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Memories of FGM: 'I was screaming in pain and fear'

Assita Kanko, a politician in Brussels, recalls when she underwent female genital mutilation as a child in Burkina Faso.

'Scream Queens' Season 2 Spoilers: Taylor Swift, Nick Jonas To Appear In New Season?

Rumors indicate that Nick Jonas and Taylor Swift may appear in the second season of "Scream Queens."

'Dance Moms' Star Sics Her 2 Million Instagram Followers on Local Pizza Hut

She may have overreacted. Judging by the reality TV show that's made them famous, most "dance moms" have no problem with screaming at young children to push them toward perfection. So it shouldn't be a surprise that the smallest perceived slight from a mass-market pizza chain might send them into a fit of rage. Show More Summary

Epilepsy: What a Seizure Looks Like, When it Looks Like Something Else

My daughter was just two years old when she had her first seizure, due to Epilepsy. I didn't see it happen. I wish I had, because for the longest moment of my life, as I held my daughter in my arms, screaming out to the world for help, I thought she was dead. Show More Summary

Now There Is Talk Of “Black Oscars” – Here We Go…

How is this not racist? TV shows, award ceremonies, holidays… all only for blacks. But if someone white were to hold an only white event, racism would be screamed from

Scream Factory to release Jim Wynorski's Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre

Scream Factory has announced that they will be releasing the wonderfully titled SHARKANSAS WOMEN'S PRISON MASSACRE, the latest film from legendary B-movie director Jim Wynorski, the man who gave us such classics as CHOPPING MALLShow More Summary

People Won't Stop Criticizing Hillary Clinton For Raising Her Voice

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward received a barrage of pushback after criticizing Hillary Clinton's "screaming." Many pointed out that her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), has a tendency to raise his voice but has generally gotten a free pass. Show More Summary

Yes, Hillary Still Has to Suffer the Sexism of the Dude TV Pundits

When was the last time someone suggested Bernie Sanders would do better if he spoke more softly? On a recent episode of Sean Hannity’s Fox talk show, the topic was, of all things, Hillary Clinton’s way of speaking. “She’s screaming,” Hannity complained. Show More Summary

Johnny Manziel 911 Caller -- His Girlfriend Was Screaming (AUDIO)

The night Johnny Manziel allegedly hit his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley... one of her Dallas neighbors called 911 to report hearing Colleen's screams.  TMZ Sports obtained the 911 call the woman made, and she calmly says she went outside when…

Is Bernie Sanders Vulnerable to the Kind of Media Pile-On That Took Down Howard Dean?

One of the fruits of ESPN's acquisition of Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight is the capacity to produce films, and so the wonky "data journalism" site has produced for our post-Iowa enjoyment a brief video look back at the "Dean Scream" — the iconic moment on the night of the Iowa caucuses... More »

Names in Horror: Jamie Lee Curtis

Many consider Jamie Lee Curtis to be the original Scream Queen, having first been introduced in John Carpenter's classic, Halloween, before moving on to an array of other slasher movies like The Fog, Terror Train, and Prom Night. Jamie Lee would return for Halloween II, along with the later sequels H20 and Halloween: Resurrection.

Beware the hair tourniquet.

"Scott Walker said his daughter, Molly, was cranky, screaming and began to overheat, so his wife took off her socks. That’s when they saw a hair wrapped tightly around her toe...."That's Scott Walker, some man in Kansas, not the Wisconsin governor. Show More Summary

‘Love Is In the Scare’ – Spend Valentine’s Day with Scream Factory!

SCREAM FACTORY PRESENTS “LOVE IS IN THE SCARE” STREAMING LIVE VIA SHOUT! FACTORY TV FEBRUARY 14TH    A bloody Valentine experience you’ll never forget! Have no fear, love is in the scare. This Valentine’s Day, ditch the roses and keep the box of chocolates for yourself while you watch Love Is in the Scare, a marathon […]

Early Addition: NASA Is Quietly Preparing For Real Life Armageddon

Because I don't want to miss a thing, check out today's mid-day links: Bruce Springsteen dances, tattoo wedding rings, city pandas, Bowie speed dating, Martin Shkreli pleads the fifth, angry Americans, Dean Scream doc, and fat cat rejects dog. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter and Instagram, and like us on Facebook. [ more › ]

Zoe? Kravitz's Honest Comments on Fashion Will Make You Stand Up and Scream "YES!"

Let's get one thing straight: Zoë Kravitz - whether she'd like to admit it or not - is the epitome of cool. Not only does her laid-back sense of style always win us over on the red carpet and beyond, she also knows that it's not always...Show More Summary

Meet the People Working to Improve the Lives of Restaurant Employees

There are several well-established outlets for chefs and other restaurant workers who need to deal with the crushing stress and demanding hours of their jobs: Alcohol and illegal drugs are big. So are screaming fits, or simply walking off the job in the middle of service. Show More Summary

Etiquette Monster: How Rude Am I Allowed to Be on an Airplane? 

This is Etiquette Monster, Jezebel’s advice column where senior writer Madeleine Davies gets worked up and starts screaming about manners. Have a question about etiquette?Email Madeleine at your own risk. Read more...

Why The Dean Scream Sounded So Different On TV

Howard Dean has a long résumé. He was the longest-serving governor in Vermont’s history. As a presidential candidate in 2004, he pioneered the online fundraising and organizing methods that later helped elect Barack Obama. He went on to serve as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Despite his accomplishments, though, he is best known for […]

What Howard Dean Can Teach Us About 2016

A bonus 2016 Slack chat this week! We’re premiering a short documentary today about Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign called “The Dean Scream” — the first in a series of films re-evaluating famous moments from past campaigns. So we gathered our election nerds to talk over what can be learned from Dean’s roller-coaster ride. The […]

The Dean Scream: What Really Happened

Twelve years ago, just after the 2004 Iowa caucuses, Democratic candidate Howard Dean raised his voice, balled his fist and entered political history as a man whose immoderate speaking style cost him a career. That’s the accepted narrative, at least, of what happened in that year’s presidential race. But the truth is not always what […]

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