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Movie review: Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence)

I could not miss the limited American showing of Shin Godzilla. I realized this is the first time I’ve seen a proper Toho Godzilla movie in a theater since Godzilla 1985! It was an excellent, albeit very strange kaiju movie....

The Prepared Path: An Honest Review

You never know when a disaster will strike. It could cut off utilities, food supply, communication, and access to health care. Have you seen the movie Contagion? Did you know America is $20 trillion in debt now and has doubled its dead...Show More Summary

Eddie Murphy's 'Mr. Church' Is Not A Comeback To Worship (Review)

Cinelou Films Has it really been four years since we've seen Eddie Murphy in a movie? It's a testament to his star power that he's one of those actors you don't forget about even when he goes away, and attests to his great personal charisma that even though he has made [...]

Anne Hathaway Commands Nacho Vigalondo’s Unique Monster Movie ‘Colossal’ [TIFF Review]

Movies about giant monsters descending upon cities are a common sight, as are movies about chronic screwups trying to get their lives back on track. But if a movie has ever combined those premises before, I haven’t seen it. Written and...Show More Summary

Movie Review: Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the Two Strings is, hands down, the most visually stunning animated movie I have ever seen. I love many kinds of animation and it’s foolish to try to compare them, but this movie made me gasp out loud repeatedly. The animation is unusual, detailed, gorgeous, and dreamlike, and the imagery is simply amazing. Show More Summary

Movie Review: Complete Unknown is beguilingly mysterious, until it isn’t

The first six minutes of Complete Unknown constitute the most arresting, confounding opening sequence in recent memory. One of the film’s stars, Rachel Weisz, is first seen looking at a room for rent; she tells the landlord that herShow More Summary

‘Suicide Squad’ Creator Says Critics Will Complain If Superhero Films Aren’t Like ‘The Dark Knight’

When Suicide Squad hit theaters, it was already tanked by the majority of critics’ reviews. We’ve seen time and time again that critic response can singlehandedly take down a movie’s chances of being a successful hit at the box office. Show More Summary

Actually, It's About Ethics In Movies We Haven't Seen

3 months agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

This past Tuesday, August 2nd, the review embargo for Suicide Squad was lifted, meaning that critics who had gone to early press screenings were free to publish all their not-too-friendly words about the movie. And oh boy, were they...

[Blu-ray Review] ‘Field Freak’ (‘The Monster Outside’) is a Movie That Exists

I recently watched and reviewed Dangerous Men and I basically called in the most incompetently made movie I’ve ever seen, but it’s still manages to be a lot of fun and really enjoyable. Field Freak, also known as The Monster Outside in some parts of the world, is technically (I think) a better made movie […]

‘Absolutely Fabulous The MovieReview: British Sitcom Gets The Big Screen Treatment But It Is Strictly For Ab Fab Fans

First off, I have to confess I have never seen an episode of the cult British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, which ran off and on for the better part of the past quarter century. So seeing the new feature film spinoff Absolutely Fabulous:...Show More Summary

IMDB Users Are Already Torpedoing the Yet-to-Be Released Ghostbusters With Bad Reviews

From the moment the project was announced, Ghostbusters has been plagued with its own set of ghouls. Now, those haters (of a movie they have not seen) have taken to IMDB to flood the movie (that has not yet been released) with negative reviews. ScreenCrush was first to point out ... More »

Meet the Real-Life Posterboys of Punchable Mediocrity

4 months agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

When it comes to super dumb summer comedies, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates looks to have nailed its genre. Now, I haven't seen the movie yet, but every trailer, ad, and early review seems to reinforce its aggressively...

[DVD Review] This Summer Take a Trip to ‘Monsterland’

Monsterland is easily one of the most fun movies I have seen in a very long time. It’s a collection of short films put together by Dread Central and presented as anthology, sort of. I say sort of because there isn’t anything that ties this short films together really, though there is a pretty good […]

Movie Review of Range 15

When I first talked to Nick Palmiscano about writing a review of this movie, I mentioned to him that I knew I would need to watch it at least twice because I was sure I would miss something. Based on the trailers I had seen, beind the scene stories I had heard and just knowing […]

Ramanujan notes

A new movie on Ramanujan is coming out; mathematician Peter Woit gives it a very positive review, while film critic Anthony Lane is not so impressed. Both these reactions make sense, I guess (or so I say without having actually seen the movie myself). Show More Summary

Horror Movie Hotties: Kill Theory (2009)

I'm not going to insult you by pretending I've seen KILL THEORY in its entirety, fo I have not. Without a single review to go by on Rotten Tomatoes, this is one slasher flick that may as well just be slashed out of existence....Show More Summary

Game Review: Zombicide

I don’t know if it’s fair to say that I’m obsessed with zombies and the zombie mythology, but I have watched The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, read the book and watched the movie World War Z, and even seen the classics Night of...Show More Summary

Movie Review: Gasland director Josh Fox wants to teach us How To Let Go Of The World

Anyone who’s seen Josh Fox’s Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland and its 2013 sequel will be well prepared for the first 40 minutes of his new film: the awkwardly titled How To Let Go Of The World And Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change. Show More Summary

Movie Review: The Next Cut revives the warm familiarity of Barbershop

The last few years have seen plenty of sequels trailing their predecessors by over a decade. This is undeniably the case with Barbershop: The Next Cut; it’s separated from the second Barbershop by 12 years and from the original film by almost 14. Show More Summary

Other Marvel Characters Will Indeed Appear In Solo ‘Spider-Man’ Movie And Spidey Steals The Show In ‘Captain America: Civil War’

The initial reactions to Captain America: Civil War are now out, and some are saying it is the best comic book movie they’ve ever seen. One noticeable thing in most reviews is that Spider-Man is not only in it a lot more than they expected, but that he steals the show as well. Show More Summary

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