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The Science Behind the Most Successful Social Media Sharers [Infographic]

In today’s infographic from Express Writers, we’re taking a look at the hottest social media posts in history – and how you can be inspired to run a more successful social media campaign yourself. 

If you want to connect people, sell stories not social media shares

Content marketing may be a timeless concept, but its role within the digital media ecosystem is brand new. It’s known that blog posts, infographics, and videos are critical tools for building long-term customer relationships, but it’s also hard to connect ROI and effort. Show More Summary

Which Platforms Deserve Your Advertising on Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

So they say: no two social networks are alike. And if you’ve got a tight budget, or not much time, you might be wondering where to focus your social media advertising efforts. Facebook, the titan, has the most users, but what’s the value in that if the market you’d actually be better at penetrating is Pinterest?

Miles Apart: How Men and Women Use Social Media and Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

We spend a lot of time talking about general trends in social media. How many adults are on Facebook, the top messaging apps among teens -- but the data is actually more splintered than that. In particular, when you look more closely at the data, there is quite the disparity in what men and women are up to online.

The Ultimate Shortlist of Effective Social Media Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

It's the burning question everyone wants to know the answer to, and here Barry Feldman has scoured the Internet in search of answers. If you're wondering, "what social tactics are the most effective?" here is a compilation of the best of the best, including a beginner's guide.

Infographic: Facebook still leads pack in social media engagement

Facebook has dominated social media for a while, and some analysts think its best days are behind it. Younger adults are increasingly turning to Instagram, Snapchat and other alternates to Facebook. However, Facebook is still top dog in terms of daily engagement with users...

How Marketers Are Using Mobile [Infographic]

Mobile today seems to be similar to how social media was about five years ago - brands realize they should probably be using it, but aren’t quite sure how to get started. As consumers increase the amount of purchases made on their mobile devices, brands will need to find a way to make mobile work for them.

Report Shows There Are 18 Million Food-Related Interactions on Facebook Every Day [Infographic]

One of the classic criticisms of social media is that it’s pointless, that’s it all selfies and people taking pictures of their food. And while I don’t agree with the former, a new report from Facebook has confirmed that people definitely do like to talk about their food on the platform. Alot.

Politics, Social Media, and the 2016 Presidential Election [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Hill has a pair of recent articles about social media and the still-far-off 2016 presidential election. The first, "Trump towers over 2016 field in social media" by Caroline Kelly and Austin Yack, is a nuts and bolts ranking of the contenders based on their like and follower counts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Who Will Be Using Each Social Platform Next Year? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The social landscape changes fast. As technology and habits evolve, social media users gravitate toward different social networks. This infographic from eMarketer shows which social networks “will continue to gain momentum, while others necessarily lose ground,” according to AdWeek.

Recruiting on Facebook: How to Ethically Screen Candidates [INFOGRAPHIC]

Facebook isn’t only the most popular social media channel in the world; it’s also a tool recruiters can use to get to know candidates. And while over 18 million users have found a job thanks to the site, many companies are learning more about candidates through their Facebook posts than either candidates or recruiters want.

Top 5 Easy Ways To Get More Likes On Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

Likes on Facebook means fans are engaged; and engaged fans lead to more fans, all of whom buy more stuff. But how do you encourage more Likes on Facebook without begging or resorting to social media trickery? Photos get 53% more Likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs. Posts...

The Only Music Marketing Cheat Sheet You'll Ever Need [INFOGRAPHIC]

Not sure how to go about marketing your music on social media? This handy cheat sheet tells you where to post, how often, and how do manage those pesky hashtags. ___________________________ Guest Post by Tyler Allen of W. Tyler - Artist Consulting Related articles Snoop Dogg Sues Pabst For $70...

What Happens After You Create a 'What Happens After' Infographic?

Did you know? Recent findings from surveys of social media agencies have revealed shocking information about what happens in the one hour after posting a "what happens in the one hour after" infographic. You won't believe these shocking results. Show More Summary

LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts for Business [Infographic]

With 347 million users across 200 countries, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media sites in the world, and its popularity continues to grow. Nearly half of all B2B businesses are on the site, primarily thanks to its number one ranking among the best social network sites for lead generation.

How To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy That Works For Your Small Business [Infographic]

For small businesses, a lack of resources often stands in the way of achieving social media success. Fortunately, there is a way for small businesses to manage social media, even when they lack time, personnel, and budget. This infographic, created by Salesforce takes a closer look at the strategies to create an effective social media marketing strategy with minimal resources.

Why You Should Integrate Your Email Marketing With Your Social Media Marketing Now [INFOGRAPHIC]

Email marketing is still considered more effective than social media marketing, since the latter can be chaotic and difficult to measure. Yet, a marketing strategy that’s hip to the future needs to have both. Perhaps they shouldn’t be considered as separate entities, but two strategies working in tandem to drive customers to your business.

Post Smart: When Not to Post on Social Media [INFOGRAPHICS]

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: to tweet,” writes Shea Bennett at Adweek. Coming up with little tweaks that improve the reach of you social media messages has become an obsession for social media marketers. How many posts on Facebook  per day is optimal? What time should they go out? Should we post as much content on the weekends as during the week?

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