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Cut it out, atheists! Why it’s time to stop behaving like Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins

A dominant strain of atheism just loves to throw mud at the religious. Here's why it needs to stop

Dawkins Needs Better Defenders

This week, I published a column in the Guardian arguing that Richard Dawkins’ sexism is overshadowing his contributions to the atheist movement. It got, shall we say, a large reaction. But not all negative, I hasten to add! I was very pleased with the amount of praise and compliments it attracted – I heard from [Read More...]

An Open Letter to People Who Defended Richard Dawkins for Many Years and Are Now Distancing Themselves from Him with Maximum Haste

[Content Note: Threats; misogyny.]Dear People Who Defended Richard Dawkins for Many Years and Are Now Distancing Themselves from Him with Maximum Haste:First of all, I want to say that I'm sorry. It stinks when someone you respect and...Show More Summary

So Adorable, Yet So Wrong…

What happens when you ask questions about religion to a bunch of children? Besides making Richard Dawkins cringe as they announce their religious labels, how much about their family's faith do they understand?The Washington Post's PostTV wanted to find out so they brought together 14 kids from various cultures. Show More Summary

New on the Guardian: Atheism Doesn’t Need Richard Dawkins

It had to be said. My newest column on the Guardian is titled “Richard Dawkins has lost it: he’s now a sexist pig giving atheists a bad name“. It’s about Richard Dawkins’ indefensible regression to gross and ignorant sexism, after a brief period in which it seemed he was flirting with enlightenment regarding the treatment [Read More...]

The Atheist Movement Needs to Disown Richard Dawkins

Image via Flickr user Marty Stone Atheist author, biologist, pioneer of the term "meme," and noted sexist curmudgeon Richard Dawkins let fly a firestorm of tweets about rape this past Friday. Those, along with his statements from the...Show More Summary

Why Does Anyone Listen to Richard Dawkins Anymore?

[Content Note: Rape apologia; misogyny; gender essentialism.]That, of course, is a rhetorical question. People still listen to Richard Dawkins, despite the fact that he is a misogynist, racist, disablist rape apologist (not a comprehensive...Show More Summary

Deepak Chopra: Richard Dawkins is a bad scientist and his arrogance pisses me off

6 days agoNews : The Raw Story

A new book details the years-long, highly acrimonious feud between self-help guru Deepak Chopra and evolutionary biologist and skeptic Richard Dawkins. According to, Tom Roston’s book The Quantum Prophets: Richard Dawkins, Deepak Chopra and the spooky truth about their battle over...

Five More Things Richard Dawkins Thinks You Should Be Held Criminally Responsible For When Drunk

Categories: Feminism Skepticism Tags: Richard Dawkinsvictim-blaming Last night, Mark Oppenheimer posted an article on Buzzfeed about misogyny in the atheist/skeptic movements, and specifically about how men like Michael Shermer have ruined the movement for women. The... (Read more...)

Me and Richard Dawkins--Not That Different After All?

The temptation of utilitarianism. A few weeks back, Richard Dawkins got the Twittersphere up in arms. When a woman asked what she should do with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, Dawkins replied, “Abort it and try again. It would...Show More Summary

Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and atheists’ ugly Islamophobia

Why terrorist attacks so often cause non-believers to abandon reason, science and evidence to blame religion

How to ignore Richard Dawkins forever

If you ever visit the internet, you may find yourself suddenly exposed to unwanted doses of Richard Dawkins. Here, we show you how to avoid that. 1) Visit 2) Click the cog. 3) Click "Block or Report". 4) Pick a reason. 5) Download Block site for Chrome or Firefox (or both). 6) In Block [...]

NYT Op-Ed Goes After Richard Dawkins' Down Syndrome Abortion Advocacy

Apparently, Richard Dawkins' aggressive advocacy for aborting babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome and the potential damage it could inflict on the pro-abortion movement was too much for even the New York Times to handle. On August 20,...Show More Summary

Richard Dawkins Says He Would Love His Child If She Had Down Syndrome, But Still Believes Abortion Would Be Right Choice

Atheist author Richard Dawkins has further clarified his highly controversial recent comments that it would be "immoral" not to abort a baby with Down syndrome, by stating that if he had such a child, he would "love her dearly." He argued that this does not change the fact, however, that he believes aborting such a child would still be the right choice.

Dawkins Versus Swinburne

Richard Dawkins reviews Richard Swinburne, Is There a God? (Oxford, 1996) here. What follows are the meatiest excerpts from Dawkins' review together with my critical comments. I have bolded the passages to which I object. (show) Swinburne is ambitious. He...

Mom Files Wrongful Life Lawsuit Because She Couldn’t Abort Her Baby With Down Syndrome

Atheist writer Richard Dawkins created a firestorm of controversy last week with his comments justifying the abortion of babies with Down syndrome. Now, out of South Africa, comes a story of a woman who is suing because she was unable to abort her baby. A “wrongful birth” claim rests on the assertion by a parent […]

What Ann Coulter and atheist Richard Dawkins have in common

Dr. Kent Brantly, the American physician who contracted Ebola while treating the virus in Liberia, has now fully recovered. A month after falling ill with the famously lethal fever, Brantly is now walking, talking, and returning to business as usual. Show More Summary

Ethics Profs Flunk Richard Dawkins

3 weeks agoNews : The Daily Beast

Richard Dawkins recently tweeted that knowingly birthing a baby with Down syndrome is immoral. That claim is not only offensive—it’s nonsensical.

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