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Rick Perry is CONFIRMED for #RSG16 – Are you?

The program for #RSG16 is heating up, and RedState is pleased to announce that regular attendee and fan favorite Rick Perry has confirmed that he will attend the RedState Gathering in 2016 – have you already confirmed your attendance?...Show More Summary

Rick Perry Battles Whoopi Goldberg as She Assails ‘Nasty’ Cruz

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry battled with Whoopi Goldberg on Wednesday as The View co-host demanded to know if the Republican agreed with “nasty” Ted Cruz on the issue of gay rights. The segment grew uncomfortable as Goldberg demanded, “Ted Cruz has made also some very — if you're gay — really uncomfortable, nasty things.”

Perry: Trump Still Better Than Hillary

The morning after Donald Trump swept the primaries in five Northeast states, Ted Cruz supporter Rick Perry stopped by The View to give his thoughts on the state of the GOP race.

How Did Al Capone Become the New Hitler?

Donald Trump, natch; but also Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz and even Rick Perry have been compared by critics to the archetypal mobster. Why?

Rick Perry Considering Suing Prosecutor of Dismissed Ethics Case

3 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

A month after former Texas Governor Rick Perry was officially cleared of all charges that he abused the powers of his office, Perry's lead attorney indicated he was exploring legal action against the county prosecutor who brought the charges.

Attorney For Rick Perry May Seek Action Against Prosecutor

Perry’s attorney, Anthony Buzbee, has charged prosecutor, Michael McCrum with improperly pursuing the case. The post Attorney For Rick Perry May Seek Action Against Prosecutor appeared first on RedState.

Oops! Rick Perry Says The Post Office Ate His Primary Ballot

last monthNews : Mediaite

It's been so long since former Texas Governor Rick Perry dropped out of the Republican presidential race that I had to double-check that he was ever in it. He was, and if CNN's Kate Bolduan is right, he might still be in the hunt this November.

Rick Perry: Trump Supporters Are ‘Having Second Thoughts’

Hardcore Donald Trump fans are “having second thoughts” about the GOP front-runner following a flurry of setbacks, former Texas Governor Rick Perry has claimed. Perry argued Friday that Trump’s outrageous statements on abortion, theShow More Summary

Perry Didn’t Vote In Texas Primary

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) may have stumped for Ted Cruz for president, “but there’s no record he voted in this year’s Republican primary in Texas,” the Texas Tribune reports. “Perry’s failure to vote in this year’s Texas primary [...]

RON FOURNIER ON HILLARY: There’s a higher bar to clear when you’re filing charges against someon…

RON FOURNIER ON HILLARY: There’s a higher bar to clear when you’re filing charges against someone who’s running for president. “Good point by Jim Geraghty too. Where was this higher bar for national candidates when Rick Perry got slapped with BS charges?”

Rick Perry Can’t Escape the Third Party Question

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry can’t seem to escape the question, these days. Will he or won’t he pursue a third party presidential run, should Donald Trump capture the GOP nomination? Governor Perry was the first man to step aside, on September 11, 2016. Show More Summary

Perry: 'Real Conservatives' At Contested Convention Will Support Ted Cruz

Rick Perry has faith in the "Real Republicans" of his party to eventually do the right thing at the RNC Convention this July 18-21. Governor Good Hair expects the true, Republican delegates to ultimately rally around the only true Conservative left in the GOP Presidential Race. Show More Summary

Rick Perry Not Willing To Be GOP’s Third Thing

As we inch ever closer to White Riot 2016 (hellllooooo Cleveland!), Republicans are sweating balls and bullets and gross glops of GOP sweat to figure out how to stop Donald Trump from Trumping them right in their smug little establishment Trumps. Maybe Marco Rubio can stop him? No, he cannot. Maybe Ted Cruz? Ewww, Ted

Letting Go of the Rick Perry Unicorn

The #NeverTrump non-movement has taken a blow, as Rick Perry has apparently taken himself out of contention as the standard bearer of a #NeverTrump third party conservative ticket. A deeper issue is that, remember, Rick Perry was basically drummed out to the 2012 and 2016 elections as something close to a laughing stock. Show More Summary

Erick Erickson's Cockamamie Scheme To Elect Rick Perry President With 38 Electoral Votes

The New York Times has a story today about Republicans' schemes to deny Donald Trump their presidential nomination, or, failing that, to deny him the presidency. The group spearheaded by Erick Erickson is considering possible third-party...Show More Summary

Ahead of Utah Caucuses, Rick Perry Says No To ‘Anybody But Trump’ Movement & Calls For GOP To Unite Around Ted Cruz

As more key contests in the 2016 primary season draws near, so-called “establishment” Republicans are scrambling to slow the proverbial roll of frontrunner Donald Trump. And while Rick Perry, one of their biggest prospects for a bridge-burning...Show More Summary

GOP’s war of desperation

All-out war on Donald Trump’s candidacy is being planned by the Republican leadership. You may as well ponder the alternatives to Trump they offer. Well, there’s really only one: former Texas governor Rick Perry. Only this time Perry is sporting glasses … horn rims that make him look like an aging James Franco after a [...]Show More Summary

Stopping Donald Trump: Republicans Formulate Plan To Stop Trump In The Next 100 Days, And It Could Involve Rick Perry Running For President

Republicans have a plan to stop Donald Trump in the next 100 days, using an array of tactics to stop the GOP’s frontrunner from getting anywhere near the nomination that could include calling on a big name in in the party to run for president against him. Show More Summary

Texas Abortion Law Meets Bill Clinton’s Standards

The Supreme Court heard arguments last week in the Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt case, where the constitutionality of HB 2, the Texas omnibus abortion law that Gov. Rick Perry

Get ready to say goodbye to Rubio, terrible candidate

We can now project another loser in the 2016 presidential race. We’re not talking loser as in Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Martin O’Malley and the others we’ve lost along the campaign trail. We’re talking loser as in full-frontal embarrassment to himself and his family and disappointment to his nation. My fellow Americans, let’s get ready [...]Show More Summary

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