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sosuperawesome: Wool Jellyfish and Sea Slug Figurines, Brooches...

sosuperawesome: Wool Jellyfish and Sea Slug Figurines, Brooches or Christmas Ornaments, including the Glow-in-the-Dark Nembrotha, by Wool Creature on Etsy See our ‘needle felting’ tag Jellyfish, sea slugs, and nudibranchs are exquisitely beautiful creatures, but they’re difficult and sometimes quite dangerous to hug. Show More Summary

Found: Three New Sea Slugs That Were Victims of Mistaken Identity

Placida cremoniana is a tiny, orange sea slug covered with thick black protrusions and eyestalks that resemble horns. It was first identified in the Mediterranean in 1892, but its range kept expanding. It was seen in Japanese waters in 1959, and by the 1990s it had been observed off the coast of Australia and in tropical waters around the world. Show More Summary

Scientists Discover Gross Way Sea Slugs Get 2 Meals in 1

Quartz describes it as "theft-meets-murder-in-a-meal," but we think it sounds more like nature's turducken. In a study published Wednesday in Biology Letters, marine biologists from the Institute of Marine Sciences at the University of Portsmouth in Britain describe a heretofore unobserved method of eating and coined a new term for...

Trilobites: When This Sea Slug Eats, It Prefers the Turducken of the Sea

3 months agoNews : NYTimes: News

A species of nudibranch was found to engage in what researchers call kleptopredation — “steal your meal and eat you, too.”

"I'll have what he's having" – sea slugs seek their prey's already-ingested meals

3 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Do you know what kleptoparasitic behaviour is? That's when one species of animal steals prey killed by another, such as hyenas driving a lion away from its kill. Kleptopredation, however, describes what happens when one animal makes a point of eating another that has just fed, essentially eating both that animal and its recently-consumed meal. Show More Summary

The Luminescent Underwater Slug Pirates of the Mediterranean Sea

Sicilian sea slugs are ferocious hunters. Their prey of choice? Spiky hydroids, and lots of them. Each sea slug, or nudibranch, can snack on as many as 500 of the much smaller predators a day. All this hunting can presumably get pretty...Show More Summary

Marine scientists discover kleptopredation -- a new way of catching prey

(University of Portsmouth) When it comes to feeding time sea slugs are the pirates of the underwater world -- attacking prey that have just eaten in order to plunder their target's meal, new research has found. University of Portsmouth...Show More Summary

Slime time in Southern California as sea slugs rebound

It's slime time on Southern California beaches. But that's a good thing.

Impact of climate change on the ontogenetic development of ‘solar-powered’ sea slugs

Solar-powered animals are particularly susceptible to climate change because photosynthesis brings major risks to animals under environmental stress. Although some groups have been widely studied (e.g. corals), little information is available on how other less charismatic photosynthetic animals (e.g. Show More Summary

It's Sea Slug Census Time Again!

Nelson Bay, a biodiversity hotspot off Port Stephens in New South Wales, Australia, has a number of garish occupants. There's Pteraeolidia ianthina, or the "Blue Dragon," which is covered in neon spines. There's also Chromodoris splendida, which, with its striped horns and bright red spots, looks like a devilish clown. Show More Summary

???? Warning! Scientists believe the opalescent nudibranch’s...

???? Warning! Scientists believe the opalescent nudibranch’s bright colors may be a signal to would-be predators that the showy sea slug is venomous. Be very careful as you download our latest wallpaper to your desktop or mobile device...

Freaky Deaky Marine Animal Whose Entire Head Is A Giant Expanding Mouth

5 months agoHumor / odd : Geekologie

This is a video of a species of predatory nudibranch sea slug (Melibe leonina) repeatedly showing off its giant mouth in the search for food. It kind of reminded me of someone trying to stretch their scrotum over the bright end of a flashlight. Show More Summary

Ooh la la! It’s a nudibranch orgy! Sea slugs are hermaphrodites,...

Ooh la la! It’s a nudibranch orgy! Sea slugs are hermaphrodites, and when the mood is right, white ribbons of eggs tell the tale of slug love. Here, three Dendronotus frondosus slugs (and a very pregnant skeleton shrimp) participate in their own baby shower. Need a hand spotting which end is up? Here’s a key to the free love cuddle puddle.

The giant Tritonia is quite the impressive slug, cruising the...

The giant Tritonia is quite the impressive slug, cruising the sandy seafloor searching for sea pens to slurp! Its vertical anemone fodder determines its body color, from the light cream color spotted locally to a dark pink further up the coast.

Hilton’s aeolid (Phidiana hiltoni) is here for your daily...

Hilton’s aeolid (Phidiana hiltoni) is here for your daily nudi-break! This magnificent nudibranch sea slug is known for its pugnacious behavior, often biting and fighting with other aeolids!   This wonderful photo is brought to you by biologist Kate Vylet (Instagram: @katevylet)

Don’t have a favorite animal yet? Maybe it’s a nudibranch! These...

Don’t have a favorite animal yet? Maybe it’s a nudibranch! These super sea slugs are some of the ocean’s most charismatic animals, and the Monterey Bay is home to many different species—so we’re kicking off our very own Nudibranch Week!...Show More Summary

Splatoon 2 - Hi Gray Sea Slugs shoe design showcased

??????????????????????Hi ????? ????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? — Splatoon????????? (@SplatoonJP) May 8, 2017 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????...Show More Summary

Amazing sea slug eats so much algae it can ‘photosynthesize’

9 months agoLifestyle : ADAPT Network

The ‘leaf sheep’ feeds on algae and is partially ‘solar-powered’!

Photo: Beautiful batwing slug flies through the sea

Our photo of the day comes from the watery wilds of Wilsons Promontory in southern Australia.

noaasanctuaries: This little invertebrate is a Taylor’s sea...

noaasanctuaries: This little invertebrate is a Taylor’s sea hare!  These bright green sea slugs can be spotted on eel grass in West Coast sanctuaries like Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary.  (Photo: Jennifer Stock/NOAA)

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