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Where Is Fox News’ Shep Smith During and After Worst Mass Shooting in History?

last weekNews : Mediaite

In the blistering flurry of news coverage coming out of Orlando, Florida this week following the worst gun massacre in American history, in which a possibly-closeted...

Shep Smith Mocks Ted Cruz' Pick Of Carly Fiorina For VP As A 'Dead End'

Fox News' Shep Smith outlined Trump's sweep yesterday and explained how he won the battle for the narrative, so to speak in media coverage. Smith said, "After the big wins last night, Trump owned the narrative until Ted Cruz steppedShow More Summary

Fox’s Shep Smith Gleefully Dishes Gossip About ABC’s Kelly & Michael Drama

2 months agoNews : Mediaite

Something tells us that Ol' Shep is the office gossip, because when cutting to commercial breaks before airing this segment, he kept referring gleefully to drama in the "House of the Mouse."

Shep Smith Relays Message From Brussels To Trump: 'A Horror Show, It Is Not'

Fox News' Shep Smith reported live from Brussels during Thursday's broadcast of Outnumbered, and passed on a message to Donald Trump from the citizens of Brussels. Immediately after the terrorist attack, Donald Trump appeared on TheShow More Summary

Fox’s Shep Smith Rebukes Trump: Brussels Is Not a ‘Horror Show’

3 months agoNews : Mediaite

Fox anchor Shepard Smith delivered a firm rebuke to Donald Trump's claim that Brussels was a "horror show," affirming that its citizens resented the presidential candidate's coarse characterization of their wounded city. "A horror show, it is not," Smith said.

Shep Smith Barely Conceals Delight as He Reports on Lawsuit That Could Shutter Gawker - Shep Barely Conceals Delight as He Reports on Lawsuit That Could Shutter Gawker

3 months agoNews : Mediaite

Shepard Smith, Fox News anchor and target of the occassional Gawker expose, could barely conceal his delight Monday afternoon as he gleefully reported on the media outlet's current financial woes.

Fox’s Shep Smith shreds strategist: Republican Party lies gave rise to Donald Trump

4 months agoNews : The Raw Story

Fox News host Shep Smith grilled Republican strategist Doug Heye on Wednesday, arguing that Republicans created the conditions leading up to Donald Trump becoming the front-runner for the party’s presidential nomination. Trump’s supporters, Smith said, are part of a second conservative...

Shep Smith to GOP Strategist: Didn’t Trump Rise Because You Made Empty Promises to Base?

4 months agoNews : Mediaite

Shep Smith today asked a Republican strategist, somewhat agitatedly, how they could be so surprised by the rise of Donald Trump after the party made so many empty promises just to keep the base happy.

Fox’s Red Eye Reveals the True Nature of Mysterious Noise Shep Smith Stopped Show For

4 months agoNews : Mediaite

Red Eye host Tom Shillue last night revealed the true nature of the mysterious noise that Shep Smith interrupted his show this week to inspect.

Shep Smith Brings His Show to a Grinding Halt to Investigate a Strange Noise

4 months agoNews : Mediaite

"Is this bothering you?" Shepard Smith asked. "It's bothering me." The afternoon anchor brought his show to a halt Wednesday to investigate the strange noise coming from within the walls of his 12th-floor studio.

‘Southern Charm’ Shep Rose Restaurant Fire Caused By Space Heaters, Will Reopen

Well Southern Charm‘s Shep Rose was the first to actually open a restaurant in Charleston, despite Whitney Smith’s joke that he wouldn’t open a hotdog stand with Rose, but though the restaurant was up and running, a fire has caused it to close down, temporarily, according to Rose. Show More Summary

Rachel Maddow Tells Playboy Why Bernie Won’t Win

Maddow talks about her friendship with Greta Van Susteren, and why Shep Smith may end up with a face tattoo.

Fox’s Kennedy ‘Cries’ on Air to Mock Trump’s Whining

5 months agoNews : Mediaite

Fox News' Shep Smith and Kennedy mocked Donald Trump for bailing on their network's GOP debate this afternoon, and Kennedy even mock-cried on air to deride Trump's whining about Megyn Kelly.

Ben Carson Suspends Campaign For Two Days Following Death of Staffer in Car Crash

A 25 year old campaign staffer has died in a car accident earlier today. Ben Carson is suspending his campaign for two days to observe the death. Here's how Shep Smith mis-reported this: Breaking: Ben Carson campaign volunteer has died...

Heilemann: For Trashing Trump, I Like Shep Smith More Than Ever

What does it take to get a member of the MSM to praise a Fox News host? Simple: trash Donald Trump. On yesterday's With All Due Respect, co-host John Heilemann declared "I have always like Shep Smith, and I like him more today than I've...Show More Summary

Fox’s Shep Smith: Trump Is ‘Representing the Worst, Darkest Part of All That Is America’

7 months agoNews : Mediaite

Fox News' Shep Smith really let Donald Trump have it this afternoon over his plan to ban all foreign Muslims from entering the United States.

Shep Sides With Obama: Shootings Happen Here ‘More Than Anywhere Else in the World’

7 months agoNews : Mediaite

Veteran newsman Shep Smith from Fox News agreed with the President's commentary on U.S. gun death frequency, even addressing political rivals of Obama's who have criticized his rhetoric after previous tragedies.

Active Shooter Thread Two: Shooters Escaped in Black SUV?

The Los Angeles Times says police are searching for a black SUV that might have fled the scene. On the other hand, Shep Smith speculates there still might be one shooter inside the facility. As I mentioned in the last...

Active Shooter in Colorado Springs

Harris Faulkner is covering it calmly and straightly on Fox. I can only imagine what Shep Smith would be doing right now if he had the helm....

Oh, God: Jewish Teacher Stabbed In Marseille By ISIS Supporters

And here we go. Per Shep Smith, one of the attackers showed him a picture of Mohammad Merah, who went on a killing spree in southern France three years ago. They approached the teacher on scooters and escaped on them....

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