the cellular material into hot, dense plasma, making this a useful table top X-ray source with several potential applications.

Déjà vu all over again:' Research shows 'mulch fungus' causes turfgrass disease

Inadvertently continuing a line of study they conducted about 15 years ago, a team of researchers recently discovered the causal agent for an emerging turfgrass disease affecting golf courses around the world.

Authors raise concerns about industry dominance in diabetes research

Diabetes research is dominated by a small group of prolific authors, raising questions about the imbalance of power and conflict of interests in this field, argue experts in a new article.

The algorithm taking on rap's finest

July 2 -- Big-data researchers in Finland created an algorithm they say composes rap lyrics with 21 percent more rhymes than any human rapper. Bloomberg West put the program to the test against Chicago speed-style rapper Twista.    ...

Rumors of southern pine deaths have been exaggerated, researchers say

Researchers have a message for Southern tree farmers worried about unexplainable pine tree deaths: don't panic. A new study has analyzed growth in thousands of pine tree plots across the Southeast and indicates that 'southern pine decline' isn't happening on a large scale.

Infection with Wolbachia bacteria curbs fighting among fruit flies

Male fruit flies infected with the bacterium, Wolbachia, are less aggressive than those not infected, according to research. This is the first time bacteria have been shown to influence aggression.

Simple Sniff Test May Diagnose Autism

A surprisingly simple sniff test shows promise in detecting autism in kids—perhaps even in those who aren't yet toddlers because it doesn't involve responding to questions. Israeli researchers found that autistic kids don't react strongly to strong smells, of either the pleasant or unpleasant variety, reports CNN. In the...

Rolls-Royce and Partners Push Ahead with Unmanned Ship Research

  Rolls-Royce and a handful of partners are pushing ahead with the first steps of a new 6.6 million euro project that could pave the way for autonomous, unmanned ships in the not-so-distant future. The Advanced Autonomous WaterborneShow More Summary

Lumos announce NUI Galway research partnership

Lumos took to Twitter to talk about their newest partnership with the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre at NUI Galway,  a world-renowned research university in Ireland. The Lumos article detailing the expectations and goals ofShow More Summary

Canadian Forum on Civil Justice June 2015 Access to Justice Newsletter

The non-profit Canadian Forum on Access to Justice (CFCJ) has been publishing a monthly newsletter about Access to Justice since early 2013. The latest issue of the newsletter includes: a report on the research project Paralegals, the...Show More Summary

This Chrome Bug Make It Hard to Tell If You're on the Real Facebook

Is the website you’re looking at on your screen really the website you wanted to visit? Thanks to a newly-discovered bug in Google’s Chrome browser, the answer to that question might sometimes be “no.” Security researchers have found a bug in Chrome that allows a website to spoof its address, essentially pretending to be a different web page. Show More Summary

Human antibody blocks dengue virus in mice

Researchers have discovered that a human antibody specific to dengue virus serotype 2, called 2D22, protects mice from a lethal form of the virus -- and they suggest that the site where 2D22 binds to the virus could represent a potential...Show More Summary

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