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Film Review: Unfriended

"Unfriended" is my favorite of this weekend's new release movies that I've seen, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. While I didn't find it particularly scary, I thought it was entertaining as hell and a great execution of a clever found footage premise. Show More Summary

'Ex Machina' Review: Gorgeous Futurism, But Flawed Gender Depictions

“Ex Machina,” the sci-fi directorial debut of writer Alex Garland, is lonely, gorgeous and mind-twisting. It’s one of the most thought-provoking movies I’ve seen this year, brilliantly skewering our current technological conundrums.Show More Summary

Reviewing “Furious 7?

I’m not going to these movies to see real life. I’m going to be entertained, and these movies are definitely entertaining. It helps if you’ve seen the other six movies in this franchise, but it’s not a requirement – the opening minutes of Furious Seven will catch you up on what’s pertinent. However, if you haven’t seen the other movies, this review has spoilers for them in it.

'Furious 7' review, 'Fast' version: A franchise best by several quarter miles

You are not going to want to miss seeing Furious 7 in a movie theater full of paying customers this weekend, because it's going to be bananas. By now you've seen a little bit of the part where the whole team parachutes out of a C-130, in their cars. Show More Summary

Movie Review: You’ll Love Jauja, Even If You Don’t Understand Any of It

I’ve now seen Lisandro Alonso’s captivating, unearthly Jauja four times, and I don’t think I’m any closer to telling you what it’s all about; the more I see it, the more puzzled I am. Alonso likes to traffic in the oblique — in the blank, mysterious spaces between the ostensible... More »

Movie Review: New York romance X/Y is both terrible and terrific, depending on the scene

If there’s any kind of indie movie that arguably never need be seen again, it’s the kind featuring intersecting tales of frustrated romance among various young, hot New Yorkers. Writer-director-actor Ryan Piers Williams (The Dry Land)...Show More Summary

10 Hilarious Lines From Negative Fifty Shades Of Grey Reviews

If you're a fan of the books, you've probably already seen the movie three times now. If you're decidedly not a fan, you can grab some friends, have a few drinks and go hate-watch it. Or you can save your money and stay home reading scathing reviews. Show More Summary

Reverend's Reviews: The Music of Love

'Tis the weekend for love on stage and screen, although I'm not sure whether the big movie release Fifty Shades of Grey qualifies since I haven't yet seen it or read the BDSM-infused book on which it is based. Opera lovers throughout...Show More Summary

American Sniper - Rethinking Our Criticism

I quickly grew tired of reading passionate reviews about American Sniper that contained a sentence midpoint which read, "I haven't seen the movie." And so it was that I decided to go see the movie myself. I'll start by saying that the most common complaint I've seen - that "it glorifies war" - falls flat. Show More Summary

Johnny Depp's New Movie 'Mortdecai' Is Getting Terrible Reviews

Johnny Depp has a new movie out this weekend, "Mortdecai," and it's sounding like a giant bust. You may have seen a few TV ads or billboards for the flick like this one featuring Depp as a mustachioed Brit.... or this one with Gwyneth Paltrow also strangely sporting a mustache. Show More Summary

Inherent Vice (Movie Review)

Inherent Vice (Movie Review) by Spencer Moleda Inherent Vice is a film of exotic taxonomy, a once-in-a-blue-moon sui generis that paves a road seen only by those who have breathed the smoke that so thickly permeates every frame. It is a pitch-perfect an adaptation of its source material in that attempting to follow either of [...]Show More Summary

Movie Review: This year’s Palme D’Or winner, Winter Sleep, may be too much of a good thing

Even before this year’s Cannes Film Festival had begun, Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s Winter Sleep was considered the odds-on favorite to win the Palme D’Or, which it ultimately did. Not bad guesswork, given that nobody had seen the film, nor any of the others in competition, yet. Show More Summary

New Coalition Steps Up To Fight “Mega Comcast” Merger As FCC Restarts Review Clock

It’s the plot of a certain kind of action movie or video game that we’ve all seen and played a thousand times: the big bad robot/alien/lizard comes crashing into town and the only thing that will stop it is when an unlikely band of allies group up and save the world. If politics and business are a game, as so … [More]

The Babadook is the scariest movie of all time according to William Friedkin

If you haven't seen THE BABADOOK yet, it's time to adjust the priorities in your life. There's no doubt you've heard the hype - you can read The Arrow's review HERE and my review HERE - but until you've sat down with it for yourself, you really don't know what you're missing out on. Show More Summary

Movie Review: Theory of Everything and others

There are so many movies released every Friday that no single critic has a prayer of seeing them all.  But as it happens this week, I've seen several that deserve comment, if only briefly. Let's start with The Theory of Everything, which some are touting as an Oscar contender. Show More Summary

America Needs To Show "St. Vincent" Some Love

Movie Review Jackie K Cooper "St Vincent" (The Weinstein Company) Alright America, let's show some love for "St. Vincent", the new film starring Bill Murray. If you have not yet seen it get up and go to a theater near you where hopefully it is playing. Show More Summary

Movie review: Pride proudly crosses lines

Pride is the kind of movie that is best seen without knowing its storyline going in. Because it delivers something quite different than you expect, based on the kind of movie it seems to be. Even if you do know the plot (which dealsShow More Summary

The Hollywood Medical Reporter – Review of “Lucy”

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a hard swing with such a loud miss. Lucy truly deserves an A for effort; and in the world of this film, effort probably does start with the letter A. After all, in the world of this movie, 1 plus 1 does not equal 2, life […]

Richard Sherman -- 1-MAN MOVIE REVIEW ... Best Flick of the Year Is ...

9 months agoPop Culture / Celebrity :

Richard Sherman knows about being "the best"... so we had to ask the guy -- What's the best movie you've seen recently? It's not "Transformers"... or "Planet of the Apes"... or "X-Men"... it's something a little more animated. Coupl...

‘Boyhood’ Review: Part Magic, Part Magic Trick

There’s a conceit at the center of Richard Linklater‘s new film Boyhood that imbues it with a unique and wonderful power absolutely absent from any other movie. It’s usually hyperbole to say a film is unlike anything you’ve seen before, but in this case it’s very true. Show More Summary

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