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Mitt Romney 2016? With Trump in, It’s a Possibility

It’s a good read on why Mitt Romney could jump back into the GOP presidential cycle, but remember, this is purely speculative.

No, Romney Shouldn’t Run Again

Trump's campaign pays homage to Romney's own unprincipled and demagogic pursuit of the nomination.

Fife Council Update (18/08/15)

The outstanding equal pay claims against Fife Council are starting to heat up and the good news is that Daphne Romney QC is leading the case on behalf of AES clients. Regular readers will know that Daphne drove a proverbial coach and...Show More Summary

"Mitt wants to run. He never stopped wanting to run."

"... a senior member of his 2012 team told me. Other Romney-ites, watching this cycle’s candidates falling short, feel a sense of vindication after all the attacks they endured after Romney's failed 2012 bid. 'These guys like WalkerShow More Summary

Romney to the Rescue? Again?

Well, he thought about running, then met with Jeb, and apparently decided that the party was in good hands with Jeb. Now some of his supporters are saying he's not quite so certain of that. Gabriel Sherman at New York...

Trump’s Success Makes Romney Want to Run Again

“As Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican presidential race, frustration and panic have become high enough to make some inside the party Establishment pine for a candidate they roundly rejected as recently as January: Mitt Romney,” according to Gabriel [...]

Mitt Romney Reportedly “Horrified” by Donald Trump’s Emergence as GOP Frontrunner

2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney is reportedly “horrified” by Donald Trump and has become one of Trump’s main detractors behind... The post Mitt Romney Reportedly “Horrified” by Donald Trump’s Emergence as GOP Frontrunner appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Donald Trump's campaign is causing a bunch of people to start talking about Mitt Romney again

Some supporters of 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney are seizing upon Donald Trump's surge to argue yet again that Romney should should enter the 2016 presidential race. "Mitt wants to run. He never stopped wanting to run," a former senior Romney adviser told New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman. Show More Summary

Laura Ingraham Criticizes NR and Me

Laura Ingraham, on her radio show, criticized NR for “propping up the establishment” by running an article today about Republicans who want Mitt Romney to run again (h/t Breitbart). She added, “[O]ur pal Bill Kristol, he’s actually done...Show More Summary

Romney Is Horrified by Trump — and That’s Restarting ‘Mitt 2016’ Talk

As Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican presidential race, frustration and panic have become high enough to make some inside the party Establishment pine for a candidate they roundly rejected as recently as January: Mitt Romney. Romney himself has become one of Trump’s most vocal detractors inside the party. “He’s someone to whom... More »

"As Jeb Bush struggles to carry the establishment mantle, some wonder whether the time is right for Mitt..."

But: "If Mr. Romney suddenly entered today simply to defend the declining Bush dynasty against the rising New York dynamism of Mr. Trump, it would shatter the creative awakening that is happening to conservatism and paralyze the rise to positive influence of Mr. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Isn’t the GOP’s Biggest Problem

Think back to this time in the 2012 Republican presidential primary, and it’s easy to see the similiarities. Mitt Romney was the most plausible nominee in a wide field of contenders, but he couldn’t catch fire with the GOP base. Instead,...Show More Summary

Christie, Romney and Rubio walk into an ice cream shop... and forget their wallets

During Monday's Tonight Show, Gov. Chris Christie shared a story with Jimmy Fallon about the time he joined Mitt Romney's family — along with fellow GOP 2016 hopeful Marco Rubio — for a boat ride and ice cream. And all three politicians forgot their wallets. Romney's wife Ann thankfully came to the rescue. Show More Summary

To Hell With You People

Like a recurrence of herpes, Mitt Romney donors have come in from their five star resorts again, taken their silver feet out of their mouths again, and yet again beat the drum for Mitt Romney 2016. These people have all the makings of a cult without a comet or a Scientologist to take them away from us. Show More Summary

Rubio embraces a Romney error as his own

It was one of the biggest whoppers of Mitt Romney's 2012 platform. So why is Marco Rubio repeating it three years later.

Trump proposals risk deepening GOP rift on immigration

Outlined in a so-called "autopsy" of 2012 nominee Mitt Romney's loss to President Barack Obama, it called for passing "comprehensive immigration reform" — shorthand for resolving the status of the estimated 11 million people living in...Show More Summary

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