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Grim News on Health Costs in Retirement

The problem isn't just high health costs. It's also that health costs are likely to rise at more than twice the rate of retirees' Social Security income.

Social Security Q&A: How Should a Higher and Lower Earner File?

Today's question asks about optimal strategies for spouses with different income levels. The answer considers when to file and explores some of the options subsequently available;

Why shouldn’t I take Social Security early so I can enjoy my retirement?

Photo by Bipolar/Stone Collection via Getty Images. Boston University economist Larry Kotlikoff has spent every week, for over two years, answering questions about what is likely your largest financial asset — your Social Security benefits. Show More Summary

Social Security Q&A: Can I Collect Survivor's 23 Years After Maxing Out Children's Benefits?

Today's question asks if collecting the family maximum in surviving children's benefits over two decades ago will disallow a survivor's benefit for the spouse now. The answer reviews when and how the family maximum benefit is applied and reviews two potential filing strategies.

America Can Afford To Increase Social Security, Despite What The Washington Post Says

WaPo's editorial page editor's wrong math and wrong-headed argument. "It's simple math," is the refrain often uttered by those seeking to explain why cutting, not expanding, Social Security is the choice to make. A variation of thatShow More Summary

It's Monday and Robert Samuelson Wants to Cut Social Security and Medicare

Yes, once again Robert Samuelson stresses the urgency of cutting Social Security and Medicare. It's the usual pox on both your houses story, but as usual he leaves his thumb on the scale. In discussing the Republicans' proposals to save...Show More Summary

The Early Work of David Fincher, Explained

Due to having hits like Fight Club, Seven, and The Social Network under his belt, David Fincher is an especially secure auteur, one with enough commercial clout to pursue big-budget projects with near-total artistic freedom. Before those...Show More Summary

6.5 Million New Reasons to Worry About Your Social Security

Social Security is missing death records on about 6.5 million people who are age 112 or older.

Social Security Q&A: How Can Two High-Earning Spouses Maximize Beneifts?

Today's question asks what two high earners can do to maximize their Social Security benefits. The answer suggests using software to determine exactly how to do so and sketches out two general ways to get the highest benefits.

Read This Before You Take Early Social Security Benefits

Most people take Social Security early, but there are consequences for doing so.

Awaiting the 2015 Social Security Report (not holding breath)

FEDERAL OLD-AGE AND SURVIVORS INSURANCE TRUST FUND AND FEDERAL DISABILITY INSURANCE TRUST FUND (c) With respect to the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund and the Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund (hereinafter in this title called the “Trust Funds”) there is hereby created a body to be known as the Board of Trustees of […]

Social Security: How Divorce and Remarriage Affect Your Benefits

Making sure you don't lose your Social Security benefits can be hard. Find out how to keep them.

Welfare Nation Alert: Disability Insurance Trust Fund To Run Out Of Cash In Two Years

Back in 2010, America's primary retirement vehicle, the Social Security Trust Fund, did something it had not done in three decades done: it went cash negative, meaning that the costs were greater than the payroll tax revenues as a result...Show More Summary

What Is the Maximum Social Security Tax for 2015?

For 2014, the maximum Social Security tax for a single taxpayer is $7,254, and twice that for self-employed taxpayers.

Tony Perkins Has The RINO Sadz

3 days agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

"Almost a dozen Republicans -- some who visibly campaigned on natural marriage -- sided with Senator Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) in tearing down the last two federal holdouts that respect state marriage laws: the social security and veterans' administrations. Show More Summary

Social Security Q&A: Does Length of Marriage Determine Multiple Exes' Benefits?

Today's question asks if multiple exes can claim on one worker's record and whether the length of each of the marriages would determine each ex's benefit. The answer reviews eligibility of multiple exes based on a single record as well as whether an individual can claim based on more than one ex's record.

Read This Before You Take Social Security

When to take Social Security is an important decision all seniors have to make.

US Republicans Draw Clear Battle Lines With White House on 2016 Budget

The US Senate’s 2016 budget proposal highlights a deep chasm between Congressional Republicans and President Barack Obama as well as leading Democrats on a range of spending priorities including national security, healthcare, social programs, economic issues and the environment.

FRC keeps lying about where majority of Americans stand on marriage equality

4 days agoLGBT / Gay : Good As You

Reacting to the news that eleven Republican US Senators voted in favor of a measure that ensures Social Security and veterans benefits to same-sex couples regardless of whether or not their state has marriage equality, exceedingly anti-gay Family Research Council...

Eleven Senate Republicans Join Democrats in Voting to Guarantee Equal Benefits for Married Gay Couples

4 days agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

In an unexpected move Thursday night, eleven Senate Republicans joined all Democrats on a nonbinding vote to guarantee equal Social Security and veterans benefits to married same-sex couples, regardless of state laws on gay marriage. Buzzfeed reports: The amendment, proposed...

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