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A growing problem in the collecting industry

It is difficult to turn on the television, read the news, or visit social media without the tragedies of the day smacking us in the face. Although crime statistics are the lowest it has been in generations, there are some crimes that have seen a rise. Those are the crimes that are given the headlines […]

Physicians and the Remarkable Power of Social Media

Social media is proving remarkably powerful for physicians across all subspecialties to voice their opinion on US Physician Board certification. Respondents to the Practicing Physician of America survey on US Physician Board Certification...Show More Summary

Chaos Theory for Interaction

The optical illusion by Feliks Konczakowski that has been making the rounds on social media lately. Speculating Chaos Theory The initial idea of the “sand plotter” came out of my fascination with magnets, and I thought a steel ball drawing patterns in sand would... Read More

Study: Community Tweets Illustrate Negative View Of Press

By analyzing the subcultures that thrive on social media, some new research is painting a clearer picture of why some really weird stuff has gone down in this country since 2015.

Snap Inc. Is Reportedly Laying Off Nearly 100 Employees

Snapchat developer Snap Inc. has had more than its fair share of success. Not only did its time-based social media platform earn the company loads of money, it also inspired copycat features from other big-name services like Instagram. Show More Summary

Reflections on Gender Oppression and Libraries

During the past year, the public discourse on sexual harassment and gender-based abuse of power has shifted. Women’s marches, the social media #MeToo movement, and the public condemnation of high-profile individuals accused of sexual misconduct have disrupted the nation’s previously accepted complacency and led to demands for accountability. Show More Summary

In Defense Of The Facebook Group: Fostering Community And Engagement In Music Through Connections Online

As frustrating as the social media site’s ever-changing algorithms may be, as of 1/1/18, there are 2.072 billion users on Facebook. While we all roll our eyes at one aspect of Facebook or another on a near-daily basis, there’s no denying that we’re drawn to it like moths to a flame. Show More Summary

UK watchdog wants disclosure rules for political ads on social media

The UK’s data protection agency will push for increased transparency into how personal data flows between digital platforms to ensure people being targeted for political advertising are able to understand why and how it is happening. Read More

Social Media And The Music Industry: How Is Online Sharing Changing The Game?

It’s no secret that digitization is proliferating into almost every corner of our lives. We can order our groceries delivered, communicate in an instant with someone halfway around the world, and yes — share a song with our FacebookShow More Summary

Indonesia Blocks Tumblr Because It Has Too Much Hot, Sexy Porn on It

Indonesia Blocks Tumblr Because It Has Too Much Hot, Sexy Porn on It A newly instated Indonesia Tumblr ban has completely blocked the popular microblogging and social media platform from the Asian nation because of its porn Hornet Stories - Hornet Stories bring you the best news, pop-culture, and opinions on the web!

Social media handed “one-hour rule” for terrorist takedowns in Europe

The European Commission is still considering whether to regulate social media platforms to ensure they promptly remove illegal content — be it terrorist propaganda, child sexual exploitation or hate speech but also commercial scams and even copyright breaches.  Read More

Jenna Jameson's Breastfeeding Shower Selfie Called a Dangerous 'New Low'

Post by Tanvier Peart. Mamas have been known to multitask like no one's business, but this social media share is sparking controversy. Jenna Jameson's shower breastfeeding pic is turning heads, as some are scratching their heads as to why the former adult entertainer felt the need to post such an intimate pic when her baby is "vomiting every 40 minutes like clockwork."

Angry Pick-Up Artist Says He Won't Issue Bogus YouTube Claim On Critic's Video; Issues Bogus Claim On Critic's Video

last weekIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Another case of YouTube's copyright notification system being abused has filtered down through social media. A YouTuber whose channel specializes in game reviews was targeted by the developer of the game after some back-and-forth onShow More Summary

This Anti-Semitic Term Was Casually Used During A White House Briefing

Its use came a day after it was said to describe a Jewish White House official, sparking concern on social media.

Social sensing emerges as a tool for Army leaders

(U.S. Army Research Laboratory) Army and university scientists are turning to problems with social media to create social sensing as a scientific discipline. For the Army in particular, this emerging science space, they say, will better help commanders assess and comprehend the accuracy and true meaning of information on the battlefield.

Famous Racist Sues Twitter Claiming It Violates His Civil Rights As A Racist To Be Kicked Off The Platform

last weekIndustries / Law : Techdirt

We've seen a bunch of lawsuits of late filed by very angry people who have been kicked off of, or somehow limited by, various social media platforms. There's Dennis Prager's lawsuit against YouTube, as well as Chuck Johnson's lawsuit against Twitter. Show More Summary

BlackBerry is suing Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp over IM patents

BlackBerry is suing Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp over allegations that the Social Media firm’s messaging apps infringe on its preexisting copyrights for messaging apps. The firm alleges that concepts in its BBM (Blackberry Messenger)...Show More Summary

Goosebumps 2 Gets Titled Slappy Halloween as Shooting Begins

R.L. Stine announces the official title of Goosebumps 2 on social media as production kicks into high gear.

Huawei One-Ups iPhone X And Galaxy S9 With New Teaser For Its Triple Camera Huawei P20

Huawei previously announced that it will launch a new set of flagship smartphones this month, namely the Huawei P20, the P20 Lite, and the P20 Pro. Now, the company has posted a new teaser video on social media that focuses on the series’...Show More Summary

Arena Stalks Firefighters, Too

AlderDumbass filed EIGHTEEN IR Complaints (their version of a CR) with the CFD over social media posts objecting to his attempt to bring Section 8 housing into the Jefferson Park area.What is it called when people in government attempt to weaponize the investigative processes to stifle Free Speech? And why isn't the media covering this at all?We'll have even more info shortly.

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