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Mike's Blog Round Up

The Hunting of the Snark: Ross Douthat's fractured fairy tales about Trump. You Might Notice a Trend: Killing the gerrymander with math. By Ken Levine: Writing the Oscars. Dennis Hartley provides a list of 10 movies about the movies. Did...Show More Summary

SAITH THE MAN-GOD: ‘EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED.’ “Ross Douthat is correct: if you don’t like the …

SAITH THE MAN-GOD: ‘EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED.’ “Ross Douthat is correct: if you don’t like the Christian Right, wait till you see the Post-Christian Right. To that I would add: look at the Post-Christian Left. You cannot deny the God-Man and replace him with the Man-God with impunity,” Rod Dreher writes. Read the whole thing.

Can This Presidency Be Saved?

Ross Douthat: “Right now his presidency is in danger of being very swiftly Carterized — ending up so unpopular, ineffectual and fractious that even with Congress controlled by its own party, it can’t get anything of substance done. The war [...]

Nationalism and Who We Aren’t

Ross Douthat’s recent column about national identity is right in itself, but I would like to make some additional points. Both our Left and our Right have developed ideas of American nationalism that are too systematic and leave out millions of Americans — possibly most Americans. Show More Summary

Wednesday assorted links

1. Scott Sumner on Greece. 2. Excellent Ross Douthat on Betsey DeVos. 3. A behavioral look at the new proposed tax reform. 4. “But this time, I and my disability rights colleagues found myself in an unusual position: siding with the Republicans and, yes, the National Rifle Association.” 5. Show More Summary

ROSS DOUTHAT: “The Egyptian deep state’s sabotage of Morsi culminated in a coup. This is not my p…

ROSS DOUTHAT: “The Egyptian deep state’s sabotage of Morsi culminated in a coup. This is not my prediction for the Trump era.” But: Meanwhile, on the other side of the divide, the ascent of populism also creates an unusual level of solidarity among elites, who feel moved to resist on a scale that they wouldn’t […]

Too Much Burke for Too Long

Ross Douthat has a persuasive column arguing that, when it comes to health-care policy, conservatives are placing too much faith in their Milton Friedmanite free-market instincts and not enough in Edmund Burke’s respect for the wisdom of tradition. Show More Summary

ROSS DOUTHAT: The Tempting of the Media. Then there are Trumpworld’s possible ties to Russia an…

ROSS DOUTHAT: The Tempting of the Media. Then there are Trumpworld’s possible ties to Russia and the possible Russian attempts to exert influence on his behalf. This is an incredibly serious business, but it has not produced incredibly serious journalism. Instead there has been a rush to publicize all manner of dubious claims, from the […]

The Biggest Media Trend of 2016? Abject Humiliation of the Media

There were times in 2016 when I was staring mindlessly at my Twitter feed and a tweet by Ross Douthat, the conservative-in-residence of the New York Times op-ed page, would materialize on the screen. Not just any Douthat tweet—I don’t...Show More Summary

The New York Times's Ross Douthat recommends my book 'the Abolition of Britain'

I am grateful for this recommendation of my 1999 book ‘The Abolition of Britain’ by the New York Times writer (and resident conservative) Ross Douthat. This first appeared in the New York Times before Christmas but was published today...

Douthat and Dalio on the Trump administration

Here are Ross Douthat’s reading suggestions for the Trump years (NYT), I ordered what I haven’t already read.  And here is Ray Dalio on the Trump administration, better than most of what you will read on the topic.  Here is a short excerpt:...Show More Summary

Books for the Trump Era

The New York Times: Ross Douthat provides a list. I'm glad to see that the Peter Hitchens book is mentioned.

Do Conservative Intellectuals Have More Fun?

So conservative public intellectuals — such as our good friend Yuval Levin — are thrilled that an article in the New York Times (not written by Ross Douthat) actually said that liberals have something to learn from conservatives. Liberals, in their programs for students, are all about progressive activism. Show More Summary

Concern Trolling from Cousin Ross

Ross Douthat is VERY CONCERNED about the future of the Democratic Party. You may be shocked at his solution–the party should move to the right! For instance: Democrats could attempt to declare a culture-war truce, consolidating the gains of the Obama era while disavowing attempts to regulate institutions and communities that don’t follow the current […]

Ross Douthat Says that Trump Voters Were Motivated by Imaginary Concerns

He may not have intended to say that Trump voters were driven by illusions, but that is effectively what he wrote. His column warned Democrats that they have to move right to get more political support: "some of the Trumpian (and pre-Trumpian)...Show More Summary

The Ultimate True Leftist is the One Who Donald Trump Retweets

Ok, Freddie hasn’t quite made it to that level yet. But it’s not only luminaries like Rod Dreher and Ross Douthat who find Freddie’s brilliant insights useful. Now Ann Coulter thinks he’s the bee’s knees too. Congrats Freddie! Made it to the big time! — buddy he'lld (@lbourgie) November 16, 2016 As the kids […]

James Taranto has a response to Ross Douthat's "You Must Serve Trump."

It's a cookbook! — James Taranto (@jamestaranto) November 12, 2016

Sunday assorted links

1. A brief history of Chinese science fiction. 2. The largest human gatherings ever. 3. Ross Douthat on the post-familial election (NYT). 4. This app will let you buy restaurant leftovers for really cheap. 5. The charter schools that work (NYT). 6. WaPo interview with Tim Harford. The post Sunday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Ross Douthat and the Government Subsidized Life

Ross Douthat devoted his NYT column this morning to how people in the United States and other wealthy countries deal with a world in which they have fewer children. It's mostly devoted to social psychological speculation, which I will...Show More Summary

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