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Classic Action RPG 'Beyond Oasis' Is the Latest Game in the SEGA Forever Series, Out Now on the App Store

Sorry to disappoint any fans expecting the SEGA Forever series to be literally faithful to its name, as there were only ever 897 Genesis/Mega Drive games published, and only a proportion actually developed by the Japanese company themselves. SEGA Forever - more like SEGA Seventeen Years, am I right? In SEGA's defense, they have released

'Golden Axe' Gets a New Rewind Feature, Other SEGA Forever Games Presumably to Follow

If you've managed to get your hands on the Super NES Classic Edition (and it sounds like a lot more people have compared to last year's NES debacle), you've probably been enjoying some great old classic 16-bit games with a few useful new bells and whistles. One of those new features is the ability to

'Space Harrier 2' Review - In Space, No One Can Hear You Auuuugh

The latest SEGA Forever release is upon us, and like many of the releases so far this one was already released on iOS several years ago before being pulled due to compatibility issues. Space Harrier 2 [Free] is a game of some historical significance as it was one of just two launch titles for the

You can now officially play Space Harrier II while in space on your phone

SEGA Forever keeps chugging along with monthly game updates and I keep coming up with weird ways to memeify my headlines. Has anyone actually shopped for an axe while playing Golden Axe? Anyway, the next game coming to Sega's ever expanding collection of free titles is Space Harrier II, available today. Show More Summary

'Space Harrier II' and 'Crazy Taxi' Become Sega Forever Titles Plus Improved Emulation Updates Roll Out Alongside Ad-Free IAP Sale

Sega is continuing on with their Sega Forever initiative, which they announced this past June and sees classic titles from their entire console history coming to mobile in free to play form. The initiative got off to a rocky start both due to underwhelming titles being released and the emulation performance of those titles being

More legendary Pokemon added to 'Pokemon Go' alongside 'Golden Axe' iOS and GameMaker Studio macOS releases

Players of 'Pok?mon Go' have three new legendary Pok?mon to battle and collect, Sega has brought back 'Golden Axe' to the iPhone under the Sega Forever banner, and GameMaker Studio 2 is now available on macOS.

Classic Beat 'Em Up 'Golden Axe' Is the Next Game in the SEGA Forever Series, Out Now on the App Store

I've ironically been waiting forever to make the pun 'I have an axe to grind with the SEGA Forever service' upon Golden Axe's [Free] release on the App Store. However, it turns out the company have radically improved the emulation of their classic titles recently, making great strides over the original haphazard efforts when the

Shop for an axe while playing Golden Axe on your phone

Sega's ever expanding collection of classic titles, Sega Forever, is getting a new addition today with Golden Axe. Hailed as one of the best beat-em-ups from Sega's arcade roots, the game allows players to select from one of three characters...Show More Summary

Dreamcast and Saturn "Sega Forever" Games will be Ports Rather than Emulations, 'Golden Axe'

The "Sega Forever" initiative was announced back in June and aimed to re-release classic titles from Sega's entire console and arcade history on mobile. On paper the idea sounded amazing, but with 8 titles released under the Sega Forever label thus far it's been an underwhelming experience to say the least. One big reason for

'Ristar' Review - This Shooting Star Has Come Quite Far

Before we get going with this review, let's address the elephant in the corner of the room: SEGA Forever. SEGA's latest attempt to bring its classics to iOS has had a bit of a rocky start thanks to a frankly lackluster Genesis emulator. SEGA got a lot of feedback from those initial releases and, to

'Titanfall: Assault' real-time strategy title lands on iPhone, Sega Forever drive expands with 'Ristar'

Two major titles have arrived on iPhone and iPad as free-to-play titles this week, with Nexon's 'Titanfall: Assault' introducing real time strategy to the battlefield-based franchise, while 'Ristar' has been ported to iOS 22 years after its first release on the Sega Genesis.

Ristar doesn’t have Sonic’s legacy, but it does have Sega Forever’s blessing

2 months agoTechnology : Venture Beat

Sega Forever is the gaming icon’s initiative to bring its back catalog to iOS and Android devices, and now Sega has revealed that Ristar is the newest Sega classic to get ported to mobile. It’s available now. Ristar first came out for the Sega Genesis in 1995. The 2D platformer came from Yuji Naka, who is […]

Ristar brightens up the Sega Forever line-up

Once upon a time, the Sonic Team didn't make solely Sonic the Hedgehog games. In the later days of the Genesis, Yuji Naka (Sonic's creator) tried his hand at creating a new mascot for the company. That effort gave birth to Ristar, the oft forgotten platforming classic of 1995. Show More Summary

The Next 'SEGA Forever' Game Release is Almost Certainly 'Ristar'

SEGA Forever, SEGA's new retro gaming initiative, has had a pretty rocky start since its launch a couple of months ago. Between severe emulation problems, bugs with purchase histories and saved games on certain games, and the somewhat underwhelming selection of launch titles, a lot of hopeful SEGA fans were let down. For their part,

These Strange Archie Comics Sonic The Hedgehog Panels Will Live On Forever

3 months agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

For the past 24 years SEGA has been partnered with Archie Comics to bring gamers the Sonic the Hedgehog comics they didn't know they wanted, comics which had their share of strange and awkward moments. But after two decades togetherShow More Summary

Cult Horror Title Night Trap Is Coming Back In August

Sega's Night Trap will forever be remembered as one of the games that helped make the ESRB a thing. The 1992 game didn't last long on store shelves before coming under fire from various anti-obscenity groups, but now you'll have a chance to play the remastered edition of the FMV title...

SEGA’s The Revenge of Shinobi Now Playable on Android

3 months agoTechnology / Google : Droid Life

SEGA’s 1989 classic The Revenge of Shinobi is now available on Android, via that awesome SEGA Forever initiative. If you missed it, SEGA is launching a ton of its classic titles for mobile devices under this SEGA Forever umbrella, making them all free to play with the help of ads. Show More Summary

Shinobi is coming to take revenge on your cellphone's battery

Sega is adding another game to its free collection known as Sega Forever. The latest addition is Revenge of Shinobi, the first console exclusive game in the classic series that features the series' star being pissed and seeking revenge on his enemies for capturing his wife. Show More Summary

You can now play Wimbledon on your phone while sitting at Wimbledon

Sega's ever expanding collection of free-to-play mobile games, Sega Forever, will be getting a new entry today with the release of Virtua Tennis Challenge. Based on the 2000 Dreamcast original, Challenge was the series' transition to mobile phones in 2012 that didn't really make much of a splash. Show More Summary

Sega adds Virtua Tennis Challenge to its free mobile game lineup

Sega’s making good on its promise to continue adding titles to its Sega Forever library of mobile games – the latest is the Dreamcast classic Virtua Tennis Challenge. The Sega Forever model sees the game maker releasing games from its...Show More Summary

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