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Watch a double eclipse of the sun as seen from outer space - CNET

3 weeks agoTechnology : CNET: News

It's eclipse season for the Solar Dynamics Observatory, and it's kicking off with both the Earth and the moon passing in front of the sun.

NASA's SDO witnesses a double eclipse

Early in the morning of Sept. 1, 2016, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, caught both Earth and the moon crossing in front of the sun. SDO keeps a constant eye on the sun, but during SDO's semiannual eclipse seasons, Earth briefly blocks SDO's line of sight each day -- a consequence of SDO's geosynchronous orbit.

NASA's Solar Observatory Freaked Out But Everything's OK Now

After more than a week offline, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory — the sun-watching spacecraft responsible for these close-up images of solar flares, fire and loops — is back. But just what caused it to glitch in the first place? More »      

NASA's Solar Observatory Freaked Out But It's Not Because of the Apocalypse

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

After more than a week offline, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory—the sun-watching spacecraft responsible for these close-up images of solar flares, fire, and loops—is back. But just what caused it to glitch in the first place? Read more...

How NASA's Juno Will Teach Us About Other Solar Systems

2 months agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Long the Big Kahuna, Jupiter is not only key to unlocking our own solar system’s formation history, but understanding the dynamics of other solar systems as well. NASA’s JUNO spacecraft --- now on the verge of doing real science from...Show More Summary

Why Home Solar Panels No Longer Pay in Some States

Utility regulators are upending the financial dynamics of residential solar as they try to meet their obligations to customers who don’t have roof panels.

NASA Captures Sun’s Strongest Flares in 2016

Beautiful bursts on the solar surface, invisible to the human eye, have been recorded in high-resolution video by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory at the early-July peak of the sun’s activity this year.

The Inclination of the Gas Giants in the Solar System Constrains Planet Nine

The inclination of the planetary system relative to the solar equator may be explained by the presence of Planet 9Authors:Gomes et alAbstract:We evaluate the effects of a distant planet, commonly known as planet 9, on the dynamics of the giant planets of the Solar System. Show More Summary

This is what the sun would look like if it were somersaulting through space

For seven hours on July 6, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) did a 360 degree spin, on one axis, through space. By taking images every 12 seconds and then colorizing the ultraviolet wavelengths of the photo in gold, NASA created...Show More Summary

Why NASA’s Sun-Watching Probe Flips Out Twice a Year

Space acrobatics is all part of the job for NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

How the Sun Looks When Your Spacecraft Suddenly Does a Back Flip

2 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

No, the space-based Solar Dynamics Observatory isn’t on the fritz—it was actually instructed to make this flip while snapping pics of the Sun. It might sound like NASA took this thing out for a joy ride, but there’s a very good reason for the evasive maneuver. Read more...

NASA's solar observatory does a space-flip, delivers nauseating sun GIF - CNET

You might want to take a motion-sickness pill before you view the Solar Dynamics Observatory's latest animated GIF.

Solar Forecast for China and India: Strong, But Challenging

3 months agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

San Francisco, CA--India and China will be two of the most dynamic solar markets in the world over the next decade, but risks abound, according to analysts at Intersolar, taking place this week in San Francisco. India, for instance, has set a goal of having 175 GW of renewable capacity by [...]

Don't Panic, But A Giant Hole Just Formed In The Sun

3 months agoNews : Huffington Post

While it looks and sounds worrying, there’s nothing to fear here. A massive new “hole in the sun," or a big patch of black in the corona, was spotted on Monday by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. But as Tom Yulsman of Discover’s ImaGeo...Show More Summary

The Winds Are Changing for Renewable Energy

Red states won’t abandon their resistance to renewable mandates, but over time, the growing economic dynamism of solar and wind energy could compel a more balanced approach.

NASA's SDO watches twisting solar material over sun's surface

Solar material twists above the sun's surface in this close-up captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory on June 7-8, 2016, showcasing the turbulence caused by combative magnetic forces on the sun. This spinning cloud of solar material is part of a dark filament angling down from the upper left of the frame. Show More Summary

The Sun Boils Like a Cauldron in This Dramatic Close-up

4 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory just released a stunning video showing a pair of magnetic fields as they duel for supremacy on the surface of the sun. Read more...

Newest "hole" in the sun is a doozy

4 months agoTechnology : Tech Talk

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured an image of a new, massive "hole" on the surface of the sun

Here's the Glorious 4K Footage of Last Month's Mercury Transit We've Been Waiting For

4 months agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

So you missed Mercury transiting the Sun last month and thought you were going to have to wait another three whole years to see the rare astronomical event? Not at all. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Laboratory was busy shooting the entire thing in 4K, and it just released three glorious highlight reels. Show More Summary

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