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Trump Agenda: Privatisation of Medicare and Social Security?

Nancy Altman discusses how Tom Price, Trump’s choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services, wants to privatize Medicare.

Could you live on $16,000 a year? Why you may have to

If you're counting on Social Security in retirement, you may get a shocking reality check.        

Four short links: 2 December 2016

Engineering Teams, State Machines, Social Media, and Security Feudalism Building and Motivating Engineering Teams (Camille Fournier) -- My experience has been that most great engineers want to work somewhere that inspires them to achieve. Show More Summary

Caught On Video: Trump Promised To Keep Medicare And Social Security As They ARE

Donald Trump separated himself out from all of the other Republicans in the field by promising not only to save Medicare and Social Security, but not to change them. Forget the skepticism from our side for a minute. Millions of voters believed him on that. Show More Summary

Fired Arizona Social Services Chief Had Own Police Force, Armory

Wait until you read about this Arizona Republican who until recently was the head of the Arizona Department of Economic Security. Timothy Jeffries allegedly did the following: Engaged in mass firings at DES, calling managers he didn't...Show More Summary

John Cole, call your office

Josh Marshall was indispensable reading when George Bush tried to privatize Social Security in 2005, and I think he has it right this year as well. Republicans will not take a wrecking ball to Medicare and Obamacare without Democratic support. This has nothing to do with the filibuster or reconciliation. Mitch McConnell will ditch the […]

Forgotten Generation

According to The Motley Fool, 59% of current retired seniors count on Social Security as their major source of income and 28% say it is a helpful source of income, which means 9 in 10 seniors need Social Security to make ends meet during retirement. Show More Summary

How much will I get from Social Security if I make $50,000?

Find out how much Social Security pays middle-income earners when they retire.        

3 Social Security compromises Trump could make as president

Trump's hands-off approach to Social Security may not last.        

Ask Larry: ?Is Money From An Invention Count?ed? Under The Social Security Earnings Test?

Today’s column examines the earnings test, filing early to activate spousal benefits, how spousal benefits are calculated, whether both spousal can receive their spousal benefits and whether it would be good to take advantage of the continuing ability to file and suspend.

"How can you tell that this is not an authentic New Deal mural?"

"For this puzzle we have altered a 1942 mural called ’Security of the Family’ in the main entrance of the Health and Human Services Building (formerly the Social Security Building) in Washington, D.C."

Why We Should Stop Victim Blaming Employees Who Fall For Phishing Scams

When employees are made to feel embarrassed about falling for social engineering attacks, they become counter-productive to their organisations' attempts to fend off cybercriminals, according to one security expert. Here's why. More »      

Trump pledged to protect Medicare. His choice for health secretary has other ideas

President-elect Donald Trump reassured voters during his insurgent political campaign that he would protect Medicare, Social Security and other popular federal assistance programs. But in tapping Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) to be his Health and Human Services secretary, he has elevated one of the most...

Donald Trump's New "Health" Secretary Wants to Destroy Medicare

Donald Trump ran for President on a promise, repeatedly made, not to cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. He knew very well that this was a huge departure from the position of other Republicans, particularly House Speaker Paul Ryan and his fellow-travelers. Show More Summary

How Images Can Infect Your Computer through Social Media

If you are moderately tech savvy, whenever you hear of a system being infected, you normally think of an executable piece of code that has somehow hijacked its most secure functions. Infections can spread in any number of ways, but one...Show More Summary

Here's what a Trump presidency means for Social Security

Can Trump deliver an elusive fix for seniors' most important social program?        

How much will I get from Social Security if I make $75,000?

??????Social Security is an important part of your financial planning for retirement, and even if you're fortunate enough to earn more than the typical American, you'll still find that your Social Security benefits play a key role in helping you finance your golden years. Show More Summary

3 Tips for Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

Sponsored Post With 2,728 core rules to the Social Security benefit program, it’s not surprising that many retirees are leaving substantial money on the table. Maximize your benefits today - here's how.

How big will the average American's Social Security check be in 2017?

If you're already receiving Social Security and are curious how you compare with other recipients, or you're fast approaching retirement and you want to get a better feel for how much money you can expect from the program, you're probably curious how much the average American collects in Social Security income. Show More Summary

Greg Palast: Not Russians Or Hackers Triggering Recount. It's GOP Suppression Efforts

In August of this year, Greg Palast wrote an article warning about voter suppression and the role it might play in the vote. Specifically, Palast warned about Crosscheck, the program which claims to match names and Social Security numbers...Show More Summary

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