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NPR exec resigns after hidden video tape emerges

Ron Schiller, the NPR executive in charge of fund raising, has resigned after a hidden camera video tape of him calling Tea Party members “racist” surfaced on the web. The video was shot by the same people who sent actors portraying a prostitute with her pimp to ACORN offices to seek illegal housing loans for [...]

Former NPR Exec Vivian Schiller In Talks With NBC News

4 years agoNews : Mediaite

You may remember Vivian Schiller, the former CEO of NPR, from her role in the media storm surrounding a sting video, created and edited by James O'Keefe, showing NPR executive Ron Schiller (no relation) making disparaging comments about...Show More Summary

Guess Which Former Presidential Candidate Thinks NPR Needs MORE 'Progressive Voices'?

NPR Ombudsman Lisa Shepard - who previously waded into the Washington Post comments section and ripped former executive Ron Schiller - spoke with the Columbia Journalism Review's Joel Meares. You know what? Plenty of people believe NPR...Show More Summary

Public Broadcasting Leftists Rake in Huge Salaries

When James O’Keefe pulled a sting operation on Ron Schiller of the left-wing propaganda service National Public Radio, the moonbat admitted not only to hatred of normal Americans and sympathy for Islamic terrorists, but also that NPR did not need any of the taxpayer money it has been bathing in. Show More Summary

‘On the Media’ host Garfield, O’Keefe go at it

“On the Media”You can listen to them or just read the transcript, too. An excerpt: BOB GARFIELD: James, for example – for example, there were no fewer than six times in the raw NPR footage where Ron Schiller or his … Read more

CBS Finally Covers NPR Scandal...On 4 A.M. News Program

Following the March 8 release of an undercover sting video of NPR executive Ron Schiller calling Tea Party members "racist," CBS initially gave no coverage to the ensuing scandal and resignations of him and NPR President Vivian Schiller. Show More Summary

Yet More On Ron Schiller

I really don't want to beat the NPR/Ron Schiller affair to death, but I guess I'm going to anyway. I continue to think that Schiller flatly did nothing wrong — at least, nothing wrong in the actionable, firing sense of the word — and I continued to be bugged by the fact that virtually nobody seems to agree with me about this. Show More Summary

Time columnist says James O'Keefe edited his NPR videos unfairly, but the firings speak for themselves.

This piece from James Poniewozik is quite lame: [Ron] Schiller did say some bad things.... But the short video took them out of context, like a bad reality show, and made them sound worse.... The full video hardly clears Schiller.... O'Keefe...Show More Summary

Stuff to Read

Of course the James O’Keefe NPR “sting” video was edited to make Ron Schiller look worse. Finally someone in media explains how dishonest the video really is. When will people learn to ignore O’Keefe and his little scams? Here’s a beautiful letter from Japan about how people are helping each other cope. And a dog [...]

Never Take Your Hat Off In Public

4 years agoNews : The Two-Way

Disgraced former NPR fundraiser Ron Schiller broke two rules when meeting with a bogus Muslim group. He talked about politics and religion. But why did NPR even meet with the group? Read on.

Fox & Friends Whitewashes Problems With O'Keefe's NPR Video

Last week, discredited conservative activist James O'Keefe released a video in which former NPR executive Ron Schiller appeared to disparage the tea party movement and say that NPR would be "better off" without federal funding. Since...Show More Summary

NPR Media Reporter Folkenflik Devoted Three One-Sided Stories to Supporting Ron Schiller

NPR media reporter David Folkenflik has not only done one story trying to dig out former top NPR fundraiser Ron Schiller's nasty comments against deeply racist, gun-toting, phony-Christian conservatives (as Matt Hadro first noted), he's performed three slanted versions of NPR self-defense. Show More Summary

NY Times Whines That 'Partisans Adopt Deceit As a Tactic,' Ignore Hidden Camera Hoaxes By NPR, ABC

The New York Times provided decent front-page coverage of the emerging scandal that took down top executives at National Public Radio, a hidden-camera sting that caught top fundraiser Ron Schiller making prejudicial remarks against Republicans in general and the Tea Party movement in particular. Show More Summary

NPR Sting Video Was Edited to Accentuate Negative

An analysis of the full video shows that NPR fundraisers Ron Schiller and Betsy Liley talked positively about Republicans and conservatives during their lunch date with phony donors.

James O'Keefe and Journalistic Malpractice

4 years agoUS Politics / Liberal : Vox Pop

"That's the thing I don't like about this country, people like to make snap judgements," NPR's top fundraising officer, Ron Schiller, told two prospective "donors" at a tony Georgetown trattoria. Schiller didn't know he was being covertly...Show More Summary

Elements of O’Keefe’s NPR video taken out of context Many of former NPR fundraiser Ron Schiller‘s most provocative remarks were presented in a misleading way by James O’Keefe, reports David Folkenflik. The NPR media reporter’s review of O’Keefe’s video was conducted with several colleagues and outside people, including… Read more

The Inevitable Backlash Against James O’Keefe’s Heavily Edited NPR ‘Sting’ Begins

Once conservative activist James O'Keefe released the raw footage of his latest undercover video, in which former NPR SVP Ron Schiller is taped saying some seemingly vicious things about Republicans and claiming that the radio network...Show More Summary

Getting the Story Straight

I've already defended former NPR fundraiser Ron Schiller's right to tell a prospective donor that he thinks tea partiers are motivated by racism and xenophobia. Schiller isn't a reporter, and right or wrong, his view is a fairly widely held view one. Show More Summary

NPR concludes much of O'Keefe's edited 'sting' video was taken out of context -- except the Ron Schiller parts, whic...

NPR concludes much of O'Keefe's edited 'sting' video was taken out of context -- except the Ron Schiller parts, which were pretty much accurate. Join the conversation about this story »

NPR: O'Keefe 'Inappropriately Edited' Video; Exec's Words Still 'Egregious'

4 years agoNews : The Two-Way

The conservative political activist left out some things and made some misleading edits. But the network says executive Ron Schiller still said things he should not have.

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