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USA Track & Field Olympic Trials 2016 - Results: Amber Campbell, Rudy Winkler Ace Hammer Throw Competitions on Day 6

Amber Campbell and Rudy Winkler emerged victorious in the women's and men's hammer throw competitions during the Day 6 of the U.S.A. Track & Field Olympic Trials at Eugene, Oregon.

At Last, Proof That "Bath Salts" Won't Turn You Into A Cannibal

3 years agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Remember Rudy Eugene, the " Miami Cannibal " who made sensational headlines in 2012 after gnawing the face off a homeless man? Everyone blamed the designer drug known as "bath salts" for Eugene's flesh-crazed madness. But new evidence shows that the drug probably couldn't cause actual cannibalism. Read more...

The Monster Squad- Horror Movie Review- (Day 14 of 31)- October Massacre

PLOT: 12-year-old Sean Crenshaw and his best friend Patrick are die hard monster fanatics. Along with their friend Horace (AKA Fat Kid), junior high tough guy Rudy, Sean's kid sister Phoebe (the feeb), and little Eugene they come together and talk monsters. Show More Summary

Watch: U.S. Navy PSA Shows Demonic Dangers of Bath Salts

5 years agoNews : NewsFeed

Yes, bath salts are well-publicized as a horrible drug. After all, it was the first substance to be blamed by Miami authorities after a naked man chewed up a homeless man’s face last May. (The perpetrator, Rudy Eugene, turned out not to have any of the synthetic drug in his system.) But now, the U.S. Show More Summary

Why People Thought 'Bath Salts' Made Rudy Eugene Eat Ronald Poppo's Face

5 years agoNews : Reason

In a well-informed and revealing Playboy article, Frank Owen analyzes "a classic drug panic," explaining how and why Rudy Eugene's grisly assault on Ronald Poppo in Miami last May came o be blamed on "bath salts," a group of quasi-legal stimulants that Eugene, a.k.a. Show More Summary

Ronald Poppo on Rudy Eugene "Zombie" Attack: He Chewed Up My FACE!

In newly-released police interviews, Ronald Poppo can be heard talking about the suffering Miami face-eating attacker Rudy Eugene caused him. Poppo details the bizarre attack that left the homeless man missing 75 percent of his faceShow More Summary

‘He Just Ripped Me to Ribbons’: Miami Face-Eating Victim Speaks About Attack

5 years agoNews : NewsFeed

On May 26, a cannibalistic ambush, one now entered into modern lore as a “zombie-like attack,” occurred on a Miami bridge that sent the southern city — and indeed, the nation — into a frenzy. Rudy Eugene, seemingly crazed and stark naked, attacked homeless man Ronald Poppo, biting off pieces of his face and ripping [...]

Miami Cannibal Victim on Rudy Eugene: ‘I Thought He Was a Good Guy’

The Miami police have released an interview it conducted in July with Ronald Poppo, the homeless Miami man who was savagely attacked by Rudy Eugene in May. Poppo sounds (listen to him here) kind of like Martin Scorsese and seems to have all of his wits about him still. Which ... More »

Ronald Poppo, victim of face-chewing attacker in Florida, says Rudy Eugene "ripped me to ribbons"

5 years agoNews / Crime : Crimesider

Recorded police interviews details the face-chewing attack that left Ronald Poppo missing 75 percent of his face

'Cannibal' Victim Speaks: 'He Chewed Up My Face'

In a police interview from last month obtained by CBS Miami, Ronald Poppo gives a chilling—but surprisingly calm—account of Rudy Eugene's cannibalistic attack on him on a Florida causeway. "He just ripped me to ribbons," Poppo says. "He chewed up my face. He plucked out my eyes." Poppo,...

Miami Face-Eater Knew Victim

The horrific Miami face-eater case has taken yet another bizarre turn. Rudy Eugene, the 31-year-old man shot dead by police as he growled and chewed off a homeless man's face, met his victim years earlier when he was doing community work feeding the homeless, the Miami Herald reports in a...

'Zombie' Attack Caused by Cannabis?

'Zombie' attack caused by cannibus? Rudy Eugene, the “Miami Zombie,” was not high on bath salts when he attacked 65-year-old Ronald Poppo and chewed off 75 percent of his face on May 26, the medical examiner found last week. After marijuana...Show More Summary

Noura Ibrahim: Was Miami Face-Chewing Attack Caused by Cannabis-Induced Psychosis?

6 years agoNews : Huffington Post

Toxicology reports released last week by the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner found that there were no traces of bath salts in the body of Rudy Eugene, the "Miami Cannibal" who attacked 65-year-old Ronald Poppo under the MacArthur Causeway on May 26.

Is an Unknown Drug or an Unverifiable Mental Disorder a Better Explanation for Face Eating Than a Voodoo Curse?

6 years agoNews : Reason

If drugs didn't drive Rudy Eugene to gnaw off Ronald Poppo's face, asks Yale neurologist Steven Novella, what did? Initially, he says, "I felt the most plausible hypothesis for this bizarre and violent behavior was drugs, especiallyShow More Summary

Zombie Cannibal Attacks Come to China

6 years agoNews : NewsFeed

Life (and cannibalism) made so much more sense when we all thought bath salts were the driving force behind the so-called “zombie apocalypse.” But once toxicologists determined that Rudy “Causeway Cannibal” Eugene wasn’t under the influence of the synthetic drug when he chewed the face off a man in Miami, our theories were thrown out [...]

Man Who Chewed Another Man's Face Had Only Marijuana

Rudy Eugene, who in in May 26th, 2012, attacked a man and chewed much of his face, did not have "bath salts" in his system but only marijuana, according to toxicology reports. Eugene was shot and killed while he assaulted Ronald Poppo. Show More Summary

Feed your head

LiveScience has a spectacularly bad article that covers the toxicology results of Rudy Eugene, the ‘Miami cannibal’ who was immediately labelled as being high on ‘bath salts‘ and was predictably, not high on bath salts. But don’t let the Parp! Parp! Clown Taxi notion of drugs causing cannibalism put you off from suggesting that drugs [...]

Causeway Killer Mystery

I wrote previously about the case of Rudy Eugene, the “Causeway Cannibal” who was found by police naked chewing on the face of a homeless man. At the time I felt the most plausible hypothesis for this bizarre and violent behavior was drugs, especially given that Eugene had no history of violence. It was therefore [...]

Miami Cannibal Could Have Been on Some Newfangled, Undetectable Drug

Yesterday, the world found out that Miami cannibal Rudy Eugene only had marijuana, and no other drugs, in his system when he decided to chew off a man's face five weeks ago. Which was actually kind of unsettling. If it wasn't a drug, then maybe Eugene just snapped. Maybe any ... More »

Face Eater Was NOT On Bath Salts! Only Weed!

Hmm, how VERY peculiar! The now infamous incident featuring a seemingly super-strength, drugged-out Rudy Eugene eating another man's face and flesh in Florida was apparently NOT caused by Bath Salts! WHAT?! According to toxicology reports, the only questionable substance found in Mr. Eugene's body was marijuana, which is pretty unlikely to make someone suddenly crave human [...]

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