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Robot Surgeon to Perform Operation During Live Broadcast From Moscow

The first demonstration operation by the Da Vinci robot system to be performed in Moscow on Monday will be broadcast live. It will give Russia a chance to become a world leader in the field of robotic surgery, Russia’s chief urologist Dmitry Pushkar told RIA Novosti.

F-35 JPO: Patch Puts Program Back on Schedule | Israeli Gen Robotics Unveils Dogo | Russia’s RS-28 ICBM Could Take out France – or Texas

Americas C-26 aircraft operated by the United States Navel Test Pilots School (USNTPS) are to be equipped with Leonardo Airborne & Space Systems Vixen 500E active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar. The Vixen radar will be installed alongside an enhanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance adaptation by M7 Aerospace, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems of America […]

Robot surgeon outperforms human colleagues doing same procedure

It’s another victory for the machines: a robotic surgical system outperformed humans and robot-assisted human operators in a soft-tissue procedure, bringing us that much closer to automated medical care (and the robocalypse). Read M...

What's up in the solar system, May 2016 edition: Good news in cruise for Juno and ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter

May 2016 will be yet another month of fairly routine operations across the solar system -- if you can ever use the word "routine" to describe autonomous robots exploring other planets. ExoMars' cruise to Mars has started smoothly, and Juno is only two months away from Jupiter orbit insertion. Earthlings will witness a Mercury transit of the Sun on May 9.

Sunday assorted links

1. The rise of mostly-autonomous systems, “your operator is standing by.”  And “Drones fired more weapons than conventional warplanes for the first time in Afghanistan last year and the ratio is rising…”  And when will robots replace Japanese farmers? 2. Show More Summary

Petite Package Provides Powerful Robot

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Hack a Day

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is typically associated with big robots but [Grassjelly] decided to prove differently by creating Linorobot. This small, differential drive robot is similar in appearance to many small Arduino based robots...Show More Summary

Screengrabber Robot Rondo Crashes Operating System, Earns Bizarre Back-To-Back Delay Of Game Fouls |

3 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Screengrabber Robot Rondo Crashes Operating System, Earns Bizarre Back-To-Back Delay Of Game Fouls | Steamed Steam’s Latest Hit Is A Game About Farming And Relationships | io9 If Batman v Superman Is Half as Good as This ‘Deleted Scene,’ We’re in Good Shape | ?Lifehacker The Real Difference Between Perfume, Cologne, Toilette, and Other Fragrances | Read more...

Robot Rondo Crashes Operating System, Earns Bizarre Back-To-Back Delay Of Game Fouls

3 months agoSports : Deadspin

The Oklahoma City Thunder grabbed two technical foul free throws with 1.2 seconds left in the half at Sacramento tonight when Rajon Rondo found himself incapable of handling the ball for an inbounds play—twice. Read more...

The 12 Best Games For Android

Droid: It’s not just a robot from a galaxy far, far away. It’s also a pretty great option for anyone who wants a mobile device unshackled by the closed operating systems of certain other smartphone manufacturers. Read more...

?Simplified system could allow for better robot-human communications

3 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

A new system, developed by researchers at MIT, could provide a more streamlined way for robots to communicate with humans in difficult situations, including during emergency response operations. The new model cuts down the necessaryShow More Summary

The Turing Phone will ship with Sailfish OS, not Android

The Turing Phone promises to be the sturdiest, most secure smartphone around, and now it boasts one more unique feature: Jolla's Sailfish operating system. The Turing Phone will not use Android as promised, Turing Robotic IndustriesShow More Summary

Robots: Multi-Agent Systems and Human-Swarm Interaction

In this episode, Andrew Vaziri interviews Magnus Egerstedt, Professor at Georiga Tech, about privacy and security concerns in multi agent systems, as well as research into interfaces designed to enable a single operator to control large swarms of robots.

ROS, the Robot Operating System, Is Growing Faster Than Ever, Celebrates 8 Years

From humanoids to industrial arms to self-driving cars, robots powered by ROS are everywhere

Passenger-carrying robot turns VR into an exhilarating ride

A robotic platform that operates using a precision system of cables is the next big thing in motion simulation.

Hardware Virtualization in Microcontrollers

8 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Hack a Day

Look at any sufficiently advanced CNC machine or robot, and you’ll notice something peculiar. On one hand, you have a computer running a true operating system for higher-level processing, be it vision or speech recognition, or just connecting to the Internet. Show More Summary

Relay: A delivery robot for the hospitality industry

Delivery robots are not a new concept and several systems have been in operation in past decades. For example, delivery robots have been used in hospital environments to deliver medicine. In fact, delivery was on the first imagined practical applications for mobile robots. However, in the early days of robotics, the delivery robots were slow, […]

Know Your Language: C Rules Everything Around Me (Part One)

C. C is everywhere and in everything. C powers the Mars Curiosity rover, every computer operating system, every mobile OS, the Java Virtual Machine, Google Chrome, ATM machines, the computers in your car, the computers in your robotShow More Summary

Windows 10 is the basis for this cool robotic air hockey game

On Monday, Microsoft announced the release of Windows 10 IoT Core for the Raspberry Pi 2 and Intel's MinnowBoard Max boards. Microsoft decided to show how the "Internet of Things" version of the operating system could be used to help create an air hockey tablet with a robotic player.

AMC’s ‘Humans’: New in the box, but running the same old operating system

From Karel Capek’s 1920 play “Rossum’s Universal Robots” and on up through a gallery that includes “Metropolis,” the work of Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, C-3PO and the shared interest of Spielberg/Kubrick in making the 2001 movie “A.I. Show More Summary

Musio is the AI robot that wants to be your friend

We're getting closer to having Tamagotchis that can actually do more han just hang out in our pockets. Musio is an artificially intelligent robot that you can own. Using Muse technology and an Android operating system, the little robot...Show More Summary

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