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“Living Machine” Is A Half Sea Slug, Half Robot Hybrid

In the field of bioengineering, new hybrid organisms are becoming a hot topic of study. Just last month, scientists created a robotic “biohybrid” stringray out of heart cells taken from rats. The most recent biohybrid news comes from researchers at Case Western Reserve University, who have published...

Sea Slug? Disco Ball? Beautiful Deep-Sea Purple Blob Puzzles Scientists

last monthNews : The Two-Way

"I have no idea. I can't even hazard a guess to phylum," one scientist says. The curious orb was found and captured during a recent Nautilus expedition near California's Channel Islands.

This robot is part machine, part sea slug - CNET

Case Western Reserve University scientists develop a "biohybrid" robot that can endure harsh underwater conditions better than all-machine bots.

Photo: Sea slug models as an emoji

So this is where emoji designers get their inspiration.

Crawling Machine Is Half Animal, Half 3D-Printed Robot

last monthHumor / odd : mental_floss

Its inventors say the cyborg sea slug will have features and capabilities that neither robot nor animal could accomplish on its own.

Sea Slug Biohybrid Robot

In robot news this week, researchers from Case Western Reserve University have created a robotic sea slug. Using 3D print to make a shell and muscles from the sea slug’s mouth. A sea slug was chosen as it is very … Continue reading ...

This 3-D Printed Robot Moves Using Muscle From a Sea Slug

last monthTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

If you’ve ever enjoyed those horror movies that involve organ harvesting, you may be pleased to know that scientists are one step closer to using organic matter to power robots. Sea slugs are getting first honors though. Read more.....

Bio-robot crawler made with sea slug muscles

last monthTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Recently, researchers from a number of universities managed to merge engineered rat heart cells and a gold skeleton to create a stingray robot that could be steered left or right. In a similar vein, scientists at Case Western Reserve...Show More Summary

Researchers build a crawling robot from sea slug parts and a 3-D printed body

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University have combined tissues from a sea slug with flexible 3-D printed components to build "biohybrid" robots that crawl like sea turtles on the beach. A muscle from the slug's mouth provides the movement, which is currently controlled by an external electrical field. Show More Summary

Researchers build a crawling robot from sea slug parts and a 3-D printed body

Researchers have combined tissues from a sea slug with flexible 3-D printed components to build 'biohybrid' robots to manage different tasks than an animal or purely humanmade robot could.

What’s a nudibranch, anyway?

noaasanctuaries: These soft-bodied mollusks are closely related to sea slugs! “Nudibranch” means “naked gills,” referring to the fact that they carry their gills on their back. Here’s a closeup of nudibranch gills: Many nudibranch species...Show More Summary

Photo: How the sea slug got its spots

Few creatures are as wonderfully patterned or more colorful than nudibranch sea slugs... here's why.

Rafting allowed this sea slug to conquer the world’s oceans

Unlike most other nudibranchs, which are restricted to the sea floor, Fiona pinnata travels the oceans by hitching a ride on anything that passes

Sea slugs are awesome creatures. Previously we’ve seen a species...

Sea slugs are awesome creatures. Previously we’ve seen a species of sea slug that looks like a fluffy aquatic bunny and one that looks like a cartoon sheep. Now here’s a sea slug that looks like a beautiful bright green leaf! ElysiaShow More Summary

Closing Up Shop

Just wanted to put up a post that I won’t be renewing the hosting for Sea Slugs when it comes up next month.  I want to thank all the readers as well as the...

Feedback: All hands on deck as Noah’s ark resurfaces in Kentucky

Plus fresh scented sea slugs, university seeks future crime-fighters, vulva canoe lands good-for-nothing in hot water, and more

David Bowie and Sea Slugs Go Well Together On This Tumblr

David Bowie may just met his flamboyant match in an unexpected family of critters. The iconic pop star has lived his life to the fullest as one of the most prolific, moving, and influential artists in our century. He created memorable characters such as Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, and The Thin White Duke, and has composed song that […]

Check Out the Weird Asian Sea Slugs Invading SF Bay

A lesson in basic slugonomics The San Francisco Bay is being invaded by translucent, multi-colored East Asian sea slugs that have already been spotted creeping along docks on the peninsula. There’s no reason to panic, although we’llShow More Summary

Day Around The Bay: Blake Lively's 'Oakland Booty' Faux Pas

The California Senate passed some "sweeping" gun control legislation today, Steph Curry will be playing in Game 3 against the Thunder, and suddenly we have sea slugs in SF. [ more › ]

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