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Why Shark Finning Bans Aren’t Keeping Sharks Off The Plate (Yet)

Fewer shark fins are being imported into Hong Kong, the epicenter of shark-fin soup, a culinary delicacy. But while the trade in shark fins may be down, the trade in shark meat is still going strong.

Sharks Found Dead, Finned In Miami Beach

Two sharks have been found dead in as many days along the Miami Beach coastline, and one of the predators was missing its fin, a complication that local officials assert they haven’t seen in some time. On Wednesday morning, residents discovered a large bull shark had washed ashore, according to WSVN. Show More Summary

Saving Sharks in Indonesia

From our friends at the Gili Shark Foundation: Indonesia is the largest exporter of shark fins in the world. There is no current (or planned) legislation for the protection of reef sharks in Indonesia and CITES Appendix II (which only covers … Continue reading ?

Taking science primetime | Riley Elliott

Excellent TEDx talk by Riley Elliott about combining scientific research and media savvy to get the word out about important issues, like shark finning, to the most people to help effect change when it’s most needed.

Shark Poaching Boat Sunk By Indonesian Government

A large Vietnamese ship containing two tons of drying shark fins or more was sunk by the Indonesian government. The ship had been illegally collecting a tremendous number of sharks to get their fins. Finning sharks is a disgusting, and...Show More Summary

Where In The World Is Katharine The Great White Shark?

Katharine the great white shark recently made headlines with her brief trip to Florida’s east coast, yet the famous predator has since gone silent, leaving fans to wonder just where her fin will next break the surface of the sea. Arriving...Show More Summary

In Defense of “Bad Left Shark

The breakout stars of last night’s Super Bowl halftime show were, needless to say, the sharks. Flanking Katy Perry, they mutely waved their fins and flapped their jaws to the words of “Teenage Dream.” Looking less like sharks than blue, befanged sleeping bags, they made every effort to dance. Show More Summary

Killer Whale With Shark Attack Wounds Sighted Off Scotland

A well-known killer whale has been sighted off the coast of Scotland, exhibiting a semicircular wound on its tail fluke that experts assert could only be caused by a shark attack. The whale, identified by a notch on its dorsal fin, has been nicknamed John Coe by researchers. Show More Summary

GrubHub: It's Time to Take Shark Fin Soup off The Menu

Did you know that you can order shark fin soup online through GrubHub and its subsidiaries, Seamless, All Menus and Menu Pages? Every year, about 73 million sharks are killed for their fins through a brutal practice known as shark finning, where sharks' fins are removed while the sharks are still alive and left to bleed to death at sea. Show More Summary

Ian Ziering & Tara Reid Set For ‘Sharknado 3?

Original Sharknado stars Ian Ziering & Tara Reid will be back for another stint as shark attack survivors Fin and April in the third installment of Syfy’s highly successful B-movie franchise.  They round out the returning team of helmer Anthony C. Show More Summary

Sharks and lasers, not just for evil geniuses

In midsummer 2009, under the intense Mexican sun, a whale shark, MXA-182, arrived at Holbox. He is injured. A nasty cut nearly severs his right pectoral fin. His fin eventually heals, but a hole completely through his fin still persists. The hole’s shape earns MXA-182 the nickname of Keyhole. In 2009, Keyhole is at Holbox […]

Are Sharks Intelligent?

On average, sharks kill four people each year. Humans kill about 100 million sharks, the vast majority (about 73 million) killed for shark fin soup. You’d see a human kill a shark 25 million times before you’d see a shark kill a human, and generally with far...

'Twas the Night Raid Before Christmas

2 months agoNews : Reason

In the midst of buying your own gifts for family and friends his holiday season, remember that the cops can just as easily seize your property, your rights and even your shark fins.  Enjoy this Christmas classic: 'Twas the Night Raid Before...Show More Summary

US Navy tests GhostSwimmer "roboshark"

3 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Should you be swimming in the ocean sometime soon and spot a shark-like dorsal fin cutting through the water towards you, just relax – it might simply be a military robot, that's made to look like a shark. A US Navy team has recently been testing just such a device at its Joint Expeditionary Base East, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Show More Summary

Act: GrubHub, Take Shark Fin Off the Menu!

A school of scalloped hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini), a species commonly harvested for the shark fin trade. (Photo: Oceana / © Rob Stewart) Shark and ocean lovers may want to think twice the next time they sit down with their computers...Show More Summary

Shark fin, camel hump, turtle soup: 10 dictators' favourite dinners

LONDON — From shark fin soup to bowls of chopped raw garlic salad, the tastes of the world's most notorious and despotic dictators are weird, extravagant and only occasionally simple See also: 6 Dictators' Favorite Books A new book,Show More Summary

Spiny Dogfish Catch a Break—No More Shark Finning in the U.S.!

A spiny dogfish (Squalis acanthias) in the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. (Photo: NOAA’s National Ocean Service / Flickr Creative Commons) Did you know that shark finning is still allowed in the U.S.? Despite the finning prohibition...Show More Summary

Genius River Bridge in Cocos Island, Costa Rica

The waters surrounding the small Costa Rican island of Cocos are infested with sharks, bringing with them poachers looking to cleave off some fins to sell. Yet thanks to the thankless efforts of local rangers, many of the illegal shark...Show More Summary

GIVEAWAY: Sharknado 2 Blu-ray and Autographed Shark Fin!

5 months agoHumor : Topless Robot

Actually, the headline doesn't tell the whole story, but we can only fit so much into it. This prize package is almost as stuffed with goodness as a mass of swirling air filled with carnivores....

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