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How Will We Know if Obamacare Is a Success?

Will Obamacare be a success? Ross Douthat thinks we should all lay down some firm guidelines and hold ourselves to them. Here are his: For my own part, I’ll lay down this marker for the future: If, in 2023, the uninsured rate is where the C.B.O. Show More Summary

ROSS DOUTHAT: Ross Doutat: The Case Against Higher Taxes. Taxes are a drag on economic growth. R…

ROSS DOUTHAT: Ross Doutat: The Case Against Higher Taxes. Taxes are a drag on economic growth. Regulation, and especially cronyized redistributionist regulation — of which we have a lot more than we had in past decades — is a much, much bigger drag.

Is Ayaan Hirsi Ali Being Denied A Symbolic Degree The Death Of Academic Freedom? (SPOILER: No.)

The intro to Ross Douthat’s last column: EARLIER this year, a column by a Harvard undergraduate named Sandra Y. L. Korn briefly achieved escape velocity from the Ivy League bubble, thanks to its daring view of how universities should approach academic freedom. Korn proposed that such freedom was dated and destructive, and that a doctrine […]

ROSS DOUTHAT: Diversity And Dishonesty. In both cases, Mozilla and Brandeis, there was a strikin…

ROSS DOUTHAT: Diversity And Dishonesty. In both cases, Mozilla and Brandeis, there was a striking difference between the clarity of what had actually happened and the evasiveness of the official responses to the events. Eich stepped down rather than recant his past support for the view that one man and one woman makes a marriage; [...]

Having An Honest Conversation Requires Being Honest

[guest post by Dana] Today, Ross Douthat addresses the lack of honesty that permeates the cloudy justifications from both Mozilla and Brandeis University. What’s particularly interesting about this column are the comments generated. A great number of them example, without the slightest hint of self-awareness, the point Douthat closes with: I can live with the [...]

Douthat: Republican Predictions Of Obamacare Failure Are Like Their Predictions Of Romney Landsline

Ross Douthat: SO you think it’s finished? So you think now that enrollment has hit seven million, now that the president has declared the debate over repeal “over,” now that Republican predictions of a swift Obamacare unraveling look a bit like Republican predictions of a Romney landslide, we’re going to stop arguing about health care, […]

Conservatives and Poverty

Commenting on a intra-left debate between Jonathan Chait and Ta-Nehisi Coates about race and poverty, Ross Douthat wrote earlier this...

Please, Let’s Not Pretend That American Conservatives Support Any Decent Health Care Reform

Paul Krugman, in the course of responding to Ross Douthat, makes what I still consider to be a bad rhetorical move: But Ross Douthat, in the course of realistically warning his fellow conservatives that Obamacare doesn’t seem to be collapsing, goes on to tell them that they’re going to have to come up with a [...]

Say, Why Is Obama’s Foreign “Policy” So Darned Unpopular?

The NY Times’ Ross Douthat is quite vexed that Obama’s foreign “policy” is so unpopular in polls. First, we have to consider why I’ve put “policy” in quotation marks. Well, he has to actually have a policy platform. There is none. He and his team are essentially winging it, living in the now. Show More Summary

Liberals Haven't Abandoned Concept of Sin But Definition of Sin Has Changed, Ross Douthat Says

The concept of sin is not gone but the actions that are considered sinful have changed in four ways, Ross Douthat, a columnist for The New York Times and author of Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics, recently argued.

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: I'll see your mudslide and raise you a global warming edition

Dan Kaufman looks at an environmental disaster in the making for Wisconsin... Ross Douthat calls for custom measurement of Christians... The New York Times warns that kickstarting could be kicked to the curb... Anne Applebaum shows that there's always room for bigots... Show More Summary

Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Unpopular Because He Takes Unpopular Actions (II)

Ross Douthat continues the discussion on Obama’s foreign policy and public opinion. …

Religious Belief And Bigotry, Ctd

I was away and missed Ross Douthat’s Q and A on marriage equality. Check out the last question from one Lewis Armen, from Oregon. Money quote from Ross’s response: As a matter of public policy, I’m skeptical of same-sex marriage because I think it instantiates (or ratifies, since obviously we’ve been headed down this road […]

Russia and Realism

Ross Douthat calls for abandoning illusions about Russia: It may not be …

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Next Stop, Doooom Edition

Predicted Results of Election 2014 Today, Maureen Dowd can't go one $#&$!ing week without making comparisons between "Barry" and "Bill"... Ross Douthat explains how thinking for yourself leads to communism... Dana Milbank says that Obama abandoned the students and now they've abandoned him... Show More Summary

In the Name of Our Humanity: The Failure of Tolerance for LGBTQ People

There’s been an instructive imbroglio flaring between a few men in the middle echelons of the American commentariat. The New York Times’ Ross Douthat wrote about the “terms of surrender” that he and other opponents of LGBT  marriage equality were currently negotiating against what he sees as gay rights’ relentless march, Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern [...]

The Best of The Dish Today

First, a little house-keeping. Ross Douthat has an excellent post on the question of religious liberty and gay rights. It’s a judicious argument that cultural isolation can led to infringement of religious liberty, given how complex our society is. Ross asks my help in defending the religious from the potential abuses of the pro-gay majority. […]

If Paul Ryan Is a 'Moderate,' I'm the Easter Bunny

It is a sign of how far right the Republican Party has moved that New York Times columnist Ross Douthat describes Rep. Paul Ryan as a "moderate." In his column on Sunday, "Four Factions, No Favorite," Douthat looked at the likely candidates for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. Show More Summary

Rubio and the “Somewhat Conservative” Voters

Ross Douthat comments on Henry Olsen’s article in the new issue of …

It's "A Rand Paul rout in CPAC straw poll" says Politico, but the only report in the NYT is a Ross Douthat column titled "Four Factions, No Favorite."

Douthat's column, dated yesterday, may very well have gone up before the poll, but still, if a rout was in the works, why is Douthat in the dark, and why is there no NYT article about Rand's rout? A search for Rand Paul's name in the NYT in the past week turns up 2 articles from 2 days ago:1. Show More Summary

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