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On Reliable Sources , Bruce Bartlett Explains How Conservatives Are "Brainwashing" Themselves With Fox News And Other Right-Wing Media

From the May 24 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources: BARTLETT: I think many conservatives live in a bubble where they watch only Fox News on television, they listen only to conservative talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, many of the same people. Show More Summary

Geraldo Rivera: ‘Black Lives Matter Only When They Are Killed By White Cops’ [Video]

Geraldo Rivera claims that the civil rights movement only cares about black lives when they are killed by white police officers. Rivera made this bold statement on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show (Andrea Tantaros sitting in as host) last...Show More Summary

Hannity Uses Christian American Fighting ISIS To Bash President Obama

In order for Sean Hannity to justify his objection to anything and everything President Obama has ever done, he seeks like-minded people of equal plausibility and intellectual fortitude. He's very tight with the Duck Dynasty people and...Show More Summary

Fox Host: If You "Really Want To Work For A Green Energy Field," The Place To Go Is Big Oil

From the May 18 edition of Fox News' The Five: Previously: Sean Hannity And Dana Perino: "Sponsored By" Fracking Companies Meet The Climate Denial Machine

Failed Congressional Candidate Planned To Kill Some Muslims As Love Offering To Sean Hannity

Let’s meet Robert Doggart, who ran last year as an independent for Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District (and lost rather badly, getting just 6.4 percent of the vote). But he’s not the sort of guy to just dabble in politics as a fringe...Show More Summary

Failed congressional candidate pleads guilty in plot to massacre Muslims: ‘We will be cruel to them’

6 days agoNews : The Raw Story

A former congressional candidate admitted to plotting the annihilation of a Muslim village identified by Sean Hannity and other conservatives as a terrorist training camp. Robert Doggart was arrested last month after FBI officials said the ordained minister tried to recruit “expert Gunners” on...

Gavin McInnes: Stop Being Miserable, Ladies, And Be Housewives As God Intended

There is this guy, Gavin McInnes, and he is terrible, so of course he is on Fox News, like, all the time. And on Thursday, he went on Sean Hannity’s teevee show to make Sean giggle so hard about how miserable women are because feminism won’t let them stay home and be glorified like in the good old days. Show More Summary

Jon Stewart vs Sean Hannity: We all Know Who the Real “Sanctimonious Jackass” Is

Hannity embarrasses himself as usual. On Wednesday, Sean Hannity, the right-wing host of Fox News’ “Hannity” weeknight program, had two pieces of big news. First, he claimed that his coverage of spring break excesses in Panama City Beach had led the city council to pass a ban on beach drinking. Show More Summary

Jon Stewart vs Sean Hannity: We all know who the real “sanctimonious jackass” is

Oh, how funny it is when a Fox News blowhard tries to take down "The Daily Show" and just embarrasses himself

On Hannity' s Race Special, Guest Says Obama Is The "Reincarnation Of Woodrow Wilson" Who Pushed The Ku Klux Klan

From the May 15 edition of Fox News' Hannity: Previously: Sean Hannity: Lesson Of Freddie Gray's Death Is "Don't Run At 8:30 In The Morning When You See A Cop" Fox Personalities Blame Obama For Baltimore Violence Sean Hannity Defends Giuliani's Claim That Obama Doesn't Love America

O'Reilly: Calling Needy Children And Elderly Folks Lazy Moochers Isn't Mean!

With the exception of Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly is probably Fox News' most prominent poor-shamer, so it makes total sense for him to use his Talking Points Memo segment to insist that he's never, ever, ever said mean things about the poors, right? O'Reilly cited one example where he's mentioned poverty in his little rant. Show More Summary

On Hannity, Bozell Blasts ABC for Backing Sitcom on Anti-Religious Bigot Dan Savage

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell joined Sean Hannity on his eponymous Fox News Channel (FNC) program Thursday evening and ripped ABC for deciding to air a sitcom this fall that’s loosely based on the life of anti-religious bigot Dan Savage. Show More Summary

‘You’d Be Much Happier at Home!’: Hannity Panel on Feminism Goes Off the Rails

last weekNews : Mediaite

A Sean Hannity panel tonight really went off the rails when Gavin McInnes argued that lots of women are miserable because they "put family over work."

Rand Paul: I’ve Avoided Stephanopoulos Interviews Because He’s Too Close to Clintons

last weekNews : Mediaite

Rand Paul told Sean Hannity tonight that he hasn't done an interview with George Stephanopoulos in over a year because of how close he is to the Clintons.

Sean Hannity Calls Jon Stewart a 'Sanctimonious Jackass' Over Spring Break Coverage

The conservative host of the Fox News Channel's Hannity weeknight program used his Wednesday episode to push back on the mockery he received from Jon Stewart, the departing liberal host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, over Sean Hannity's...Show More Summary

Hannity Rips Stephanopoulos for ‘Quintessentially Clintonian’ Apology

last weekNews : Mediaite

Sean Hannity went off on George Stephanopoulos on his radio show today about his "quintessentially Clintonian" apology for not disclosing his Clinton Foundation donations.

Hannity Calls Jon Stewart ‘Sanctimonious Jackass’ over Spring Break Mockery

last weekNews : Mediaite

Sean Hannity called Jon Stewart a "sanctimonious jackass" for his mockery of Hannity's spring break coverage.

Ann Coulter: White People Have Done ‘Enough’ To Make Up For Slavery

Ann Coulter took the gloves off following Michelle Obama’s commencement address at Tuskegee University. Appearing on the Fox News program Hannity, Coulter spoke to Sean Hannity about the First Lady’s comments, which she characterized as “Rev. Show More Summary

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