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Richard Dawkins Decries 'Horrific Scene' of Radical Islamist Praying Before Raping ISIS Sex Slave Survivor

Famous atheist author Richard Dawkins has decried the "horrific scenes" of radical Islamists praying before raping young women, as found in The Girl Who Beat ISIS,' the ghost-written memoir of Farida Khalaf, the pseudonym of a 19-year-old Yazidi and former Islamic State terror group sex slave.

Richard Dawkins Outraged People Think Calling Bernie Sanders Atheist Is Insulting

Atheist author and intellectual Richard Dawkins expressed his outrage that people think calling Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont an atheist is meant to be insulting.

Atheist Richard Dawkins Divorces From Wife After 24 Years

Evolutionary biologist and atheist author Richard Dawkins has split from his wife, "Dr. Who" actress Lalla Ward, after 24 years of marriage, but has decided to keep the details of their divorce under wraps.

Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward Have Announced Their Separation After 24 Years

Richard Dawkins and Lalla Ward (best known for playing Romana in Doctor Who) have announced their separation after 24 years of marriage.

The Significance of Atheism, As Explained by George H. Smith

Before Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, there was George H. Smith. His book Atheism: The Case Against God was published in 1974 and has had remarkable influence over the years. Today, Prometheus Books is reissuing the classic with a foreword from Lawrence Krauss.

Ignorant Christian Author Doesn’t Understand Why Atheists Care So Much About Religion

In a completely ignorant video from Mitch Stokes, the philosopher/author of How to Be an Atheist (an anti-atheist book), he poses a couple of rhetorical questions to Richard Dawkins. Both questions are very easy to answer, and both suggest Stokes has never spoken to an atheist, much less has any credibility to write a book about the subject.

One god, two god; red god, blue god: What I learned from Richard Dawkins

At the beginning of 2016, the entire team here at TNW resolved to read more this year. To help make this resolution stick, we release weekly posts featuring The Next Web’s favorite reads, in a series called ‘What TNW is reading‘. Our...Show More Summary

Richard Dawkins Says Religion Is 'Force for Evil,' Stroke Hasn't Changed His Mind

Evolutionary biologist and famous atheist author Richard Dawkins says the stroke he suffered earlier this year has not changed his belief that nothing comes after death.

Does Dawkins base his "religion is child abuse" argument on one letter?

No, he doesn't. He bases it on intuition. It can't be wrong if it feels so right. Richard Dawkins: That is of course true. And I am not basing it on that. It seems to me that telling children, such that they really, really believe, that...Show More Summary

Richard Dawkins Talks About Mortality in BBC Interview

In an interview with the BBC's Naga Munchetty for Sunday Morning Live, Richard Dawkins made a rare appearance. His voice is hoarse, but he's still as critical of religion as ever.

Every New Copy of Richard Dawkins’ The Blind Watchmaker Will Have a Unique Cover

If you read Richard Dawkins' 1986 book The Blind Watchmaker, then you might remember that he created a computer program to simulate how evolution works. His "biomorphs" ultimately evolved in ways he couldn't have anticipated -- and that...Show More Summary

Robert P. George on Orlando Massacre, Richard Dawkins' Kids and Religious Freedom

Princeton law professor and leading religious freedom advocate Robert George argued Tuesday that although religion is part of the inherent good of human beings, terrorist attacks like Sunday's massacre in Orlando show the need for limits on religious freedom.

Richard Dawkins’s biomorphs come back to life

These computer-based life forms have lain dormant for decades; now they're ready to teach a new generation the secrets of good breeding

Richard Dawkins Slams Belief in God as 'Cowardice,' Urges Fight Against 'God Temptation' at Atheist Reason Rally

Famous professor and atheist author Richard Dawkins delivered a video message at last week's Reason Rally in Washington D.C. where he slammed the belief in God as "cowardice," and urged people to resist what he called the "God temptation."

Here’s the Inspiring Speech Richard Dawkins Couldn’t Give in Person at the Reason Rally

Richard Dawkins would no doubt have been the biggest name at the recent Reason Rally, but his health issues -- he's recovering from a minor stroke he had back in February -- kept him from traveling to Washington, D.C. in person.Though...Show More Summary

Every Copy Of These Reissued Richard Dawkins Books Is Unique

No two covers of these seminal titles published by Penguin are exactly alike

Dear News Media, These Richard Dawkins Stories Aren’t Stories

If Richard Dawkins found Jesus, that would be a story.If Dawkins said he no longer accepted evolution, that would be a story.This is not a story, Christian Post:

Richard Dawkins: I'm Ready to Convert to a Religion if Evidence Backs It Up

Atheist author Richard Dawkins has suggested that he would be ready to convert to a religion if someone shows him evidence for why he should believe, but argued that so far no one has been able to do that.

Highlights From Richard Dawkins’ Reddit AMA

Yesterday, Richard Dawkins did an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. Given that he's been on a Twitter hiatus lately while recovering from a minor stroke, it's been a while since we're heard from him. Here are some of the highlights...

Christian Metalcore Bro Converted by Richard Dawkins

3 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Jezebel

Shannon Low, the lead singer of Missouri-based Christian metalcore band The Order of Elijah, has posted a lengthy Facebook missive about his crisis of faith, one that led him from proselytizing for Jesus via the godly vessel of shredding and into the creaky, treelike arms of atheism—and all because he read a Richard Dawkins book. Read more...

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