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Belief without evidence is crucial for knowledge

Here. The key quote is from Swinburne: n the introduction of his book The Evolution of the Soul, Philosopher Richard Swinburne lays out some key principles we all use in our reasoning. The first is the Principle of Credulity. Swinburne...Show More Summary

Philosophers as Bad Drivers?

Just over the transom: C.J. F. Williams told me a [Richard] Swinburne story. Swinburne offered to give him a lift to some philosophy conference, but warned him ‘I only drive at 30 miles an hour’. Christopher thought he meant that...

Richard Swinburne's Paper Now Online

Here is the paper by the distinguished philosopher of religion that was found 'hurtful' by the crybullies at the recent Midwest meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers. Related articles The Swinburne Dust Up at the Society for Christian Philosophers

The Collapse of the Universities

Further documentation: Christina van Dyke Owes Richard Swinburne her Resignation Should Christina van Dyke Resign?

Christian Organization Apologizes After Keynote Speaker Argues That Homosexuality Is a Disability

Michael Rea, president of the Society of Christian Philosophers, apologized Saturday to anyone who may have been offended by a recent presentation by leading Christian philosopher Richard Swinburne at the 2016 Midwest Society of Christian Philosophers in which Swinburne said homosexuality could be considered a disability.

The Swinburne Dust Up at the Society for Christian Philosophers

Political correctness strikes again! Apparently, Richard Swinburne, perhaps the most distinguished of contemporary philosophers of religion, had the chutzpah to defend a traditional Christian view of homosexuality at a meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers. This provoked the outrage...

The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack review

The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of the first in Mark Hodder's six-volume steampunk series featuring the odd but hard to resist pairing of Richard Francis Burton and Algernon Charles Swinburne, The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack.

Implausible Materialism

Physical determinism is implausible according to Richard Swinburne in the latest JCS; he cunningly attacks via epiphenomenalism. Swinburne defines physical events as public and mental ones as private – we could argue about that, but as a bold, broad view it seems fair enough. Mental events may be phenomenal or intentional, but for current purposes […]

Dawkins Versus Swinburne

Richard Dawkins reviews Richard Swinburne, Is There a God? (Oxford, 1996) here. What follows are the meatiest excerpts from Dawkins' review together with my critical comments. I have bolded the passages to which I object. (show) Swinburne is ambitious. He...

The Original Christian Revelation: The Bible or the Teaching of Jesus?

Richard Swinburne, Revelation, Oxford, 1992, pp. 102-103:... there has been a strain in Protestantism, with its immense reverence for Scripture, to write of Holy Scripture itself as the original [propositional] revelation; what was given by God was...

Conference on "Faith and Reason: Themes from Swinburne" Sept 25-27, 2014

We are pleased to provide advance notice of a conference to be held at Purdue University in September 2014 (not 2013) in honor of and on themes from the work of Richard Swinburne. The main speakers will be: • Marilyn McCord Adams, University...Show More Summary

Richard Swinburne's Obituary of C. J. F. Williams

I wasn't aware of this until now. Williams was London Ed's teacher. I battle the former via the latter. It came as news to me that Williams spent most of his life in a wheelchair. It testifies to the possibilities...

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