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104,000 taxpayers have personal info stolen from IRS website

Officials said the breach was part of an elaborate scheme to claim fraudulent tax refunds. In order to access the information, the thieves cleared a security screen that required knowledge about the taxpayer, including Social Security number, date of birth, tax filing status and street address.

Maximizing Your Social Security Benefit -- Focusing on the 'When' Factor

The decision about when to start Social Security is a bit like waking up one morning and finding an envelope filled with thousands of dollars sitting at your front door. 1 Although you knew it would eventually be delivered, you never really thought much about it because it always seemed like a long way off. Show More Summary

Why Kids Misbehave in Classrooms

"If you have the end in view of... children learning certain set lessons, to be recited to a teacher, your discipline must be devoted to securing that result. But if the end in view is the development of a spirit of social cooperation and community life, discipline must grow out of and be relative to this." ~ John Dewey We've all met Johnny. Show More Summary

IRS hacked, 100,000 tax accounts breached

The information stolen included Social Security information, date of birth and street address.        

Overwhelming ISIL Social Media Activity Challenging for US Investigators

The US investigators are overwhelmed by US-based pro-Islamic State social media activity, with information suggesting that US military bases could be targeted in the near future, a US security agency bulletin obtained by Fox News sa...

Piketty Did Not Endorse Social Security Fraud

Kevin Williamson takes us back to some dishonesty we saw a decade ago: The Left’s favorite economist of the moment, Thomas Piketty, organizes his argument in Capital in the Twenty-First Century around the statement r > g, where r is the rate of return on capital and g is the rate of economic growth... Show More Summary

FINANCIAL ADVISOR INSIGHTS: Don't make this costly mistake when you turn 65

FA Insights is a daily newsletter from Business Insider that delivers the top news and commentary for financial advisors. Avoid this mistake when enrolling for Medicare (The Motley Fool) Anyone who is receiving Social Security before...Show More Summary

The Third Rail of Journalism

In politics, "The Third Rail" is a metaphor which the late House Speaker, Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, referred to when speaking about the perils of any attempt to alter the Social Security System. In actuality, the "third rail" refers to the extremely high voltage rail that powers trains and subways which is instantly fatal if touched. Show More Summary

What Social Security has yet to get right: It’s your maximum age of life that matters

Boston University economist Larry Kotlikoff has spent every week, for more than two years, answering questions about what is likely your largest financial asset — your Social Security benefits. His Social Security original 34 “secrets,”...Show More Summary

Social Security Q&A: Are Spousal Benefits Half My Reduced Retirement Benefit?

Today's question asks if spousal benefits will be equal to half of an early reduced retirement benefit or half of the full retirement benefit. The answer explains how spousal benefit amounts are determined.

How to Protect Your Personal and Financial Information

For most of us, identify theft isn’t at the top of our minds, but it’s something that can happen to anyone. And if it does, it can really destroy your finances. When your personal information, such as a social security number or a bank...Show More Summary

Reversing a 100 Year Trend, Men are Staying in the Workforce Longer

In response to company pensions, employer age limits, shifts in the economy, and the initiation of social security, men have increasingly enjoyed a little 20th century social invention called “retirement.” In 1860, more than 80% of men age 70 to 74 worked, but by around 2000, that number had dropped to below 20%. As of the 2000s, […]

Does David Stockman Want Women to be Barefoot and Pregnant?

Apparently uber-supply-sider David Stockman is back: There are powerful domestic and international economic forces and welfare state policy impacts—-such as the huge increase in Social Security disability and food stamp recipients—– that are roiling labor force participation rates and weakening labor hours utilized and labor productivity. Show More Summary

No wonder the dot-coms went under

Techie: …and there was a strong correlation between the last two digits of their social security numbers and how much they spent on the site! — Office, midtown

Social Security Q&A: Can I File Based on My Ex's Disability Benefit?

Today's question asks if it's possible to file for a divorced spousal benefit based on the record of an ex who is receiving a disability benefit. The answer reviews how divorced spousal benefits become available when the ex is not receiving disability and then explains how the ex's disability status affects that availability.

Health Insurer CareFirst Hacked back in 2014

The breach came in June 2014, but no vital information such as Social Security numbers or passwords were stolen.

Find Out Which Names Were Given To The Most Babies In Your State Last Year

The Social Security Administration released the list of the most popular baby names of 2014 this week. Looking at which names were number one in each of the fifty states, some interesting patterns emerge. It turns out that top national...Show More Summary

‘Graying’ U.S., Germany and Italy Expect Social Security Cuts. But Who Is Saving?

Americans, Germans and Italians are doubtful that social security benefits will still be at current levels when they retire, leaving personal savings and help from families as fallbacks. A new Pew Research Center study looks at attitudes in the graying countries.

Social Security Q&A: Can I File if My Deceased Ex Was a Citizen?

Today's question asks if a non-citizen can claim a benefit based on their late ex's record. The answer explains what benefit might be available as well as the effect of taking it early.

STUDY: 69% of U.S. Adults Skeptical that Social Network Activities Remain Private

Social networks did not inspire confidence in a new study from Pew Research Center, as 69 percent of respondents said they were not confident that records of their activities would remain private and secure. Online video sites did not...Show More Summary

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