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Standardized tests versus grades

Sent to the Seattle Times, April 27.Randy Dorn claims that "Testing can tell if students need help before college and career," (April 27). I wonder if Mr. Dorn is aware of research evidence showing that high school grades in collegeShow More Summary

Floating LNG Regasification is Used in Smaller Markets

 According to the latest research from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), floating LNG (FLNG) regasification is being used to meet rising natural gas demand in smaller markets.

Researchers Can Create Scents That Smell Like Departed Loved Ones

We all have a smell — one that those closest to us grow to love (or at least tolerate). Now, a team of researchers is able to recreate the natural aroma of loved ones once they have passed away, allowing them to live on. In our noses. More »      

The Times They Are-a-Changin’: Executing Direct Procurement

Categories: Procurement, Procurement Research, Spend Management Tags: General News Brand new, hot off the press research from Pierre Mitchell, chief research officer at Spend Matters, is now available with Direct Procurement Execution: What’s Changing? Pierre provides a checklist to follow for executing direct procurement partner enablement. Show More Summary

Crazy Tentacled Caterpillar

1 hour agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

Jeff Cremer of the Tambopata Research Center in the Peruvian Amazon (previously at Neatorama) tells us about a weird caterpillar with four appendages that resemble tentacles sticking from its abdomen. Entomologist Aaron Pomerantz noticed it when he yelled to his team members, which caused the caterpillar to unfurl its coiled tentacles. Show More Summary

Dehydration And Driving A Deadly Mix (Men's Health)

New research published in the journal Physiology and Behavior has shown driving while dehydrated is just hazardous as driving drunk.

Forbes and Cuba

Well… Forbes ran a story about fishing Cuba and that means I need to point you there. Could the bonefish decline in the Keys be partly put on Cuba? While the scientific research is ongoing, there is much speculation that the Keys bonefish decline may be in part due to the overharvesting of the species […]

8 Only Children Myths Debunked By Researches

Only children are not as bad as you think. They are of no differences than children with siblings.

11.16 – MU Plus+ Podcast

After a FUBAR weekend we return to find chrome extensions reading our emotions, Chinese human DNA experiments, and project Elysium VR. We also feature Egyptology dummy spits and dream telepathy research. This episode is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ Members. To join, click HERE. Links Google could turn your...

Dry Eyes Linked to Spring Allergens

Dry eye – the little understood culprit behind red, watery, gritty feeling eyes – strikes most often in spring, just as airborne allergens are surging. This is the finding of new ophthalmology research from the University of Miami, which marks the first time that researchers have discovered a direct correlation between seasonal allergens and dry eye. […]

Micro Muscle: Tiny Robot Pulls 2000 Times Its Own Weight

Researchers at Stanford University have created a tiny robot that uses adhesive properties to be able to tow up to 2000 times it's own weight along a smooth surface.

Help for Dipendra’s family in Nepal

I’ll keep this brief. My research assistant, who has worked for me for 3 years and even moved halfway across the country with my lab when I changed institutions, is from Nepal. While he is safe in the US, his family back home has been devastated by the earthquake. He is trying to raise funds…

Tidal tugs on Teflon faults drive slow-slipping earthquakes

Teasing out how slow, silent earthquakes respond to tidal forces lets researchers calculate the friction inside the fault, which could help understand when and how the more hazardous earthquakes occur.

Can the Samsung Galaxy S5 Let Hackers Steal Your Fingerprint?

Your fingerprint is unique to you. The fingerprint scanner for added security on your smartphone makes sense, right? Unfortunately, it looks like that added security might be more of a liability. Researchers claim a flaw found in certain Android devices could let hackers clone your fingerprint authentication and use it for additional cyberattacks and potential...

Giving to support the relief effort for the Nepal earthquake

GiveWell aims to find giving opportunities that allow donors to do as much good as possible with their donations, and our research efforts focus on that goal. We have not researched giving opportunities related to the relief effort for the … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Roland Fryer On Why Good Schools Matter

Roland Fryer has been announced as the most recent recipient of the John Bates Clark metal, one of the most prestigious awards in economics. This is a useful time to reflect on his research showing that good schools matter. To many, this might seem to be a strange claim to [...]

Forthcoming Gerontology Research Group Online Meetings

6 hours agoHealth / Aging : Fight Aging

The Gerontology Research Group is a long-standing point of connection and networking hub for a range of scientists and advocates interested in slowing or reversing degenerative aging. It was set up by the late Stephen Coles of the UCLA faculty back in 1990, right at the dawn of the modern era of scientific interventions in the aging process. Show More Summary

FRC launches new site: 'Freedom' to discriminate against LGBT people, so long as you say 'my religion'

7 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Good As You

And now here's the latest project from anti-LGBT animus group Family Research Council. It's a roundup of many names you know for the sole reason that they wanted to forcefully oppose LGBT people without repercussion, speak out against what they...

Locusts provide insight into brain response to stimuli, senses

By training a type of grasshopper to recognize odors, a team of biomedical engineers is learning more about the brain and how it processes information from its senses. While the results of this research focus on the sense of smell, researchers plan to use the results to determine if the brain processes signals similarly for other senses.

Researchers train computers to identify gene interactions in human tissues

Researchers have trained a computer to crunch big biomedical data in order to recognize how genes work together in human tissues. Combining genomic data from 38,000 experiments, this research group has generated functional genetic maps for 144 human tissues types and organs. Show More Summary

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