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My Week in Beijing…

Sunny skies, good food, great hotels, great internet entrepreneurs, Starbucks, Dairy Queen…pretty much the same as Silicon Valley. I lived the good life in Beijing while attending the RenRen ( $ RENN) […] The post My Week in Beijing… appeared first on Trends... Find them, ride them and get off..

Running the numbers on Silicon Valley’s meritocracy

If Silicon Valley is truly a meritocracy then that would mean that everyone who has raised money or cashed out has been able to do so because they worked smarter and/or harder than everyone else.

How a 17-year-old high school dropout got two Silicon Valley bigshots to invest $500,000 in his app

Jason Marmon just turned 18 a few days ago. That's a real milestone in anyone's life. But his 17th year was so spectacular, it's going to be hard to beat. When he was 17, he dropped out of high-school (with his parents' blessing) after he co-founded a New York startup called HomeSwipe with two other co-founders. Show More Summary

Get Out, And Get Into Silicon Valley: SurveyMonkey, Google, GoPro, FlipBoard, & So Many More

The post Get Out, And Get Into Silicon Valley: SurveyMonkey, Google, GoPro, FlipBoard, & So Many More appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog. New York is in the can (what a great event!) and next up, for those of us in the US anyway, is NewCo Silicon Valley. Show More Summary

TV Club: Comedy Bang! Bang!: “Thomas Middleditch Wears an Enigmatic Sweatshirt and Sweatpants with Pockets”

“Thomas Middleditch Wears an Enigmatic Sweatshirt and Sweatpants with Pockets” is a funny episode of sketch comedy. There’s no doubt there. Thomas Middleditch, the breakout star of Silicon Valley, brings his awkward charm to the blue couch in the same week David Letterman, a clear influence on Aukerman, put in his final show. Show More Summary

Silicon Valley Diversity: Why Innovating With People Is As Important As Innovating With Technology

Silicon Valley And The Dearth Of Diversity Why innovating with people is as important as innovating with technology In the inaugural episode of Bay Area-based HBO comedy Silicon Valley, now in its second season, the CEO of Hooli (think: fictional Google) Gavin Belson stands in his sprawling, high-rise office with his spiritual [...]

Why Are Palo Alto's Teens Killing Themselves?

Four teens have committed suicide in Palo Alto, California, since October, a cluster that has parents and students in the high-achieving and affluent Silicon Valley community on edge. "Everyone wants to be the one to stand out, because it's really hard to stand out here," said student Hayley Krolik. Show More Summary

Robocars and Hyperloops: 10 Tech Predictions From VCs

Five venture capitalists vied Thursday night in front of an audience of about 500 people to predict the future, in an annual event that shows Silicon Valley at its silliest and most prescient.

SAPVoice: Going Far Together in Kenya's Silicon Valley

“Kenyans love new things, especially technology,” says Robert Toroitich, Head of ICT for Standard Group, a Kenya media conglomerate using all channels from billboards to TV to keep the population informed. We met recently in Nairobi. A radical move to reach young people The Standard, the company’s flagship daily print publication, is [...]

Here's Facebook's Little Red Book: A Guide to Zuckerbergian Truth

Facebook, like many Silicon Valley giants, has a mythology that’s used to indoctrinate workers. To help spread this ancestral origin story, Facebook enlisted its in-house print shop to publish a book of cultish aphorisms to guide inductees towards the light. Read more...

Overvalued in Silicon Valley, but Not the Word That Must Not Be Uttered

The tech industry’s venture capitalists admit to a certain amount of “frothiness” in start-up investments, but they studiously avoid another word. Bubble.

Inc. Uncensored Ep 14: A Startup on the Nile River and the Failed Indie Rock Revolution

This week, Inc. editors and writers discuss the exodus of East Coast high school dropouts to Silicon Valley, a T-shirt startup that's trying to save Egypt's luxury cotton industry, and the new rock memoir Your Band Sucks.

Andreessens pair with H-P to send computers to Ferguson, Baltimore libraries

Topic: Public Libraries ublic libraries that provided a quiet refuge from civil unrest in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore are about to receive a small bounty from Silicon Valley. Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen and his wife, philanthropist...Show More Summary

Gender Discrimination In Silicon Valley Is Bad. Gender Discrimination In Trucking Is Way Worse

A class-action suit filed against CRST Expedited, Inc. cites "systemic gender discrimination" against women. Almost two months ago now, a jury rejected Ellen Pao's claims that she had been discriminated against on the basis of her gender while an employee of the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Show More Summary

Brit Morin, the Martha Stewart of Silicon Valley, just raised $23 million for her DIY site

Brit Media, best known for its lifestyle site Brit + Co., has raised $23 million, according to a form filed Thursday with the SEC. A spokesperson for founder and CEO Brit Morin confirmed the round with Business Insider. Brit + Co. features articles, recipes, and tutorials for skills like knitting, hand-lettering, and 3D printing. Show More Summary

HBO’s “Silicon Valley” creators once again punt on sexism issue

satire [n]: the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc There are two major criticisms brought against HBO’s Silicon Valley: The first is that it just isn’t that funny, at least...Show More Summary

Sun Micro Ex-Chairman Steps Up to Run Startup

Scott McNealy, once one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent executives, has kept a low profile since Oracle Corp. bought Sun Microsystems Inc. in 2010. He is ready to change that as he reshapes startup Wayin.

What Google looks for in entrepreneurs when it's thinking about acquiring a company (GOOG)

Time Magazine recently wrote that Google has "perfected" the Silicon Valley acquisition, in part because it has become so good at retaining talent. Time found that two-thirds of the 221 startup founders that accepted jobs at Google between 2006 and 2014 are still with the company today. Show More Summary

Cannabis Company Fights Silicon Valley Shade

Cannabis companies like MassRoots fight to be taken seriously by Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley prodigy arrested by FBI for alleged fraud

By the time Joshua Newman was a junior at Yale, he was being portrayed in national publications as a "budding venture capitalist" and "Silicon Valley pro." Now 35, Newman is at risk of going to jail. Newman, whose meandering post-college...Show More Summary

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