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Leatherback sea turtles choose nest sites carefully, study finds

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. -- The enormous, solitary leatherback sea turtle spends most of its long life at sea. After hatching and dispersing across the world's oceans, only the female leatherbacks return to their natal beaches to lay clutches of eggs in the sand. Show More Summary

Marine airgun noise could cause turtle trauma

Scientists from the University of Exeter are warning of the risks that seismic surveys may pose to sea turtles. Widely used in marine oil and gas exploration, seismic surveys use airguns to produce sound waves that penetrate the seaShow More Summary

Hey There, Extremely Rare Sea Turtle! What Are You Doing In A NorCal River?

There are only a few thousand Eastern Pacific Green Sea Turtles left in the world. So what was one of them doing swimming in the San Joaquin River? [ more › ]

Our loggerhead hits the high seas!

Last week the loggerhead yearling we released off the coast of North Carolina surfaced, allowing its satellite tracker to ping out its location. Since we released the youngster 27 days ago, this little turtle’s travelled 1,309 miles (2106 km) and is now off he coast of Canada in international waters. Show More Summary

On Oahu, you can touch sharks, turtles and more at an expanded touch-pool program

Getting up close with a shark is the stuff of nightmares anywhere, but in Hawaii, it's not only possible, it's painless. An Oahu aquarium is providing more opportunities for hands-on encounters with sea creatures, sharks included. Sea Life Park Hawaii in Waimanalo will unveil its expanded touch-pools...

Houston Monterey, We Have Splashdown!

This new Loggerhead Hatchling splashed into his new home in the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Open Sea gallery late last week! The tiny turtle will stay at the aquarium for one to two years, while aquarists carefully rear it to a larger size and prepare it for release back into the ocean. The North Carolina Aquarium […]

New method reveals female biased green sea turtle sex ratio in San Diego Bay

Scientists have for the first time determined the ratio of males to females in a wild foraging group of green turtles in the Eastern Pacific, which suggests that sea turtles may be vulnerable to feminization from the temperature rises expected with climate change. Show More Summary

The Ultimate Buzz Kill? Climate Change Drives Down Sex Drive

We've known that climate change threatens agricultural productivity, infrastructure near oceans, human health, biodiversity (and huge numbers of species), sea turtle intercourse, national security, allergy sufferers, economic output, beer, chocolate and coffee, wine, whiskey, cherry blossoms, maple syrup and, oh by the way, human civilization... Show More Summary

I Ate Illegal Turtle Eggs and They Were Disgusting 

Nicaragua's beloved dish of sea turtle ova is also illegal—giving a new meaning to "poached eggs."

Can the world's coral be saved?

3 weeks agoHealth : Booster Shots

Two Steps is a perfect snorkeling spot on the Big Island of Hawaii. Black lava rocks step down twice into the clear waters of a small bay where, on a good day, you're guaranteed to see brightly colored fish and green sea turtles shoaling through myriad forms of coral in shades of brown, green,...

A tiny turtle touches down!

Our newest loggerhead hatchling splashed into its new home in our Open Sea gallery this morning! Senior aquarist Alan Young places the tiny turtle in the exhibit. Last week this intrepid baby turtle journeyed with two aquarists from North Carolina to California. Show More Summary

Chantecaille Giveaway: Ten Protect the Wolves Eye Shade Trios!

I have long loved Chantecaille’s charitable eye shadow palettes, whether they’re benefitting sea turtles, promoting awareness of our planet’s quickly-melting glaciers, or in the latest case, helping to protect and repopulate gray wolves. Read the full post Chantecaille Giveaway: Ten Protect the Wolves Eye Shade Trios! which appeared first on Snob Essentials.

Turtle travel tips

This intrepid loggerhead turtle hatchling and two equally valiant aquarists are flying across the country today! The hatchling was rescued as part of the North Carolina Aquariums’ Sea Turtle Program, and is heading tp the Monterey Bay Aquarium for a year of care until it’s big enough to be released back into the ocean. Show More Summary

Meet the newly discovered 76-million-year-old pig-nosed turtle

The Arvinachelys goldeni, a now-extinct sea turtle with a pig's snout was discovered in Utah. It may be "one of the most bizarre turtles that ever lived."

A turtle’s journey home

A favorite of Aquarium visitors, our juvenile loggerhead turtle is winging its way home to the ocean! Recent visitors to our Open Sea gallery have met this beautiful little loggerhead turtle. Rescued on the shores of North Carolina,Show More Summary

Climate change could leave sea turtles without mates

last monthTechnology : Tech Talk

Shifts in temperature along the Florida coast have a surprising impact on the gender balance of sea turtles

Sex and sea turtles: New study reveals impact of climate change, sea level rise

Because sea turtles don't have an X or Y chromosome, their sex is defined during development by the incubation environment. Warmer conditions produce females and cooler conditions produce males. The shift in climate is shifting turtles as well, because as the temperature of their nests change so do their reproduction patterns.

Sex and sea turtles: New FAU study reveals impact of climate change, sea level rise

Marine turtles deposit their eggs in underground nests where they develop unattended and without parental care. Incubation temperature varies with environmental conditions, including rainfall, sun, shade and sand type, and affects developmental rates, hatch and emergence success, and embryonic sex. Show More Summary

Scientists discover their first biofluorescent reptile – the hawksbill sea turtle

You’re floating in the warm waters of the South Pacific. As you glance into the world below, you notice a shimmer of colors, green, red, and orange. No, it’s not long lost treasure you’ve spotted. It is the critically endangered hawksbill sea the

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