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Sam Wang Was Right!

Sam Wang (Jan 7, 2016): [Does Trump’s ceiling matter?]( "Ross Douthat... says Trump is doomed because he will hit a ceiling of support around 30%... >...But even if that ceiling holds, it might not matter.... Show More Summary

A Strawman Appropriately Repurposed

Ross Douthat finds the “smug style of American liberalism” guff news he can use: THE rise of Donald Trump, and with him a white-identity politics more explicit than anything America has seen in decades, has created an interesting division on the political left — over the question of what, if anything, liberal politics ought to […]

Mike's Blog Round Up

Balloon Juice - well that's just insane; Bark Bark Woof Woof - Ross Douthat: still wrong about everything; Hullabaloo - Judith Miller, still vile; pm carpenter's commentary - good dirty money; Smashpipe - toy stories (NSFW). blogenfreude...Show More Summary

Was Ross Douthat Aggressively Wrong Enough to Get Fired?

The Athenians ostracized their greatest military commander, Themistocles, for nothing much whatsoever, perhaps for simple arrogance. Those who failed in battle often suffered the same fate. I don’t think this...

NY Times Columnist Ross Douthat Was Wrong About Trump (A Lot)

2 months agoArts / Graphic Design : UnBeige

"Once again: Trump is a really significant political force, but he's not going to be the GOP nominee."

True True Conservatism

Much as I respect our friend Ross Douthat, I believe his post-mortem of the Cruz candidacy in the Times today misses the mark: a caricature of “True Conservatism,” the demise of which he undertakes to explain. To my mind, Ross minimizes the forces that gave rise to Cruz’s constituency and exaggerates its (purported) intransigence. Show More Summary

Mike's Blog Round Up

Hunting of the Snark: Ross Douthat, Bubble Boy Infidel: No compromises with North Carolina on the bathroom bill. Crush them. You Might Notice a Trend: The Danger of Trump's Worldview Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Oh that Alabama is so special and unique! Round up by Frances Langum aka Blue Gal of The Professional Left Podcast and C&L. Show More Summary

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Daily Kos

Hello. If you read Daily Kos during the week (and don’t just dart in on Sunday mornings for the compressed wisdom of Ross Douthat), you might have noticed a curious thing over the last two weeks. My name has been on the front page rather...Show More Summary

Douthat Strikes on the Economics of Democrats After Sanders

It's too bad the NYT doesn't have a policy of fact-checking their columnists. (I realize, it might make it harder to get columnists, but it would make their columns more informative.) Ross Douthat's confused piece on "The Democrats After...Show More Summary

Answering Ross Douthat

Ross Douthat has an interesting piece in the Times looking at the slow motion train wreck heading into Cleveland. Particularly, he disagrees with a post I wrote a week ago ("Hell to Pay") in which I said that whatever the technicalities...Show More Summary

Is the GOP Going to the Doves?

(John Hinderaker) In the New York Times, Ross Douthat argues that the United States and Europe seem to be reversing their roles with respect to defense policy. The adage that Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus, he suggests, no longer holds true. Show More Summary

CNN’s Donald Trump disgrace: Trump coverage is the smoking gun, CNN is the corpse

Also: David Brooks, Ross Douthat and the intellectual right gyrate to pretend Trumpism wasn't always part of GOP

You Can’t Spell “Reformicon” Without “No Republican Constituency”

Krugman has some fun with the end of any pretense that the “reformicon” movement could ever be a thing that matters: Ross Douthat has a wonderfully written, heartfelt takedown of the WSJ editorial page, which is — surprise! — dead set against any deviation from the tax-cuts-for-the-rich agenda. Definitely worth reading. But my question is, […]

Please Enjoy The Slow But Steady Unraveling Of David Brooks

3 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

We’ve been eagerly covering the complete mental disintegration of not one, but two, esteemed columnists at the paper of record lately. Both David Brooks, America’s least intellectual public intellectual, and Ross Douthat, a freshman term paper on Opus Dei made flesh, are slowly devolving over the utter and complete collapse of the GOP. Douthat is

Sunday assorted links

1. “The pressure of academia drove me to heroin.” 2. Eat quinoa, save the world. 3. Once again the brilliant Ross Douthat. 4. Florence Nightingale, data nerd. 5. “One of the best conversations [Bill] Walton and I had during our two days together consisted entirely of listing the rivers in Oregon.” (NYT) The post Sunday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Ryan’s Hope ?

Ross Douthat and Stand Collender wonder why Paul Ryan is acting like a fan of Ayn Rand.te Douthat notes Repeatedly Harwood presses him on whether the party needs to change to address the concerns of the blue-collar Republicans who are voting for Trump. And every time, as The Week’s James Pethokoukis pointed out afterward, Ryan […]

David Brooks on Trump

I have on occasion praised Ross Douthat and David Brooks as worth reading among the contributors to the reliably piss-poor Op Ed pages of The New York Times. But my estimation of Brooks has dropped a notch after reading his...

North Dakota Republican Leader: No Delegate Is Bound To A Presidential Candidate

A couple of days ago New York Times columnist Ross Douthat argued for Republicans to use the byzantine nature of the rules governing the candidate selection process to deny Trump the nomination. “The rules that assign convention delegates are byzantine, the delegate selection process is various, and a few states rely on conventions and cut the...


ALLAHPUNDIT: “LENDING” THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TO TRUMP FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS MIGHT MEAN YOU NEVER GET IT BACK: Which is why, if he cleans up [tonight], you’re going to see an explosion of pieces online like the one Ross Douthat published yesterday urging the RNC to deny Trump the nomination by any means necessary […]

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