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Video! The sea slug that looks and swims like a fish

Out there in the open ocean is a nudibranch sea slug that looks like a fish, and for the last five months I’ve been obsessed with it. I wrote an article about this fishy slug, called Phylliroe, back in November (link to original article here, which is also posted below). But despite all my best efforts […]

Found a Pic of Your Ex

2 months agoLifestyle / Fashion : The Cut

The animal kingdom is full of creatures as beautiful as us humans: First there was the Lisa Frank pink dolphin. Then there was the gorgeous blue dragon sea slug. And of course, how could we forget the multicolored painted bunting, a bird so pretty that Brooklynites were leaving brunch early... More »

16 of the world's most psychedelic creatures

From surreal sea slugs to rainbow birds, these candy-colored critters show off Mother Nature's wild side.

7 Vivid Facts About Sea Slugs

3 months agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

The “butterflies of the ocean” are beautiful, deadly, and strange.

Sea Slugs Store the Toxins They Eat to Poison Their Enemies

3 months agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

They can survive eating the toxic Latrunculin A, but their predators may not.

Small but deadly: The chemical warfare of sea slugs

Brightly coloured sea slugs are slurping deadly chemicals and stockpiling the most toxic compounds for use on their enemies. While the phenomenon sounds like the stuff of horror films, it is common practice for these "butterflies ofShow More Summary

Philippe Cousteau Talks Sex-Crazed Sea Slugs

4 months agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

The famed explorer’s grandson introduces some of the ocean’s most flamboyant creatures.

Beneficial self-harming: Sea slugs protect themselves by self-cutting

New research zeroes in on how the hooded sea slug safely loses limbs. Melibe leonina is a species of nudibranch, a marine snail that has no shell; it was the focus of this recent research.

What Is Your Mindfulness Personality Type?

If you told me that I had the personality of a sea slug, would I fire you for insulting me, or would I promote you to head of marketing because you demonstrated that you really know how humans think and behave? Single celled organisms like protozoa have simple, binary mechanisms for survival: they move toward nutrient and away from toxin. Show More Summary

The NFL's terrible referees strike again

2015 is turning into the year of the ref. Officials struck again on Monday night, leaving their mark all over the Patriots' 20-13 win. MONDAY NIGHT REFEREES: The Patriots survived a slug fest with the Bill to move to 10-0 on the season, but the real story was the terrible officiating. Show More Summary

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: It’s made of poison!

5 months agoAcademics : Pharyngula

This is the sea slug Glaucus atlanticus, called the Blue Dragon. Isn’t it lovely? It gnaws on Portuguese Man O’ Wars (men o’ wars?), eating the nematocysts and concentrating the toxins in those many pointy dark blue frills. Look at them and admire their beauty, but do not touch.

The ‘Blue Dragon’ Is Real, and It’s Spectacular

5 months agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

The sea slug Glaucus atlanticus is beautiful, deadly, and strange.

Meet the sea slug that looks like a fish, lives in the deep sea, and glows

Biologists have a habit of naming things after cool animals. Cars named after comb jellies, internet passwords after giant squid. Most of these names I recognized, but then I saw my friend’s wifi signal: “Phylliroe”, an animal name I’d never heard before. It took me a while to figure out who this odd and honorary […]

Watching a memory form

Neuroscientists have discovered a novel mechanism for memory formation. Voltage-sensitive dye imaging of the swim motor program of the sea slug Tritonia reveals that some neurons possess characteristics that predispose them to join neural networks in which learning is taking place. The findings represent a shift from the field's long-term focus on synaptic plasticity.

Weird Sea Slug Sniffs Out and Steals Its Food’s Defenses

6 months agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

Halimeda incrassata is a type of seaweed, and it’s pretty badass for an algae. But none of its defenses deter the sea slug Elysia tuca.

Good News!  You Live in a World with Sea Angels

7 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

The more we study the oceans, the clearer it becomes that the land got screwed in terms of the quality of our soft invertebrates. This diaphanous, scrimshawed angel is the ocean’s version of the slug. It’s vicious, but it’s beautiful. Read more...

Time for a nudi-break

Feeling sluggish? Take a nudi-break with some of our resident nudibranchs! You can see the Spanish Shawl (left) and Opalescent (right) in our Splash Zone. These sea slugs’ vibrant colors warn predators that they’ll have to contend with a potent mix of stinging cells and toxins.

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