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Evans Gambit

4 months agoHobbies / Chess : Rolling Pawns

It was a first round in Monday’s tournament and my opponent was a young guy I played twice recently, blundering in the first game and drawing in the second. I excepted him to play Ruy Lopez again, but he played Evans gambit.  I went for a modern variation with Be7. Suddenly on move 7 he […]

Decisive mistake

5 months agoHobbies / Chess : Rolling Pawns

My opponent was a boy and I got Black. He deviated from the main line of Ruy Lopez and I missed a tempo to play c5. He made some demonstration on the kingside, but missed Ng4+. I underestimated his “h” pawn movement, had to play h5 to stop it or g5 after h5. I missed […]


It was a round 1 of the Mondays tournament. My opponent was a girl rated 1475. I had White and we played Ruy Lopez. We got a position with a closed center. I missed 22. e5 dxe5 23. Bf5 winning an exchange. I tried to develop an attack on the kingside, she was maneuvering pretty […]

2016 World Chess Championship: Game #11

Game 11: Another fighting draw! Carlsen-Karjakin will go the distance. Another Ruy Lopez…. the theoretical theme of the match! This match has had its share of twists and turns and the penultimate round was no different. A Ruy Lopez repeated from Game #2, the game took on a type of classical feel with all the […]

By hook or by crook

It was a round 4 in Monday’s club, my opponent was a boy. I had White and we played Ruy Lopez. He was playing very well until move 30. When I saw 30… Ne7, I realized that finally I can get an advantage. 32… Re6 was better that 32… Ree8 that he played. I had a […]

Miracle on board

It was fifth round in the Thursday’s club. I got Black again and played a boy, never played him before. We played Italian Game. I had an advantage in the opening and missed 16… b4! Then he got a “Ruy Lopez” style attack on the kingside. I was holding up until I played Bxf5, Be6 […]

Ruy Lopez, Exchange

My opponent in this forth round at the Thursday’s club was an old foe with whom I had a few draws and losses in the past. I was quite happy seeing him playing Ruy Lopez, Exchange variation. I knew that a book move is 7… Bd7, but decided to play Bd6 to avoid 8. e5. I […]

Bishop that came alive

It was a second round in Monday’s club and I got this opponent, I played only one rapid game with him and won. So, my favorite Ruy Lopez, he played not quite by the book, but I decided to play simple. After the opening he blundered a pawn. Computer considers my 21. Qd2 as giving up […]

Saturday Afternoon Chess/Open Thread 07-16-2016 [OregonMuse]

Leonard di Cutri defeats Ruy López in SpainLuigi Mussini Good afternoon morons and moronettes, and welcome to the Saturday Afternoon Chess/Open Thread, the only AoSHQ thread with content specifically for all of us chess nerds who pay homage in the...

Missing the target

2 years agoHobbies / Chess : Rolling Pawns

I played this game two weeks ago, my opponent was a guy with whom I played quite a few games, winning them all except losing one while being in a very bad shape. I had Black, Ruy Lopez, I don’t remember anybody playing Nc3 against me, but I played the right moves. After his 8. 0-0 […]

My First Hook!

Last weekend I played a 7-minute game that combined three of the things that I am best known for: the Bird Variation of the Ruy Lopez, the Hook and Ladder Trick, and … losing on time. Although I have written about the Hook and Ladder Trick many times and recorded a ChessLecture on it, I believe this […]

C92: 84 - 95

Here’s a post that’s long and pointless: a theoretical survey on an opening that nobody bothers with these days. I’m not even going to be looking at the current state of what’s happening in the Zaitsev variation of the Ruy Lopez. I’m only going to cover what was happening from roughly 1984 to 1995. Show More Summary


2 years agoHobbies / Chess : Rolling Pawns

My opponent was a man, who plays as long as I am playing, first our game was in 2008. I think our score is +2, -1.  He had White, Ruy Lopez, Chigorin variation. My goal in it lately is to avoid by any means a quiet White’s buildup on the kingside, the knight placed on […]

Preemptive strike

2 years agoHobbies / Chess : Rolling Pawns

My opponent was a boy, I played many times with him before. He had White, again Ruy Lopez, Anderssen Variation – 5. d3. After his 13th move I decided not to wait until I get under the kingside attack and played d5. He did not play the exact moves – 14. Qe2 instead of 14. exd5 […]

Smashing the Berlin Defense

2 years agoHobbies / Chess : Chess Skills

Tata Steel 2016, Round 9 The Berlin Wall variation of the Spanish (or Ruy Lopez) has been popular since Vladimir Kramnik employed it in his World Championship match against Garry Kasparov in 2000. Most games in this line have ended in draws, but not often quick draws. Show More Summary

Dark side of Ruy Lopez

2 years agoHobbies / Chess : Rolling Pawns

I unexpectedly got Black again in that round, so my opponent was also unexpected – the girl I lost to twice. Once I underestimated her and another time I gave up the perpetual for a “winning” move. She can play well, recently drew with a master and a couple of experts and is a current U14 […]

Open question

Jan Timman, "Danish Delight", New in Chess, 2015#6, pages 99-100. Question: since the Open Ruy Lopez is characterised by the move 5...Nxe4, how, in selecting 6. d3 after Black has played 5...Be7, has White succeeded in avoiding it?

Positional win

3 years agoHobbies / Chess : Rolling Pawns

I knew my opponent a bit, but never played him before. I got White, Ruy Lopez, Deferred Steinitz variation. I remembered about Noah’s Ark Trap and didn’t take on d4 with my queen right away, first playing Bd5. I accumulated some positional by move 30. I criticized after the game his 23… b4, but it is […]

We all make mistakes, but everyone makes different mistakes

3 years agoHobbies / Chess : Rolling Pawns

“We all make mistakes, but everyone makes different mistakes” — Ludwig van Beethoven. It was the same guy I drew with in the last round of the previous tournament. This time I got Black and we played Ruy Lopez. After his 8. h3 instead of usual c3 (I guess he mixed up the order of the […]

Win I had to earn

3 years agoHobbies / Chess : Rolling Pawns

My opponent in the first round was a boy, never played with him before. I had White and played Ruy Lopez.  I managed to get a very good position, but missed 17. Nd5! Then  I didn’t see that 18. Qg3 was winning. Instead of that I, being afraid that he will escape with O-O-O, played 18. […]

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