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10 Books to Read After Watching 'Mindhunter'

2 weeks agoArts / Writing : LitReactor

Books to accompany Netflix's groundbreaking new series from David Fincher. Column by Max Booth III Netflix recently dropped Mindhunter, a show set in the 1970s about two FBI agents (AKA "The Mindhunter Boyz") expanding criminal science by delving into the psychology of murder and getting uneasily close to real killers. Show More Summary

Information inequality

Real news is an antidote to fake news, but how much political information do we access and where does it come from? Based on an analysis of news consumption in 18 countries, this column shows that low-income, low-education voters use fewer information sources. Show More Summary

Silver mining's deadly dividend

Studies have found that the occurrence of natural resources can increase the risk of civil war and interstate conflict. This column uses data from 50 countries beginning in 1890 to show that silver mining can also have substantial effects on interpersonal violence during peacetime. Show More Summary

Economics gets out more often

Economics, and economists, are often accused of insularity and hubris, and of talking primarily to themselves in their research. This column uses a recent analysis of citations to and from other disciplines to show that this is no longer the case. Show More Summary

Roger Cohen's Lecture to Catalan's Populists Suffers from Bad Arithmetic

Roger Cohen showed us yet again that it seems our children isn't learning when it comes to basic arithmetic skills. He used his NYT column to lecture the people of Catalan on their bad manners in seeking to become independent of Spain over the objections of both the national government and the European Union. "The Catalan lurch is of its time. Show More Summary

The signalling content of asset prices for inflation

High asset prices can foreshadow tail risks in inflation. Based on data from 11 advanced economies since 1985, this column shows that high asset prices usually signal future high inflation episodes, but can occasionally signal low inflation or deflation instead. Show More Summary

Why TV Networks Should Stop Making Comic Book Shows — LRM Weekend

  By David Kozlowski | 8 September 2017 Welcome to Issue #11 of The LRM WEEKEND, a weekly column offering opinions about film, TV, comics, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, animation, and anime. We also want to hear from you! Share your feedback and ideas for future columns: @LRM_Weekend PREVIOUS ISSUES: 8.30.17 | 8.18.17 | 8.11.17 […]

How IDENTITY POLITICS, Which Were Invented in 1980, Destroyed the Democratic Party

Via Yglesias, this strategy memo from the Clinton campaign shows how Trump won: (d) The Negro. Since 1932 when, after intensive work by President Roosevelt, their leaders swung the Pennsylvania Negro bloc into the Democratic column with the classic remark, “Turn your picture of Abraham Lincoln to the all – we have paid that debt”, […]

Migration and terror

Stricter immigration and visa policies are a common reaction to terrorist attacks. This column uses historical data from 20 OECD countries to show that while the number of terror attacks increased with the number of foreigners living...Show More Summary

Shopping costs and one-stop shoppers intensify competition

Many consumers buy multiple types of goods from a single location (or firm) to save on shopping costs, turning these goods into pricing complements. Using data from the UK, this column shows that the internalisation of these complementary effects by supermarkets greatly improves the competitiveness of grocery supply. Show More Summary

Monetary policy, credit dynamics, and economic activity in developing countries

Existing studies suggest that the effects of monetary policy in developing countries on credit and the real economy are weak. This column challenges this view using rich loan-level credit register data from Uganda. It shows that monetary...Show More Summary

Public attitudes to immigration: Salience matters

While immigration preferences have been studied extensively, less attention has been paid to the public’s assessment of the importance of immigration as a policy issue. Using survey data from 17 European countries, this column shows that the drivers of immigration preference and salience are very different. Show More Summary

Offshore profits and domestic productivity

US multinational enterprises may legally shift profits from high tax countries (like the US) to low tax countries (like Bermuda). This column uses unpublished survey data to show how this causes part of the US economic activity generated...Show More Summary

Containers and globalisation

Container shipping is considered to be one of the drivers of globalisation. This column uses new export data from Turkey to show how containerisation explains a significant amount of the global trade increase since the 1950s. Most of the trade-increasing potential of containerisation has now been realised, however, despite only around half of exports being containerised.

Apple, podcasting’s dominant (and mostly benign) middleman, is rebooting how it delivers shows

Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 122, published June 6, 2017. I sunk a lot of hours this weekend trying to write a column on “Peak Podcasting,” following some inspiration from a tweet by the esteemed Lizzie O’Leary — which speaks to a broad feeling that I’ve been seeing a...

The $20 trash can that’s pretty enough for Instagram

It’s decor, basically Welcome to Show & Tell, a column dedicated to everything Curbed editors and friends are obsessed with in our homes. From the underrated to the elusive, from the joy-sparking to the life-saving, these are the objects,...Show More Summary

Column: NHL playoffs greatest show in sports at the moment

7 months agoSports / Hockey : USAToday: NHL

Column: Flip away from one blowout after another in the NBA playoffs and check out the NHL, which is the greatest show in sports this postseason        

In the air and on the ground, an Azores search for better data

Low clouds populate the first two kilometers of the atmosphere. Cumuliform clouds heap high and are made from columns of fast-rising air. Stratiform are sheet-like and show little vertical air movement.

What we can learn from euro-dollar tweets

Large numbers of traders share their thoughts about the euro-dollar exchange rate on Twitter. By identifying and classifying opinionated tweets, and constructing a daily measure of sentiment, this column shows that a trading strategy...Show More Summary

Raw, unedited footage shows Good Samaritans rescue infant and toddler from overturned truck

8 months agoLifestyle / Fashion : AOL: Style

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