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Calling Stack Exchange REST API from ASP.NET with N-Tier Architecture Style

ASP.NET app in C# that call Stack Exchange API and list set of Stack Questions based on some criteria.

Eavesdropper Bug Exposes Millions of Texts, Calls

The vulnerability was introduced when developers hard coded their credentials in mobile apps using the Twilio Rest API or SDK for communications services.

Ad Exchange Seller REST API Deprecation

The Ad Exchange Seller REST API is being deprecated as of October 26, 2017. No new API clients will be supported after this date. Existing API clients will need to migrate to the DoubleClick for Publishers API before July 26, 2018. After this date, all requests to the Ad Exchange Seller REST API will return errors. Show More Summary

5 Must Follow RESTful API Guidelines

There are certain guidelines within RESTful API design that you must follow. Make sure you know exactly what you need to do with this helpful article on RESTful API guidelines. The post 5 Must Follow RESTful API Guidelines appeared first on Mobile App Development & Design Company - Snyxius.

6 RESTful API Design Tips from Experts

Curious about how you can create a flexible and robust RESTful API Design? Wonder no longer. Check out 6 design tips from REST experts! The post 6 RESTful API Design Tips from Experts appeared first on  - Snyxius.

RESTful API Design Patterns: Everything You Need to Know

Curious about RESTful API design patterns? Guest author Natasha from SpringPeople walks us through everything you need to know! The post RESTful API Design Patterns: Everything You Need to Know appeared first on  - Snyxius.

ASP.NET Core 2.0 Web API and HATEOAS

How to implement RESTful API and custom media types in ASP.NET Core. Continue reading

Madcap Idea Part 8 : Intermediate Step, Rest API For Interactive Kafka Stream Ktable Queries

This article will focus on a simple REST example in Scala. It's an intermediate post that the next one will build on, I just thought it might be useful to show this one in isolation, before we move on to the real one which is to allow interactive queries over live Kafka streams.

How to make Rest API calls in SharePoint hosted App for office 365/SharePoint Online ?

Things to remember while using Rest API calls on sharePoint hosted App for office 365/SharePoint Online:

MEAN Stack with Angular 4, Auth0 Auth & JWT Authorization - Part 1

In this short series of article, I would explain the step by step application development using MEAN stack (with Angular 4) with User Authentication using Auth0 and Authorize our RESTful APIs request through JWT (JASON Web Token). We will develop our application in Visual Studio Code editor. 

5 Lightweight PHP Frameworks for REST API Development

To develop a REST API in PHP quickly and easily it’s a good idea to use a lightweight PHP framework. Developing your own from scratch with plain PHP, apart from being a pain and taking too much time, is likely to require a lot of testing and deviate from REST standards. Show More Summary

Pdf to learn html and css

Any p element placed outside of an article element, see the REST API documentation. If you still want to convert this to PDF, the supported formats are Pdf to learn html and css and JPEG. working through all common components. Along the way you will learn about combinators, here are some samples created with the […]

10 Rest API Best Practices You Don’t Know About Yet

The world of REST API is changing fast. Make sure that you and your team are staying up to date with these 10 REST API best practices! The post 10 Rest API Best Practices You Don’t Know About Yet appeared first on  - Snyxius.

Exploring refit, an automatic type-safe REST library for .NET Standard

I dig everything that Paul Betts does. He's a lovely person and a prolific coder. One of his recent joints is called Refit. It's a REST library for.NET that is inspired by Square's Retrofit library. It turns your REST API into a live...Show More Summary

7 Rules to Follow for REST API URI Design

REST APIs use URIs to address resources. While they’re known as opaque identifiers (meaning you shouldn’t read too much into them), there are better and worse ways to write URIs. Guy Levin over at RestCase has formulated a set of design rules for API URIs that you should keep in mind to make things easy for your API clients.

The Pragmatic Approach to RESTful API Design

RESTful API Design can be confusing and complicated. Learn all that you need to know for a simple design by reading how pragmatic developers approach APIs. The post The Pragmatic Approach to RESTful API Design appeared first on  - Snyxius.

FinFolio Launches Standalone Wealth Management API

FinFolio, investment portfolio management software provider, has launched its REST API as a standalone product: The API targets wealth managers, and their tech teams, to assist with the creation of wealth management apps, client portals, and other tools. Show More Summary

How to Access Any RESTful API Using the R Language

R is an excellent language for data analytics, but it's uncommon to use it for serious development. This means that popular APIs don't offer software development kits (SDKs) or how-to guides for analysts working in R the way they do for other more popular languages like Python or Objective-C (for Apple's iOS). Show More Summary

Developing back-ends with Enterlib.NET and WebAPI

Develop SOLID back-ends exposed through a REST API with ODATA support and DTO mapping using Enterlib.NET.

PandaScore APIs Deliver Access to E-Sports Data

PandaScore is a statistics and data hub for e-sports. Through its two APIs, the REST API, and the Live API, PandaScore delivers the same level of data currently available for live sports for digital leagues across sports and genres. PandaScore is currently working with some of the world's best known leagues (e.g.

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