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Concern Trolling from Cousin Ross

Ross Douthat is VERY CONCERNED about the future of the Democratic Party. You may be shocked at his solution–the party should move to the right! For instance: Democrats could attempt to declare a culture-war truce, consolidating the gains of the Obama era while disavowing attempts to regulate institutions and communities that don’t follow the current […]

Ross Douthat Says that Trump Voters Were Motivated by Imaginary Concerns

He may not have intended to say that Trump voters were driven by illusions, but that is effectively what he wrote. His column warned Democrats that they have to move right to get more political support: "some of the Trumpian (and pre-Trumpian)...Show More Summary

The Ultimate True Leftist is the One Who Donald Trump Retweets

Ok, Freddie hasn’t quite made it to that level yet. But it’s not only luminaries like Rod Dreher and Ross Douthat who find Freddie’s brilliant insights useful. Now Ann Coulter thinks he’s the bee’s knees too. Congrats Freddie! Made it to the big time! — buddy he'lld (@lbourgie) November 16, 2016 As the kids […]

James Taranto has a response to Ross Douthat's "You Must Serve Trump."

It's a cookbook! — James Taranto (@jamestaranto) November 12, 2016

Sunday assorted links

1. A brief history of Chinese science fiction. 2. The largest human gatherings ever. 3. Ross Douthat on the post-familial election (NYT). 4. This app will let you buy restaurant leftovers for really cheap. 5. The charter schools that work (NYT). 6. WaPo interview with Tim Harford. The post Sunday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Ross Douthat and the Government Subsidized Life

Ross Douthat devoted his NYT column this morning to how people in the United States and other wealthy countries deal with a world in which they have fewer children. It's mostly devoted to social psychological speculation, which I will...Show More Summary

“…demagogues of the future can exploit the deep loneliness of a post-familial society”

3 weeks agoNews : Slugger O'Toole

If Trump were merely a problem for Conservatives (which he certainly is), we should ask why Hillary Clinton is struggling so badly? Ross Douthat has a thought provoking essay which argues public policy which ignores or negates family as a building block of society will eventually bite the new liberal mega coalition too: A post-familial society more...

How the Anti-Choice Movement Paved the Way for Trump's Rise to the Top of the GOP

Click here for reuse options! Making a conservative case against Trump, Ross Douthat descends into denial about anti-choice violence. In a stunning stunning piece titled “From Roe to Trump” in Wednesday’s New York Times, columnist Ross...Show More Summary

Why Conservatives Must Defeat Trump

Ross Douthat: “I agree with them that grave evils will follow from electing Hillary Clinton. But the Trump alternative is like a feckless war of choice in the service of some just-seeming end, with a commanding general who likes war [...]


Scott Lemieux: _[The Reformicon Faction Speaks][]_: "[Shorter Ross Douthat:] 'The important thing... is not that conservatives dislike the potential substantive policy outcomes of a Supreme Court with a median Democratic-appointed vote, it’s that liberals lack a sufficiently rigorous constitutional grand theory. Hence, the ends justify any means..." (Live from the...

Liberals, Snobbery, and GOP Moderation

Over on Twitter, Ross Douthat, Seth Mandel, and Chris Hayes were wondering whether liberals wanted a more moderate Republican party if that made for a more responsible, but also politically stronger, opponent. Douthat wrote that theShow More Summary

Here's the Real Danger of a Trump Presidency

Aside from the possibility of declaring martial law or starting a nuclear war over a nasty tweet, Ross Douthat figures there are three "baseline dangers" from a Trump presidency: Sustained market jitters Major civil unrest Rapid escalation...Show More Summary

Like clockwork, the 'intellectual' right tries to distance themselves from the monster they created

This Ross Douthat column attempting to explain How Donald Trump Happened is an almost-comical look into a delusional conservative movement that does not, even now, understand How Donald Trump Happened. Behold, as "serious" conservatism...Show More Summary

Religious Liberty and a Brooks Boner

The Op-Ed pages of The New York Times are piss-poor to be sure, but Ross Douthat and David Brooks are sometimes worth reading. But the following from Brooks (28 October) is singularly boneheaded although the opening sentence is exactly right:...

Will the circle be unbroken?

Not only did commentorion Yastreblyansky warn everyone that Ross Douthat is wringing his beard over what the Intellectual Right did to deserve Trump, he wrote a blog post about it, and thank goodness for that. I got to the point where Douthat quotes Matthew Continetti (approvingly!?) and thought Do I really want to do this? […]

Douthat: The Republican Inferno

Ross Douthat, New York Times: History in its day to day is not a morality play. But sometimes there is a clear chastisement, a moment when the judgments of providence seem stark. And so it may be for the men who led the Republican Party into its Trumpian inferno. Show More Summary

Sunday assorted links

1. How about a “guaranteed jobs” program? 2. Has California become the intellectual capital of conservatism?  And Ross Douthat on the post-liberals. 3. Twenty questions with Hilary Mantel. 4. Is there now a path out of Brexit? 5. The...Show More Summary

Trump and Judges

I generally agree with Ross Douthat’s observations in this interview, but I disagree when he says that Trump is more likely to get judicial appointments right because it isn’t an issue that he cares about. I think that is probably right...Show More Summary

ROSS DOUTHAT: Will We See A Trumpism Of The Left? Some kind of celebrity (ahem, Oprah, ahem) mig…

ROSS DOUTHAT: Will We See A Trumpism Of The Left? Some kind of celebrity (ahem, Oprah, ahem) might be able to win the Democratic nomination under present circumstances. But they would need to be respectable rather than disreputable, and run a campaign that accepted guardrails and gatekeepers rather than gleefully destroying them. The wrecking-ball left-wing […]

The Intellectual Case for Donald Trump

New York Times house conservative Ross Douthat wrote that all intellectual arguments for Donald Trump fail. Not so fast.

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