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Idaho man shot and killed by your latest craigslist killers

53-year-old Kent Storrer of Twin Falls, Idaho, was shot and killed while he and his son-in-law were trying to sell his son-in-law’s car on craigslist. Police say that 22-year-old Jerry Burton Kimball and 20-year-old Jacob Lyn Marshall responded to the ad and took the car for a test drive. After the drive Marshall allegedly shot […]

Play the Red Ash prototype in your browser, though it is not fun

Keiji Inafune and Comcept are really trying to sell Red Ash: The Indelible Legend, Inafune's follow up to Mighty No. 9 and spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends. Its Kickstarter campaign ends in five days and it is hardly more than halfway funded. Interestingly, it is struggling to sell in reality where Mighty No. Show More Summary

Where Did Your Food Come From? And your Cat's: A Look at Killing on the Seas

I am spending time in Italy, the quintessential land of the bargain. I never had the stomach for it, and yet I began to feel that people who were selling things at local markets must be okay with the bargained down prices because they...Show More Summary

Did slaves harvest the palm oil that went into your cookie?

A Wall Street Journal investigation finds egregious worker exploitation on a plantation in Malaysia that sells to big multinationals.

Stupid Scammers Sell Play-Doh “iPhones,” Get Caught When Victim Asks To Buy More

Dear dumb criminals: If you’re lucky enough to trick someone into buying an iPhone box full of Play-Doh, consider your crappy, evil job done and move on to the next victim. Because if that buyer calls you back asking to purchase more “iPhones,” they’re either less-intelligent than you, or you’re about to be arrested. According to CBS Detroit, a … [More]

How to recycle your phone for cash

Six tips to know before selling or recycling your old electronics.

Want an iPhone 6s? Now’s the time to trade-in your old model

The iPhone 6s is still a couple of months away from going on sale, but if you’re hoping to offset the cost of buying a new iPhone by selling your old handset, now’s the time to do it. That’s because resale values drop by around 10 percent in September and October, according to gadget trade-in […]

OnePlus 2 Styleswap Covers: Here are Your 5 Options

With last year’s OnePlus One, OnePlus wanted to make the phone somewhat personal by selling StyleSwap covers that could be hot-swapped onto the back of the phone. Unfortunately, the design of the phone didn’t exactly make that the simplest or safest process, so the idea didn’t fully pan out. Show More Summary

$5 logos: The sad state of design

Ever wonder how some "designers" can afford to sell logos for $5? Surely they spend hours upon hours concepting, and even more choosing the fonts, colors, etc., right? This should explain everything you need to know about your competition. Related posts: Why logo design doesn’t cost $5.00 Rant: Logo-Instant, free Web 2.0 logos Evolution of tech company logos

ESPN Might Be Sold Directly To Customers One Day

Getting your SportsCenter fix requires having a cable subscription but in the future this restriction might be removed. Disney CEO Bog Iger has said that the company may decide to sell ESPN straight to customers one day though he does...Show More Summary

GoPro launches licensing, could become the Shutterstock of kick ass videos

GoPro is the reason for so many incredible videos online now, and they're opening up a licensing market so marketers can create and license (sell) their videos. This isn't your grandma's stock library, friends. Follow The American Genius on Facebook for exclusive & breaking business stories Get more Business News at The American Genius

4 Reasons to Sell Your Home Now

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images The real estate market has been booming in recent years, but the market never heads in a straight line. If you're looking to sell your home or your vacation property, now may be an ideal time to cash out. Let's go over a few of the reasons it makes sense to sell your home now. 1. Show More Summary

Ikea is selling a placemat with an unsettling new feature

The mats have a pretty loose weave so you can see when your phone lights up. This seems like a problem, though, because you can't read what the screen says, but you can still be distracted by the light. I guess you could put your phone facedown in the pocket. Show More Summary

Find Profit In The Gaps Between Revenue, Effort & Time

If you spend all your time focused on selling to get your revenue up and collecting to get your cash in, there may be another problem inherent in your process. It suggests that no one is taking the time to ensure there is enough profit from your sales to actually fund your operation. Show More Summary

Please rethink your bond purchases ... please think ...

We just saw money flow out of domestic funds for 19 straight weeks…who is selling? Those who can’t imagine an improving economy, or better investor sentiment, or new and exciting innovations. Certainly there are hardship cases forcing...Show More Summary

Rogue Dairy Queen to corporate: Shove off with your Grill and Chill! We’re selling the old favorites you won’t

A Minnesota Dairy Queen dares go its own way, and sells Chipper sandwiches and products discontinued by corporate

Friends and Envy: When Your Friends Have More -- and When They Have Less

Other people's wealth. Here in the U.S., we're seemingly obsessed. The idea of it inspires movies and books, sells magazines, and makes headlines. It provokes endless gossip. One reason for that may be because the difference between those who have, and those who have less, has never been starker. Show More Summary

Nuns Support Themselves Selling Cheesecakes

There’s not much money in a life of quiet contemplation, which is tough, because quiet contemplation while ConEd comes to turn off your electricity is challenging. Which is why some nuns in upstate New York sell cheesecake. Fancy cheesecake, billed as “heavenly,” in flavors like key lime and chocolate. Tasty, tasty cheesecake. Read more...

Bulletproof Raises $9 Million To Sell Butter-Infused Coffee

In the future, your morning cup will come with a scoop of rich, creamy butter. Bulletproof, the company behind the popular and faddish Bulletproof coffee, has just raised $9 million to help build a chain of coffee shops. Trinity Ventures...Show More Summary

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