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Quickies: Saving atheism, poverty appropriation, and dance your PhD

Categories: Quickies We can save atheism from the New Atheists like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris – “Dawkins and Harris are still, by far and away, the most recognisable frontmen for the... (Read more...)

Gary Gutting on Richard Dawkins' Logical Mistakes

Here. Atheism we will always have with us. But in a few years the puerile and uninformed fulminations and excesses of the New Atheists will be forgotten.

Jeff Sparrow Misses the Point: Atheism Doesn’t Need Saving

Jeff Sparrow has one of those holier-than-thou articles in The Guardian in which he goes after Richard Dawkins for his comments about Ahmed Mohamed (the kid whose clock was mistaken from a bomb), Sam Harris for saying that Ben Carson...Show More Summary

Can anyone save atheism from New Atheists like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris?

yesterdayNews : The Raw Story

Why are the New Atheists such jerks? Case in point: Richard Dawkins’ continuing pursuit of Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas 14-year-old humiliated in school after authorities mistook his homemade clock for a bomb. The other day, The God Delusion author called Ahmed a hoaxer and responded to suggestions “he...

Dear Richard Dawkins, Are You Okay?

Hi, Mr. Richard Dawkins. How has life been to you? Good? Sunny? Excellent. There’s something real important we’ve got to talk about, Richard. It’s the way you’ve been tweeting, and it’s giving me great cause for concern. C’mon, man, I want people to like you, but the way you tweet just isn’t helping. Okay, let’s […]

Can we prove that God exists? Richard Dawkins and the limits of faith and atheism

Atheists sometimes argue the case against God is the same as the case against Santa Claus. Let's test the logic

No, Richard Dawkins Does Not Represent Atheists Or Atheism. Here Is Why.

Legendary “New Atheist” Richard Dawkins is a man who some people worship – and others loathe. There seems to be little sentiment towards Richard Dawkins that lies in between those extremes. Those who loathe him have new fuel for the fire of their loathing over Ahmed Mohamed, the now famous Texas student who was arrested... Show More Summary

‘Brief Candle in the Dark,’ by Richard Dawkins

Dawkins’s second memoir plumbs his grown-up research, reflections and controversies.

Twitter rips Richard Dawkins for using child’s coercion by ISIS to attack ‘clock kid’ Ahmed Mohamed

6 days agoNews : The Raw Story

By Elle Hunt and Michael Safi, The Guardian The scientist and leading atheist faces a barrage of criticism after posting comments on Twitter about the Muslim teenager Richard Dawkins has sparked a wave of criticism after appearing to draw a tenuous link between Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas Muslim...

Dawkins Criticized for Clock Boy Tweets, Bernie Sanders Could Be Person of the Year, Trump: P.M. Links

6 days agoNews : Reason

Liberals are going after Richard Dawkins for his aggressive insistence that "clock boy" Ahmed Muhamed perpetrated a hoax. National Review reporter Katherine Timpf received death threats for saying Star Wars is dumb on Fox News. Advertisements...Show More Summary

Richard Dawkins Compares Ahmed Mohamed To ISIS Child Soldier

6 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Richard Dawkins is backpedaling after he posted a tweet Tuesday that compared "clock kid" Ahmed Mohamed to an Islamic State child soldier who was captured on video beheading a man. In the tweet, the famed biologist and atheist criticized...Show More Summary

More Penetrating Insights From Richard Dawkins, SUPERGENIUS

You may recall Richard Dawkins from such original, deeply important thoughts as “Ahmed Mohamed did not invent the concept of timepieces.” The world’s most important public intellectual — just ask him! — would like to expand on that: "But he's only a kid." Yes, a "kid" old enough to sue for $15M those whom he […]

Richard Dawkins Sounds Like a Paranoid Child Hating Conspiracy Theorist

Categories: Religion Skepticism Tags: Richard Dawkins No really. Don’t accept my opinion on it. Just go look at his twitter feed and be sure to note the glorious RT’s he is making. What got him riled... (Read more...)

Richard Dawkins Backs Church of England in Lord's Prayer Theater Row

Atheist professor and author Richard Dawkins has spoken out against the U.K.'s leading cinema chains refusing to screen a Church of England ad about the Lord's Prayer.

A Fourth Compilation of Richard Dawkins’ Best Arguments and Comebacks

Here's another compilation of Richard Dawkins' best arguments and comebacks.


DAWKINS’ ACTIONS SURPRISE ME LESS THAN THIS SUDDEN ASSERTIVENESS BY THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND: Richard Dawkins says UK cinemas should screen the Lord’s Prayer: Vociferous critic of religion says anyone thin-skinned enough to be offended by church advert deserves to be offended. I certainly agree with Dawkins. I’m tired of rewarding cry-bullies for being easily […]

Richard Dawkins Tears Into The Sun Over Jeremy Corbyn Coverage

Richard Dawkins always has something to say, and his latest target is the Sun newspaper in the UK over a headline about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. So, what exactly got Richard Dawkins upset? The Independent reports that the right-leaning, Rupert Murdoch owned Sun took exception to how they perceived Jeremy Corbyn acted at a Remembrance... Show More Summary

Why Humans Need To Believe (What Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, And Even Stephen Jay Gould Get Wrong)

3 weeks agoArts : Modern Art Notes

Despite Gould’s split-the-difference approach – science and religion as “non-overlapping magisteria” – “The fact is that religion and science do overlap in people’s minds, in their life choices, in the difficult moral challenges society faces. To strictly deny the power of religion in the world, with billions following a diversity of faiths, is also terribly […]

Creationist Claims Richard Dawkins Isn’t a “Real” Scientist and Should Stop Criticizing Dr. Ben Carson

In an excellent interview with Fareed Zakaria on Friday night, Richard Dawkins lamented all the Republican candidates who reject evolution, rightfully calling it a "disgrace." He threw them a bit of a bone by saying he didn't think they...Show More Summary

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