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What is a Terrestrial Planet?

23 hours agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

In studying our Solar System over the course of many centuries, astronomers learned a great deal about the types of planets that exist in our universe. This knowledge has since expanded thanks to the discovery of extrasolar planets, many of which are similar to what we have observed here at home. Read more...

How NASA Is Helping Rovio's Angry Birds Explore The 'Solar System'

Rovio's Angry Birds Space game gets an update today that adds 15 Solar System levels. Each level features a different planet, comet or satellite in our Solar System.

Two Numbers: Pluto Gets Its First Close-Up

2 days agoNews : Newsweek: US

For those who grew up making Styrofoam models of our solar system with nine planets, Pluto’s demotion to dwarf planet in the summer of 2006 came as a cruel blow. But earlier that year, on January 19, NASA launched its New Horizons probe on a path to make the first-ever flyby of Pluto. Show More Summary

Origin's solar business gets $100m from the Green Bank

CEFC funding to support roll-out of no-money-down solar power purchase agreement offering, and home battery systems in future.

New Horizons two weeks from historic Pluto flyby

2 days agoTechnology : Tech Talk

NASA's probe is a mere 10 million miles from the enigmatic dwarf planet at the farthest reaches of the solar system

Solar lamp fits onto endless 3D printed accessories

SULI is a personal, modular, solar lighting system which is designed to fit easily with any number of 3D printed accessories.

The Open Standard for Grid-Edge Controls Is Emerging

At this week’s Grid Edge Live conference, we’ve heard a lot of discussion about the need for technology that can standardize how distributed solar, smart inverters, energy storage, microgrids and other edge-of-network energy systems interact with the grid at large. Think of concepts like an operating system for the distributed energy landscape, or an internet […]

New Solar Guide Helps Homeowners Make Informed Choice

Originally published on Cost of Solar. For the average homeowner, the ins and outs of a home solar energy system aren’t nearly as well understood as many other possible home upgrades, but a new guide from the Solar Energy IndustriesShow More Summary

"Mars is the only planet in the solar system solely inhabited by functioning robots."

“Mars is the only planet in the solar system solely inhabited by functioning robots.” - Internet (via climateadaptation)

Build a Solar Powered Mailbox Notification System

Sick of walking over to the mailbox only to find it empty? Adafruit has a guide for building a system where you’ll get notified when the mail arrives. Read more...

Our distant neighbors

There’ve been some stunning pictures recently sent back from distant parts of our solar system which I wanted to share. When I was a boy, people could only imagine what a comet actually looks like. Now we know. NASA’s Dawn probe, launched from earth in 2007, this month sent back some phenomenal pictures of the […]

Polymerizing Life's Building Blocks on Europa and Other icy Moons

Polymerization of building blocks of life on Europa and other icy moonsAuthors:Kimura et alAbstract:The outer solar system may provide a potential habitat for extraterrestrial life. Remote sensing data from the Galileo spacecraft suggest...Show More Summary

Earth-Moon Combination Is Likely Very Rare, Study Confirms

Some 4.53 billion years ago --- roughly 300 million years into the history of our early solar system --- a Mars-sized planetary impactor slammed our young planet virtually head on.  The collision cast dust and debris and a sizeable portion of our mantle and crust into Earth orbit and eventually [...]

Teach Yourself Adobe Illustrator for Free

When Adobe Illustrator debuted in 1986, the Voyager 2 spacecraft was still in our solar system and a man, kicked out of Apple, had just founded a small animation studio called Pixar. Seventeen incarnations later, it still is the illustration tool of choice for graphic artists not on a budget. Show More Summary

Spiral Galaxy Arms --"Incubate Rocky Terrestrial Planets"

New work from Carnegie's Alan Boss offers a potential solution to a longstanding problem in the prevailing theory of how rocky planets formed in our own Solar System, as well as in others. The snag he's untangling: how dust grains.....

Spiral arms cradle baby terrestrial planets

New work offers a potential solution to a longstanding problem in the prevailing theory of how rocky planets formed in our own Solar System, as well as in others. The snag he's untangling: how dust grains in the matter orbiting a young...Show More Summary

What Lurks in the Outer Solar System?

Where does the solar system end? You might think of the solar system as being the Sun, a bunch of planets , and various asteroids and comets. But it’s more complicated than that. Nothing in the Universe ever really has sharp boundaries when you look at it closely. Show More Summary

Portsmouth Naval Base Harnesses Sun Power

BAE Systems has completed a large scale installation of solar panels at Portsmouth Naval Base to increase energy efficiency and generate savings. In total, almost 2,

Solar Power: Smartflower Home Solar System Gives Plug-and-Play Power

All photos courtesy of Smartflower Based on the concept of a sunflower, the Austrian-made Smartflower POP system wants to be a micro, rather than a macro, solution for those seeking to begin going off the grid. Unshackling solar power from...

What we might expect to find on Pluto

last weekGenres / Sci Fi : io9

The history of the modern exploration of the solar system has been a catalog of surprises. No matter what astronomers and planetary scientists expected to find, the moons and planets have managed to say “Gotcha!” more than once. From...Show More Summary

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