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Ouch: Conservative writer warns Limbaugh ‘he’s going to get a pay cut’ thanks to Sandra Fluke

11 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

According to a Weekly Standard conservative writer for the Weekly Standard and Politico, radio host Rush Limbaugh is looking to take a financial hit in his new contract negotiations because advertisers are still avoiding him like the plague four years after he called then-college student Sandra...

Rush Limbaugh: I Advised Trump – Told Him NOT to Apologize to John McCain

In July 2015 Donald Trump ripped on Senator John McCain during an event in Iowa. This was after McCain insulted... The post Rush Limbaugh: I Advised Trump – Told Him NOT to Apologize to John McCain appeared first on The Gateway Pund...

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Fear Trump-Crazy Bernie Debate Because the “Mask Will Be Off” on Their Real Agenda

Rush Limbaugh spoke about Donald Trump’s brilliant idea to debate Socialist Bernie Sanders on live TV. Rush says it scares... The post Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Fear Trump-Crazy Bernie Debate Because the “Mask Will Be Off” on Their Real Agenda appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Open Thread: Nice — Sandra Fluke Is Still Punishing Rush Limbaugh

Advertising boycotts against conservative talk radio have had severe, negative economic effects on the industry: — Josh Barro (@jbarro) May 24, 2016 Per Politico: …[T]here are signs that all is not well in the Limbaugh radio empire. Because even as his influence is sky high and his dominance at the top of talk radio […]


HIS SUPPORT COULD EVAPORATE OVERNIGHT IF HE LOOKS LIKE JUST ANOTHER CANDIDATE: Rush Limbaugh: The biggest mistake Trump could make now is to listen to the consultants and “tone it down.”

Rush Limbaugh: ‘REAL’ Women Like Donald Trump

Bro. wat. Rush Limbaugh made quite a claim today, stating that real women like Donald Trump. So if you don’t like Trump, well … To summarize, “real” women like Trump because he’s a “real” man because he isn’t “afraid” to say insulting things. Show More Summary

Rush Limbaugh: ‘Real Women’ Like Trump

3 days agoNews : Mediaite

Rush Limbaugh declared today that "real women" like Donald Trump, and in case you're wondering, yes, he did define exactly what constitutes a "real woman."

Oops! Rush Limbaugh Runs Away From Comment About Advertiser Boycott

Rush Limbaugh got punked by a caller Wednesday while he was celebrating his opportunity to hate Hillary Clinton harder because of an OIG report that's being spun as some terrible thing in spite of the fact that it's not. Rush took Mike Stark's call, expecting a sympathetic question. Show More Summary

Limbaugh: Obama’s Secretly Allowing Hillary Email Drip, ‘Toying With Her’

4 days agoNews : Mediaite

Rush Limbaugh has been pushing a theory during the campaign that President Obama is behind the "drip drip drip" of Hillary Clinton's emails, and he reacted to the new report on her emails today by sticking to it.

Donald Trump: Rush Limbaugh Won’t Endorse — ‘What Difference Does It Make Now?’

Even though Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee (now that all of his challengers have suspended their campaigns), he is still lacking one endorsement that would likely garner him support from erstwhile conservative voters: Rush Limbaugh. Show More Summary

IG Report Damns Hillary Clinton and Her Corrupt Staff

Major takeaways: Her private email account and server broke the rules, and those rules were promulgated to give specifics to the law. As Rush Limbaugh was just saying, this is a piecemeal way of getting at "she broke the...

Are Rush Limbaugh and Talk Radio in Trouble?

Politico Magazine has a story right now that purports to show that Rush Limbaugh’s business model is in financial trouble. I am no expert on the radio business but I suspect that the article points out a real phenomenon that exists but gets the cause all wrong. Show More Summary

Politico Piece Asks if Rush Limbaugh’s Radio Empire is Failing

It’s a legitimate question, given the changing talk radio landscape and politics in the U.S. Still, it does read as a pro-Media Matters and anti-Rush op-ed.

Limbaugh: Trump’s ‘Doing the Job the Media Refuses to Do’ on Bill Clinton’s Past

5 days agoNews : Mediaite

Rush Limbaugh has nothing but praise for Donald Trump's strategy of going there with the Clintons, saying that the presumptive GOP nominee is doing what the media absolutely refuses to do.

Limbaugh Avoids Question of Whether He’s Endorsing Trump: It’s a ‘Moot Point’

6 days agoNews : Mediaite

A rather insistent caller to Rush Limbaugh's show today really wanted to know why Limbaugh has yet to officially endorse Donald Trump.

Mark Steyn: Hillary Presidency Would Be ‘Death of the Republic,’ ‘Descent Into Banana Republic’

last weekNews : Mediaite

Filling in for Rush Limbaugh Monday morning, conservative author and pundit Mark Steyn tore into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, promising her presidency would destroy American democracy as we know it.

Rush: ‘You Could Legalize Rape’ If You Claimed It Was a ‘Civil Rights’ Issue

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Rush Limbaugh joked that "you could legalize rape" as long you did under the pretense of passing civil rights legislation.

Limbaugh: Why Not Legalize Rape?

Rush Limbaugh is weirdly obsessed with rape and bathrooms, have you noticed? In his Friday show, he went off on a rant about how rape should be made legal since bathrooms are no longer just for one gender or the other. We begin with the caller, who is terrified that his wife or daughters might be terrorized by a bathroom predator. Show More Summary

Here’s How Trump’s Relationship With Hillary May Help Him Win The Election

While most people see Trump’s long relationship with the Clintons as a reason not to vote for him, Rush Limbaugh has another theory, and it might save America in November.

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