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Building Explosion in NYC

What happened here is confused: First Shep Smith said it was a collapse which probably ruptured a gas line, now he has on a guy who says the event began with a first-floor explosion. They don't know yet if people...

Shep Smith's Brilliant Interview Destroys Conservative Complaints On ISIS Strategy

Fox News' Shepard Smith debated with a former George Bush Ambassador for Special Political Affairs at the United Nations over Conservatives complaints about what the US isn't doing in its struggle against ISIS. Ambassador Stuart Holliday...Show More Summary

Shep Smith Gives Harrowing Description of ISIS Burning Prisoner Video

2 months agoNews : Mediaite

As you are likely aware, most American media outlets have an unspoken ban on showing images from the recently-released footage of ISIS forces burning alive a Jordanian pilot they've held captive for several months. Fox News anchor Shepard...Show More Summary

Fox’s Shep Smith Goes Off on Anti-Vaxxers: ‘You’re Science Deniers!’

2 months agoNews : Mediaite

Fox News' Shepard Smith said out loud what a lot of Americans who are seeing a new outbreak of measles, an entirely preventable disease, spread across the country this week, have been thinking. "You're science deniers!" he told parents who are deciding not to vaccinate their children.

Shep Smith’s Advice for FBN’s Kennedy: ‘Wear Less Clothes’

On a day when former Fox News Channel host Mike Huckabee was working to explain his comments about women in New York–that he never meant to suggest women at Fox News were “trashy”–it’s worth noting that FNC’s Shepard Smith had some odd...Show More Summary

‘No Thanks’: Fox’s Shep Smith Mocks Don Lemon’s CNN Blizzardmobile

3 months agoNews : Mediaite

Jon Stewart isn't the only one who thought Don Lemon's CNN Blizzardmobile was ridiculous. During an interview with Kennedy on Fox Business Network last night, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith said he wouldn't be caught dead reporting the news from the back seat of a car.

Limbaugh: It's Getting To The Point Where You Have To Talk About Selma, Hurricane Katrina With "A Tinge Of Sadness"

From the January 27 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show: Previously: Limbaugh Claims Weather Forecasts Have Been Wrong Because "The Left Has Corrupted Everything" Limbaugh Mocks Shep Smith's Katrina Reporting: "He Was Crying So Much... His Mascara Was Running" Limbaugh: Global Warming Is A "Left-Wing Scam" To "Advance Communism"

Shep Smith — Anchor, Journalist, Foodie?

3 months agoIndustries / Media : FishbowlDC

You may not know this, but Fox News anchor Shepard Smith loves talking about food — and although he’s no Andrew Zimmern or Anthony Bourdain, he does love his culinary adjectives. As is tradition for Shep, he critiqued the menu at the White House lunch before the State of the Union yesterday. Show More Summary

Shep Smith Talks at Great Length Again About White House Lunch Menu

3 months agoNews : Mediaite

It's become an annual tradition for Shepard Smith to read off the pre-State of the Union White House luncheon menu, and he did it again today.

Shep Smith: States fighting marriage equality are the same ones that opposed integration

3 months agoNews : The Raw Story

With the Supreme Court seemingly poised to settle the legal question regarding same-sex marriages once and for all, Fox News host Shepherd Smith argued on Friday that the issue parallels that of civil rights for communities of color. “Not in every case, but in most cases, the same states...

Fox’s Shep Smith: Same States That Were ‘Fighting Integration’ Are Against Gay Marriage

3 months agoNews : Mediaite

During his breaking news coverage of the Supreme Court's decision to hear four different cases challenging same-sex marriage bans in four different states this term — Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee — Fox News' Shepard Smith compared the remaining resistance...

Fox's Shepard Smith: The States Fighting Marriage Equality Are "The Same States That Were Fighting Integration"

From the January 16 edition of Fox News' Shepard Smith Reporting: Previously: Seven Times Shep Smith Was Fox News' Voice Of Reason On Fox, Shepard Smith Calls Washington State Voters Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage A "Victory For Civil Rights"

Shep Smith clashes with New York Times editor: ‘We’re being very careful’ on Paris terror reports

3 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Fox News host Shepherd Smith snapped at the head of the New York Times‘ London bureau on Friday over the implication that the network was not being “careful” in covering the hostage situation at a Jewish grocery store in Paris. “What you told me is that you thought we needed...

Guest to Shep Smith: ‘I’m Not Getting in a Fight with you.’ Shep: ‘That’s Good’

Anchoring breaking news coverage this afternoon on the developments from France, FNC’s Shepard Smith included New York Times London Bureau Chief Steven Erlanger among his guests. Erlanger got on Shep’s nerves from the start. Said Erlanger:...Show More Summary

Shep Smith Cuts Off NY Times Guest for Saying Fox Should Be ‘Careful’

3 months agoNews : Mediaite

Shepard Smith's phone interview with The New York Times London Bureau Chief Steve Erlanger ended abruptly Friday afternoon after the Fox News anchor apparently took offense at a suggestion that the network was not being "careful" enough with its coverage.

IT’S COME TO THIS: Leftists Mourn Possible End Of Cuban Poverty. Related: Shep Smith Fails The …

IT’S COME TO THIS: Leftists Mourn Possible End Of Cuban Poverty. Related: Shep Smith Fails The Ailes Test.

Obama Just Ruined Cuba! Ctd

by Will Wilkinson Shep Smith seems to think so: Responding to that clip, Allahpundit finds that notion entirely fatuous: This is exactly what it sounds like, a guy seemingly willing to trade away greater prosperity for Cubans if it means Americanizing the island in return for preserving the quaint, simple culture that decades of authoritarianism […]

VIDEO: Fox News’ Shep Smith Laments How America Will ‘Ruin Cuba’

Shep Smith is at it again, this time he was heard on his Fox News show lamenting how America will “ruin” Cuba now that Obama is opening up diplomatic relations with that island nation. No, seriously. That is exactly what he said. This idiot really needs to go work for the commies at MSNBC. Show More Summary

Sheppard Smith, Arch-Progressive Crank

Yes, in the middle of FoxNews' broadcast day, they have smug, condescending, reflexive and dogmatic progressive anchoring the news. As Shep Smith said about the threat of Global Warning: It's true. It's true. The #SmartTake today among progressives on Twitter...

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