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It's Called Feminism

[Content Note: Misogyny; racism; heterocentrism; classism.]Conservative columnist Ross Douthat used his New York Times column this past Sunday to explore the causes of the "the social crisis among America's poor and working class—the...Show More Summary

ROSS DOUTHAT: Men, Money, and the Marriage Crisis: “This is not the place to get into the separate…

ROSS DOUTHAT: Men, Money, and the Marriage Crisis: “This is not the place to get into the separate debate about the wisdom of our immigration policy, but if you take it as a given, the issue is this: The men dragging down the overall low-skilled wage average since the ’60s are primarily recent immigrants, whose […]

Reaping the Harvest of Relativism

The social cost of relativism has been on the minds of some folks at The New York Times. Columnist David Brooks ran an excellent piece last week entitled "The Cost of Relativism," while Ross Douthat penned a piece entitled "For Poorer and Richer."

Ross Douthat

Op-ed commentary at The New York Times is abominably bad. But there are a couple or three exceptions, one of which is the work of Ross Douthat. This from For Poorer or Richer: But the basic point is this: In...

Open thread for night owls: Poor stories from Brooks and Douhat

A group of boys hang out on Sullivan Street in Brooklyn in the 1930s. Helaine Olen at The Baffler writes Poor Stories from Brooks and Douthat: An excerpt: In the past week, New York Times columnists David Brooks and Ross Douthat have taken on the issues of personal behavior and social norms among people less economically fortunate than themselves. Show More Summary

Assorted links

1. Who are the most important persons in an image? (pdf) 2. The age of creative ambiguity.  And how students really consume online education. 3. Ross Douthat on Rubio-Lee. 4.  More on whether China is going to collapse.  And is the driverless snowmobile already a reality?  Enforcing an OLG model for the Dalai Lama. 5. […]

Modernizing Congress’s Scorekeepers

At his blog, Ross Douthat ably lays out the enormous appeal of the Lee-Rubio tax proposal released last week, and well articulates some of the fiscal concerns and unknowns that other friends of the plan (including yours truly) have also pointed to in various venues. Show More Summary

You’re in the wrong neighborhood, pal

Okay, you all know that I admire like tolerate Dreher, most of the time, admittedly in large part because his pundit niche, unironic devout Catholics on the culture beat, otherwise ranges from Ross Douthat to Bill Donohue. And I mean in all sincerity that sometimes he has interesting things to say. Someone has to gently [Read more...] This space reserved for your ad.

The Reformicon Defense of ACA Trooferism

He wouldn’t dream of allowing anyone to lose their health insurance, Scout’s Honor! Negotiating the various perils of the “card says Moops!” and “Moops invaded Spain” arguments, Ross Douthat ends starts off in the ¯\_(?)_/¯ camp. On the way, he throws out a major howler: 1) Having gone back and forth over the evidence presented, […]

Friday assorted links

1. Ross Douthat on King v. Burwell. 2. The most American headline ever? 3. Japan may legalize noisy children. 4. David Brooks on the continuing importance of education. 5. Vincent van Gogh’s reds have been turning white.

Texas, Ireland, Abortion and Ross Douthat, Round 2

As abortion access becomes increasingly limited in some states and countries, providing generous health and welfare provisions for women and children is vital.

Mike's Blog Round Up

Addicting Info - hire me a North Carolina hooker! alicublog - Ross Douthat rides again! Clarissa's Blog - a death in Moscow; Common Dreams - Scott Walker is a gaffe machine; Crooked Timber - Hannah Arendt meets Mel Brooks. blogenfreude blogs at and hopes Leonard Nimoy's tube finds a Class M planet where he can regenerate. RIP Mr. Spock.

Morning Must-Read: Ross Douthat: The Case Against the Case Against the Crusades

Ross Douthat: [The Case Against the Case Against the Crusades]( "The Crusades as an epoch-spanning phenomenon... >...aren’t in and of themselves...Show More Summary

Giving the dumbass his due

Regarding Obama and the crusades, the check engine light came on early in Dreher’s latest column at AmCon. If you wait long enough, Ross Douthat will write what needs to be written, and do it better than you ever could. As you might expect Ross Douthat thinks the Crusades got a bad rap. And he [Read more...] This space reserved for your ad.

No Escape From History

Ross Douthat accuses Obama of selectively condemning historical atrocities, but those tragedies are part of the president's heritage, too.

ROSS DOUTHAT: Blasphemy Revisited. “So if you want to argue that Islam’s treatment at the hands …

ROSS DOUTHAT: Blasphemy Revisited. “So if you want to argue that Islam’s treatment at the hands of cartoonists and other critics deserves to be condemned, you need a stronger argument than, ‘self-censorship around people’s deeply-held religious beliefs is the normal Western way.’ It simply isn’t; what’s being invoked here is a special kind of protection […]

How Much Did We Need This Blasphemy?

3 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity : Gawker

Even Ross Douthat came out swinging yesterday in favor of the slain cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo (" The Blasphemy We Need "). Since it is difficult to find even one square inch of common ground between right and left in American politics, this ought to have come as good news. Show More Summary

Links I liked

I thought this Ross Douthat piece on Charlie Hebdo was terrific What we learn about infrastructure investment from the history of African railroads Morten Jerven makes some great points on the IMF-and-Ebola debate, and I comment I just learned that … Continue reading ? The post Links I liked appeared first on Chris Blattman.

Ross Douthat: The Blasphemy We Need

[guest post by Dana] From Ross Douthat: If a large enough group of someones is willing to kill you for saying something, then it’s something that almost certainly needs to be said, because otherwise the violent have veto power over liberal civilization, and when that scenario obtains it isn’t really a liberal civilization any more. […]

Assorted Charlie Hebdo links

1. Ross Douthat, on “the blasphemy we need.” 2. “A thorough understanding of the Iconoclast period in Byzantium is complicated by the fact that most of the surviving sources were written by the ultimate victors in the controversy, the iconodules.” That is from Wikipedia on the Iconoclastic debates. 3. Against Daumier (splendid visuals too). 4. […]

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