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Where Republicans Went Wrong in Kansas

Governor Sam Brownback confronted a fiscal crisis of his own making, and nobody’s happy with the outcome.

Kansas Republicans Very Upset Black Lady Rep Called Them Big Dumb Racists

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and his cretinous, thumb-sucking lackeys in the state capitol have been working overtime the past few years to find the perfect balance between bankrupting the state with tax cuts and fucking poor people over. Show More Summary

Rand Paul’s demented promise: I’ll do to America what Sam Brownback did to Kansas

The same crew that brought you Kansas' economic disaster vow to replicate the experiment nationwide

Brownback Signs Largest Tax Increase in Kansas History

Gov. Sam Brownback (R) has signed into law the largest tax increase in Kansas history. The $384 million tax increase will mostly be funded via an increase in state sales tax. This follows large income tax reductions put in place by the state 3 years ago which resulted massive a deficit. Show More Summary

No charges after federal probe into Kansas election loans

(AP) — Federal prosecutors have completed their investigation into loans made to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's re-election campaign by his lieutenant governor and plan to bring no criminal charges, the governor's office said Wednesday. A statement released to The Associated Press said the U.S. Show More Summary

Sam Brownback is winning: Don’t be fooled by the hype — his radical experiment is far from finished

Kansas's fiscal crisis won't kill trickle-down economics. Those who say otherwise haven't been paying attention

Gov. Sam Brownback Only Raised Taxes On Poors, So It Doesn’t Count, Right?

You know that thing about how Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is the worst governor in the entire galaxy, and how he bankrupted Kansas with his fucked up tax cuts for the wealthy, but then Kansas voters reelected him because they’re idiots?...Show More Summary

What Brownback Hath Wrought

GOP lawmakers in Kansas abandon Grover Norquist's no-tax pledge en masse to avoid devastating budget cuts forced on them by Sam Brownback's trickle down failure.

Listen Closely, You Can Hear My Heart Breaking For You

Are you listening closely? Good. FUCK YOU! Sociopath: Despair about the tax-and-budget impasse overwhelming the Capitol exacted a toll on Gov. Sam Brownback. Brownback apparently choked up in a private meeting with House RepublicansShow More Summary

America’s worst governor backs down: Sam Brownback’s Kansas tax cutting model tarnished after sales tax raised

Sam Brownback and the Kansas right raise sales taxes, agree to slow future income tax cuts amidst budget disaster

Brownback's Budget Disaster Drives Him to Tears

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) "choked up" during a private meeting with Kansas House Republicans over discussions on closing the state's $400 million budget deficit. "He got emotional," an unnamed legislator who attended the private meeting said, according to the Topeka Capitol-Journal reported on Wednesday. Show More Summary

Kansas lawmakers raise state sales taxes to mend deficit Sam Brownback’s tax-cut fiasco

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Kansas lawmakers raised the state sales tax on Friday to help balance the budget and cover a projected $400 million deficit in the wake of three years of income tax cuts pushed by Governor Sam Brownback. The increase in the sales tax to 6.50 percent, from the current 6.15 percent, would raise $400...

Happy Hour Roundup

How’s Sam Brownback’s Kansas miracle working out? Just great: Kansas’s state House voted early this morning in favor of a tax bill that adds to the burden of funding state government for poor families. The bill would raise the sales tax rate from 6.15 percent to 6.5 percent. Since the poor spend more of […]

Gridlock Taking Toll on Brownback in Kansas

“Despair about the tax-and-budget impasse overwhelming the Capitol exacted a toll on Gov. Sam Brownback (R),” the Topic Capital Journal reports. “Brownback apparently choked up in a private meeting with House Republicans who sought an audience with the state’s chief [...]

Tax-Cutting Sam Brownback Pushing Huge Tax Increase--But Not For His Corporate Friends

As noted at Lunch Buffet, Louisiana Republicans finally caved in to Bobby Jindal's demands that the state budget he's screwed up can only be fixed if Grover Norquist goes along....

How Sam Brownback Gutted Kansas: Life Under a Right-Wing Zealot

Conservatives double-down on extremism as a state's economy continues to collapse. WMDs in Iraq, death panels in Obamacare, widespread voter fraud in America, tax cuts that generate increased government revenue—these are all things that today’s soundbite conservative GOP base has fervently believed in which simply do not exist. Show More Summary

Just Be Glad You Don’t Live in Kansas under Gov Brownback

Just Be Glad You Don’t Live in Kansas By Dick Polman When we last visited the sorry state of Kansas, Governor Sam Brownback – a former short-lived GOP presidential candidate – was showing us what happens when a right-wing ideologue tries to impose his utopian fantasies on the real world. Predictably, the result has been [...]Show More Summary

Kansas Governor Begs Legislature To Fix His Tax Mess

It's just getting worse and worse with each day that passes. Sam Brownback knows he's driven the state budget into the ground, and now he's begging TeaPublicans in his legislature to please, please fix it for him. LOL, Governor Brownback. Show More Summary

Kansas' 'War on the Poor' Is Good News for Banks

John Hanna/APKansas Gov. Sam Brownback 10 years ago, Harper's Magazine columnist and "What's the Matter With Kansas?" author Thomas Frank dropped a bombshell on his home state. Blasting politicians from the Sunflower State for leaving their poor and middle classes to wither on the vine, Frank argued that politics in the Heartland favored the rich. Show More Summary

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