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Review: Tom Hanks' 'The Circle' Is So Profoundly Bad It's Almost Impressive

yesterdayFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Let's cut to the chase: The Circle is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. It's so shockingly flat, logically flawed, emotionally vapid, and astoundingly awkward that its end credits felt like a cruel prank. How is it possible...

Movie Review: Sand Castle shows the Iraq War exactly as you’ve seen it before

The most interesting thing about the Netflix exclusive Sand Castle is probably how much of an Iraq War movie it is, in the sense that, like any truly middling example of a genre, it involuntarily bares the genre’s tropes. It’s a stale,...Show More Summary

Art Direction: Ghost in the Shell Solograms and Posters

Art Direction: Ghost in the Shell Solograms and Posters abduzeedo Apr 12, 2017 I have not seen Ghost in the Shell yet, but it's definitely on the list of movies I want to see despite the not so good reviews. One of the reasons is the look and feel of the movie. Show More Summary

'Poor Shia': LaBeouf Film Makes Less Than $9 in UK

Everyone in the UK must have seen the Rotten Tomatoes reviews for Shia LaBeouf's new movie, because absolutely no one is going to see it—except for maybe one person. Variety, which describes Man Down as a "war thriller," simply says "Ouch" as it reports the gross box-office take for...

Movie Review: Slamma Jamma is a basketball movie by way of Ed Wood

If Slamma Jamma isn’t the worst movie ever made about basketball, then it’s because some of the actual hoops footage is decent, provided you ignore the fact that the crew and equipment can be seen in about a quarter of the shots. Otherwise,...Show More Summary

Movie Review: Don’t get trapped in the loop of Before I Fall, a mopey Groundhog Day for teens

It’s not déjà vu. You have seen this movie before. Once upon a time, it went by the name Groundhog Day and starred Bill Murray as a weatherman stuck repeating the same day over and over and over again. It had jokes. Really good ones....Show More Summary

Why this new racially charged horror movie has a rare perfect score from critics

It’s very rare, even close to unseen, for a wide-release movie to get a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes just a day before its release. A score of 100% means that every critic who has seen the movie so far gave it a positive review. Even some of the movies you’d expect to have a perfect score don’t have one. Show More Summary

Arrival Blu-ray Review

Arrival was the movie on everyone's lists for 2016. Everyone except me. But I've seen it now and I couldn't be happier about it! The post Arrival Blu-ray Review appeared first on Rogues Portal.

The Worst 'Batman v Superman' Reviews: Critics Are Raving!

Have you ever seen those movie ads on TV filled with gushing quotes from critics and thought to yourself, “I saw that movie; it was terrible. Where did they find these positive reviews?” If you have, you’re not alone — and you’re going...Show More Summary

Star Wars Rogue One Review

If you haven’t seen this movie, I suggest you go see it right now. Even if you are not a fan of Star Wars, which is hard to believe, it is a movie that will make you a new fan of Star Wars. This probably the best movie I have seen when it comes to […]

Review Roundup: Rogue One Is Everything You’ve Seen Before, But on a Different Scale

Rogue One presents a challenge for Lucasfilm: As the first of the studio's stand-alone Star Wars films, its production was marked by the fundamental question of how the ostensible "war movie" would fit in with the rest of the Star Wars universe. During a recent interview, director Gareth Edwards explained to Vulture how he ... More »


Is the Force with this film? Ain't It Cool's Eric "Quint" Vespe has some thoughts on the first Star Wars spin-off movie! Read the full article on AICN Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Writing movie reviews for a living isn't the toughest job in the world. Show More Summary

‘Jackie’ Review: Natalie Portman Astonishes With A Side Of Jackie Kennedy Never Before Seen

There have been so many movies, miniseries, books and who knows what else on the life of Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy over the decades that it’s hard to imagine there is anything new or original left to say. But in the movie Jackie, director Pablo Larrain, writer Noah Oppenheim and star Natalie Portman pull off something of a miracle. Show More Summary

ICARUS.1 review

Perhaps you've seen a movie called Cargo? No, Jason Statham isn't in it. It's a dystopian sci-fi film from Switzerland that was a Netflix mainstay for years, concerning the crew of a space freighter and a potentially dangerous cargo that needed delivering to a distant station. Show More Summary

'Doctor Strange' Movie Review: Let's Get Weird

6 months agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

I'll say this for Doctor Strange: It's unlike any Marvel movie we've ever seen. And for the most part, I mean that in the best possible way. This new entry, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular Strange, is a weird,...

[Blu-ray Review] ‘The Earth Dies Screaming’ is a 60’s Sci-Fi Treat

The Earth Dies Screaming is a movie we’ve all seen before even if we’ve never seen it before. What I mean by that is the plot is very similar to every zombie film in many ways and while this pre-dates Night of the Living Dead by four years it’s definitely flown more under the radar […]

Movie review: Shin Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence)

I could not miss the limited American showing of Shin Godzilla. I realized this is the first time I’ve seen a proper Toho Godzilla movie in a theater since Godzilla 1985! It was an excellent, albeit very strange kaiju movie....

The Prepared Path: An Honest Review

You never know when a disaster will strike. It could cut off utilities, food supply, communication, and access to health care. Have you seen the movie Contagion? Did you know America is $20 trillion in debt now and has doubled its dead...Show More Summary

Eddie Murphy's 'Mr. Church' Is Not A Comeback To Worship (Review)

Cinelou Films Has it really been four years since we've seen Eddie Murphy in a movie? It's a testament to his star power that he's one of those actors you don't forget about even when he goes away, and attests to his great personal charisma that even though he has made [...]

Anne Hathaway Commands Nacho Vigalondo’s Unique Monster Movie ‘Colossal’ [TIFF Review]

8 months agoEntertainment / Film : SlashFilm

Movies about giant monsters descending upon cities are a common sight, as are movies about chronic screwups trying to get their lives back on track. But if a movie has ever combined those premises before, I haven’t seen it. Written and...Show More Summary

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