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-Praying for Richard Dawkins?

       (Richard Dawkins: Wikipedia) Richard Dawkins the famous scientist and atheist activist suffered a stroke last Saturday and some of his followers are upset that Christians may be praying for his recovery. Here’s the story from Christian Today: The 74-year-old announced his "minor stroke" which occured last Saturday in the UK but said he was […]

Richard Dawkins 'The God Delusion' Author, Famed Atheist, Suffers Stroke

Famed atheist and author of "The God Delusion," Richard Dawkins, suffered a "minor stroke" on Saturday forcing him to cancel his planned tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Richard Dawkins cancels Sydney Opera after minor stroke

15 hours agoMusic / Classical : Slipped Disc

The Sydney Opera House has announced that the eminent atheist has pulled out of a tour of Australia and New Zealand. It says: ‘On Saturday night Richard suffered a minor stroke. However he is expected in time to make a full or near full recovery.’

Richard Dawkins Postpones Speaking Tour After Minor Stroke

74-year-old Richard Dawkins suffered a minor stroke last Saturday night, causing him to postpone his upcoming tour through New Zealand and Australia. He appears to be doing just fine -- he went to the hospital, is already back at home recuperating, and is expected to have a full (or near-full) recovery.

Richard Dawkins Suffers Stroke

Categories: Random Asides According to the Sydney Opera House, where he was scheduled to speak soon, Richard Dawkins suffered a small stroke last Saturday. The statement they attribute to Dawkins’ management reads in full:... (Read more...)

Headteacher mocked on Twitter for claiming evolution is not a fact

Richard Dawkins weighs in on social media debate after Christina Wilkinson said there was ‘more evidence that Bible is true’ Christina Wilkinson, who runs a Church of England school, sparked a social media row with her remarks. Photograph:...Show More Summary

Richard Dawkins Criticized for Sharing Pro Neo-Nazi Propaganda Tweet

Well-known atheist Richard Dawkins faced criticism this week after he accidentally tweeted pro neo-Nazi propaganda.

The One-Percent Difference

I posted the other day on Facebook about Richard Dawkins being disinvited from NECSS for promoting a grossly sexist video, which provoked an onlooker to comment that he agreed with Dawkins and not with me. (It was a white man, if you wanted to know.) Since I curate my Facebook wall and don’t care to [Read More...]

Our God is a Jealous God… and It Only Gets Worse From There

One of the most quoted lines in Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion is the passage that opens up Chapter 2:The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust,...Show More Summary

Richard Dawkins accidentally tweeted a link to Neo-Nazi propaganda

Richard Dawkins has accidentally tweeted a link to an infamous Neo-Nazi slogan. The outspoken scientist posted an image on his Twitter feed on Monday morning poking fun of left-wing "social justice" politics. It was a fake book cover...Show More Summary

The No-Platforming of Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins at New York City's Cooper Union to discuss his book The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution (Photo credit: Wikipedia) No-platforming refers to preventing someone from speaking, sometimes through policy and other times through protest. Show More Summary

Why Richard Dawkins Was Booted from the NECSS Conference

A couple of days ago, the Northeast Conference on Science & Skepticism (NECSS) decided to boot Richard Dawkins from the lineup after initially announcing he would be a keynote speaker. They explained that this came in response to Dawkins' "approving re-tweet of a highly offensive video." Today, Steven Novella offered a bit more detail into how that decision was made:

NECSS and Richard Dawkins

The Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS) will hold its 8th conference this year in New York from May 12-15. While we are expecting a great conference this year, the opening of registration has been marked by a bit of controversy. Last week we announced that Richard Dawkins would be a featured speaker at […]

Hillary's Emails Were Top Secret, Melissa Click Gets Community Service, Kicking Richard Dawkins Out of the Club: P.M. Links

2 weeks agoNews : Reason

Mizzou Professor Melissa Click will serve 20 hours of community service in lieu of jail time. That seems fair. Atheist Richard Dawkins was banished from a conference for skeptics. His crime? Sending a tweet that made fun of feminists. Show More Summary

Richard Dawkins Kicked Out of Skeptics Conference for Retweeting Islamist-Feminist Video

Richard Dawkins has been removed from a conference on science and skepticism after he shared online a controversial animated video that compares feminists to Islamists.


WOMEN ARE OBVIOUSLY TOO FRAGILE TO FACE THE CRUEL WORLD WITHOUT A PROTECTOR: Richard Dawkins disinvited from conference for offending feminists. Outspoken atheist Richard Dawkins says a lot of things that people find offensive, but apparently the last straw came when he dared to share a parody video that criticized feminism. Dawkins’ retweeting of the […]

Richard Dawkins deletes creepy tweet about ‘good Muslim’ Queen Rania Al-Abdullah and her ‘beautiful hair’

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Richard Dawkins took his strident brand of Islamophobia to new heights this week when he released a tweet praising Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan as a “good Muslim” for how she speaks, dresses, and wears her hair. Richard Dawkins made creepy tweet about Queen Rania of Jordan then deleted it:...

Stop pouting, Richard Dawkins: Sharing a rape “joke” targeting an activist is a “de-platforming” offense

Dawkins was dis-invited to speak at a science conference after tweeting what he calls an "irreverent joke song"

The Latest Adventures Of Richard Dawkins, SUPERGENIUS

Did he tweet out an atrocious anti-feminist video made by the guy who started the harassment campaign against Zoe Quinn? Was he a dick about it afterwards? I think you know the answers to both of these questions! Share

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