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Massive Global Investors Group Says We Need to Stop Eating So Much Meat

FAIRR, the Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return, is an investment initiative made up of 40 different groups with more than $1 trillion in assets under their management.

Foreign farms increase the risk of conflicts in Africa

For the first time, researchers point to areas in Africa where foreign agricultural companies' choice of crops and management of fresh water are partly responsible for the increased water shortages and greater competition for water. This in turn increases the risk of outright conflicts between all those who need water – plants, animals and humans.

How ISO9001 Can Help Transform Procurement and Supply Chain

Categories: Supply Chain Management, Supply Risk, Supply Risk Management Tags: L1, Sourcing & Categories I know what you’re thinking: How can ISO9001 be transformative rather than a hindrance? Of course, you might also be asking, “What the heck is ISO9001?” Let me explain. Show More Summary

Ways to Improve Your Supplier Compliance Odds: NEW Webinar Announcement

Categories: Supplier Risk and Compliance Management, Suppliers, Supply Chain Tags: Webinar When the chips are down and the cards stacked against you, improving supplier compliance can get lost in the shuffle. Regardless, you'll need to take the proper measures to protect your business and grow your brand. Show More Summary

Yahoo hack: It's not just Verizon. AT&T should be worried too - CNET

Many AT&T customers use Yahoo accounts to manage their services and could be at risk.

Supply Risk and Compliance are Disconnected — That’s a Problem and an Opportunity

Categories: Supply Chain Management, Supply Risk, Supply Risk Management Tags: L1, Sourcing & Categories So, you’re stuck in the supply risk swamp and bogged down by compliance regimes. And you know there is waste everywhere and opportunity all around. Show More Summary

Managing Risk in an Era of Chronic Unpredictability

It was not so long ago that managing political risk had a primarily developing world connotation, referring to those 'other' countries half a world away, where poverty, coups and corruption are the rule. An entire industry sprang upShow More Summary

Reducing Risk in the Petroleum Industry

Learn the challenges oil and gas companies face when collecting data and how they mitigate short-term operational risk and optimize long-term reservoir management. Reducing Risk in the Petroleum Industry: Machine Data and Human Intelligence Introduction To...Show More Summary

Floods severely affect children and young people—it's time to stop ignoring their experience

Research with flood-affected children reveals serious impacts on well-being but also a desire to take on a role in flood risk management.

Floods severely affect children, young people

Research with flood-affected children reveals serious impacts on well-being but also a desire to take on a role in flood risk management. Factors impacting on children's well-being include: loss of valued personal and family possessions,...Show More Summary

Sweet news: Sucralose is not linked to cancer, study finds

In a society where obesity is increasingly recognized as a risk factor for disease, low- and no-calorie ingredients are logical choices for those wishing to manage their weight.  However, some people have concerns that sucralose, a no-calorie...Show More Summary

Report: 3 Ways Retailers Plan to Protect Customer Data in 2017

Requirements to install chip card technology in the U.S. has forced retailers to bone up on risk management in 2016, and they will continue to do so in 2017. According to research from the National Retail Federation and Forrester, retailers are looking to protect customer data in three other key ways.

7 Secrets to Creating Supply Risk Management Leverage – and 3 More You Might Need

A recent pro-piece on 7 Secrets to Creating Supply Management Leverage over on Spend Matters Pro [membership required] by the prophet and the maverick highlighted 7 strategies that an organization can be successful in risk management in the light of recent events that include, but are not limited to: the Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy, the Zika […]

TeradataVoice: Who Needs Banks, Anyway?

Financial crises and new technologies are beginning to crack the four value pillars of banking’s operational code: Payments, Funding, Risk & Product Management, and Customer Relations.

Avetta: Vendor Snapshot (Part 3) — Competitive and Summary Analysis

Categories: Risk Performance and Compliance, Services Procurement & Contingent Labor Management, Solution Providers, Supplier Management, Technology, Vendor Snapshots Tags: PRO The worlds of supplier networks, supplier management and...Show More Summary

Make Time For Experiments: 11 Time Management Tips For Your Tech Department

Part of developing great code is taking the time to test new ideas in order to make your work better. But how can a busy tech department continue to push themselves forward without the risk of breaking something serious? From disciplined time management to working regular code tests into the development schedule, a few key...

The Role of Sustainability “Materiality” in Driving Business Value

By John DuPont “Materiality” used to be a word relegated to CFOs, accountants, and investors talking about financial disclosures and risks. But recently it’s become an important topic in sustainability and energy management circles. One only needs to follow the money to learn why. Show More Summary

7 Secrets to Creating Supply Risk Management Leverage

Categories: Supplier Management, Supplier Risk and Compliance Management, Supply Chain Management, Supply Risk Management Tags: PRO As recent events such as Hanjin Shipping’s bankruptcy, the Zika virus and the East Coast oil disruptions have demonstrated, supply risk management is more important than ever. Show More Summary

Join Jason Busch and ISM for Suppliers Webinar and Receive 1 CEH Certificate

Categories: Supplier Information Management, Supplier Management, Supplier Management, Supplier Risk and Compliance Management Tags: Webinar Do You Have a 360-Degree View of Your Suppliers? Join Jason Busch, founder and head of strategy...Show More Summary

What medicine can learn from Wells Fargo

In 1996, Jerry Maguire was fired for advocating a reduction in his sports management firm’s client base thereby risking the firm’s profits.  While writing his infamous memo (or as he would tell you, his mission statement), he recalled his mentor’s advice: “The key to this business is personal relationships.” Tom Cruise’s voiceover continues: “Suddenly, it […]

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