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EMP Detonation, Nuclear Blast or ICBM Test? What is North Korea's Next Move?

Doug Tsuruoka Security, Asia And would Trump launch a military attack in response?  Donald Trump got a few laughs when he dubbed North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “little rocket man” after the lyrics of Elton John’s hit 1970s song. But as the US president knows, Kim’s fuse isn’t burning out. Show More Summary

Elton John, I'm Not Playing this Wonky Piano!!!

Elton John stopped his concert dead in its tracks Saturday night, after his piano failed miserably. The OG Rocket Man was pissed when the instrument seemed to freeze up during his hit, "Philadelphia Freedom."  Elton dropped an f-bomb or 2 and…

Afraid of North Korea's Nukes? It May Have Something Worse

President Trump calls him "rocket man" —but what if the nuclear bomb we're fearing isn't what we should be afraid of when it comes to North Korea? At FiveThirtyEight, Michael Wilner makes the case that what we really should be worried about are biological and chemical weapons, which the scientists...

BREAKING: Trump Sends BRUTAL Message To Kim Jong Un – “Do Not…”

Trump has a fresh warning for the Rocket Man in Norther Korea, saying that Americans are ready and waiting to get involved if the rogue state attacks South Korea. Currently,

On being Korean in America in the time of the ‘Axis of Evil’ and ‘Rocket Man

last weekNews : USAToday: News

Even before George W. Bush’s Axis of Evil speech, the specter of the unresolved war in Korea had always haunted my life.        

Trump to Pyongyang: 'Do Not Try Us'

President Trump refrained from calling Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man" in a blistering speech to South Korean lawmakers Wednesday, but he was otherwise unsparing in his denunciation of the North Korean regime. "Do not underestimate us. Do not try us," he warned Kim, directly addressing the North Korean leader and...

Trump offers North Korea 'a path to a much better future'

President Trump didn’t threaten to unleash “fire and fury” or to “totally destroy” North Korea. He didn’t needle North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un by calling him “little rocket man.” Instead, during a two-day visit to South Korea’s capital, within range of North Korean artillery, Trump spoke in...

Trump: Actually, I Do Wanna Talk to Little Rocket Man

President Trump has been on relatively good behavior during this visit to South Korea—no “fire and fury” so far—even going so far as to make what sounds an awful lot like a call for negotiations over the country’s nuclear program. “It...Show More Summary

North Korea Accuses Trump Administration Of ‘Genocide’ and ‘Seeking Nuclear World War 3’

Tensions remain high between the U.S. and North Korea. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have been trading insults for months. Donald Trump has branded the North Korean leader as “the little rocket man,” while...Show More Summary

Russia's space agency says glitch in manned Soyuz landing

A manned Soyuz rocket suffered a partial loss of pressure as it returned to Earth earlier this year, Russia's space agency said Wednesday, in the latest glitch to hit the country's space industry.

REHEARSING: U.S. Army soldiers training with a South Korean air defense unit. Yes, the goal is to…

REHEARSING: U.S. Army soldiers training with a South Korean air defense unit. Yes, the goal is to continue to rattle Rocket Man.

America's Options on North Korea Are Bleak

Dan Leaf Security, Asia Trump’s challenge is to find meaningful action that will not inflame the crisis. Despite tough talk about Rocket Man and North Korea, there has been little substantive action on the security front from the Trump administration and the Department of Defense. Show More Summary

North Korea says it is not interested in diplomacy until it has missile capable of hitting America

last monthNews : The Lookout

Donald Trump has publicly traded insults with him, giving him the nickname "Rocket Man" and referring to him as such during the president's speech in front of the United Nations General Assembly. Just last week Pyongyang warned Mr Trump's "reckless moves" could hurt Guam, the US territory island in the Pacific approximately 2,100 miles (3,425 km) southeast of North Korea.

North Korea Drops Propaganda Leaflets On Seoul: "Let's Behead Mad Dog Trump, Death To The Old Lunatic"

Following President Trump's United Nations' speech threats to "totally destroy" North Korea, lambasting the North's leader Kim Jong-un as "a rocket man on a suicide mission," it appears he is not the only one capable of public and aggressive...Show More Summary

Rex Tillerson says continue diplomacy with North Korea ‘until first bomb drops’

That statement comes despite President Donald Trump's tweets a couple of weeks ago that his chief envoy was "wasting his time" trying to negotiate with "Little Rocket Man," a mocking nickname Trump has given the nuclear-armed nation's leader, Kim Jong Un. Show More Summary

Unilateral Rocket Man

Want to listen to this article out loud? Hear it on Slate Voice. During his address at the United Nations on Tuesday, President Donald Trump went further than he ever had before in threatening military action against North Korea. “If...Show More Summary

Trump’s Nicknames and the Psychology of Bullying

In his Sept. 19 speech before the U.N., Donald Trump mockingly referred to the President of North Korea as “Rocket Man.” During and after the presidential campaign, Trump bestowed offensive nicknames on several of his opponents. There was, famously, “Crooked Hillary”, but there was also […]

Twitter Man vs. Rocket Man

Twitter Man vs. Rocket Man Trump has put Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in no win situation. Either negotiate with Rocket Man, or deal with Twitter Man. This post Twitter Man vs. Rocket Man appeared first on Shooting Sports News.

Daily Cartoon: Friday, October 6th

Peter Kuper’s Daily Cartoon follows the adventures of Rocket Man and Bullwinker.

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