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Mystery of powerful lightning at sea not solved completely

The mystery of why most of the most powerful lightning on Earth happens over the oceans isn't solved, but a few of the usual suspects are no longer in custody. It's possible the increased presence of salt in the atmosphere plays a r...

Make It Yourself: 7 All-Natural Sea Salt Cleaners & Scrubs

(Image credit: Oleksandra Naumenko/Shutterstock) If you've taken a trip to the beach recently, you know first-hand the magic that natural sea salt can work on your skin and hair. It's a wonder ingredient at home, too. Just try out one of these natural house cleaning remedies and recipes from around the web. Show More Summary

This Old Salt: Lobster Fishing With Daddy

Every summer Leigh LeCruex heads back home to Nova Scotia and the sea to make memories with her daddy. The post This Old Salt: Lobster Fishing With Daddy appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Local spotlight: Beautiful Briny Sea salt

After restaurateur Suzi Sheffield moved to Atlanta in 2012, she took up a new hobby: blending her own seasoned salts, with flavors ranging from lavender to pink peppercorn to mushroom.

How Donald Trump Bankrupted His Atlantic City Casinos, But Still Earned Millions

2 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

ATLANTIC CITY — The Trump Plaza Casino and Hotel is now closed, its windows clouded over by sea salt. Only a faint outline of the gold letters spelling out T-R-U-M-P remains visible on the exterior of what was once this city’s premier casino. Show More Summary

Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap and Hand Creme ~ fragranced body product review

Last week I reviewed Oriza L. Legrand's Villa Lympia, a seashore-themed perfume with Belle Epoque-styled packaging. This week I'm continuing my summertime theme with Kalastyle's Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap and Hand Creme, two body products...Show More Summary

How To: 6 Steps To an Easy and Delicious Summer Fruit Pie

Step One: Make the Pie Dough You can use just about any recipe, but I use a modified version found in Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. 2 cups organic flour 1/2 teaspoon sea salt 8 tablespoons cold unsalted organic butter...Show More Summary

Need a drink? Sea turtles can drink ocean water thanks to glands...

Need a drink? Sea turtles can drink ocean water thanks to glands near their eyes that remove excess salt! Learn more about the endangered green sea turtle 

These Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies Might Make You Forget Butter Forever

This recipe by Ruby Tandoh swaps in good olive oil to give chocolate chip cookies the richness they deserve, but with a barely there bittersweet, vegetal note that plays very well with dark chocolate and sea salt.

Sable Bretons

Shortly after I had moved to France, I made dinner for friends in my apartment, which we finished up with a chocolate tart, which I flecked with a few grains of flaky sea salt. Everyone ate their desserts but one guest, politely, finally spoke up to let me know that somehow, I’d gotten some salt on the dessert. Since then, salt has become a popular ingredient...

Sea salt vs. table salt: What's the difference?

Some claims suggest that sea salt is better for you than table salt. Find out the truth.

Cookbook of the week: "Little Flower Baking"

For years, the sea salt caramels made by Christine Moore’s Little Flower Candy Co. have operated like currency in this town, beribboned bags of them found in many shops around L.A. and at Moore’s two Pasadena restaurants, Little Flower Candy Co. and Lincoln, circulated as housewarming gifts and...

Hard Celebrity Science: The Ocean Salinity Edition

The story of sea salt. It’s a story of geology, endurance, and erosion. Unfortunately, this story seems to be unknown to several persons of dubious copious fame. And they’ve taken it upon themselves to create a menagerie of strange, kickass and even gross theories on ocean salinity. Join me now on a strange and wondrous trip to debunk some bad celebrity […]

Cookbook of the week: "Little Flower Baking"

Cookbook of the week: “Little Flower Baking,” by Christine Moore with Cecilia Leung (Prospect Park Books, $35). For years, the sea salt caramels made by Christine Moore’s Little Flower Candy Co. have operated like currency in this town, beribboned bags of them found in many shops around L.A. and...

Make Your Own Sea Salt Bath Soak — The Kitchn

Pin it From The Kitchn ? A Homemade Bath Soak with Pink Salt & Roses READ MORE »

Capital of conservative Utah will name street for gay leader

2 months agoReligion / Islam : On Faith

The Salt Lake City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to name a street after pioneering gay leader Harvey Milk, the latest display of its position as a blue island in a sea of deep-red, where the prevailing Mormon faith still has a fraught relationship with the LGBT community.

The Best Beach Sprays For Beach Season

I remember the first time I tried beach/ wave/ sea spray like it was yesterday. It was John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray ($9) and it changed … The post The Best Beach Sprays For Beach Season appeared first on Beauty Banter.

Trusted Brands: Brown Sugar Shortbread

0 / 5 Stars | 0 Reviews by Diamond Crystal(R) Salt "These shortbread rounds with a sugared edges and a hint of sea salt are perfect for tea time, coffee breaks, or after-school snacks." View Complete Recipe Details and Reviews

Solving the Nutritional Mystery of Historical Food at Sea

Mealtime on board the USS Olympia, 1899. (Photo: Library of Congress/LC-USZ62-128415) It's easy to take salt for granted. Cheap and plentiful, it’s not the sort of the thing you expect to find mixed with the dregs of human existence, especially when you're seasoning a nice cut of meat. Show More Summary

'Topsy turvy' ocean circulation seen on distant planets

The salt levels of oceans on distant Earth-like planets could have a major effect on their climates. A new study reveals that the circulation in extremely salty or fresh water extra-terrestrial seas would influence their temperatures -- and could in fact make for more habitable conditions for alien life.

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