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Dawn reveals recent changes in Ceres' surface

Observations of Ceres have detected recent variations in its surface, revealing that the only dwarf planet in the inner solar system is a dynamic body that continues to evolve and change.

AI has spotted nearly 7000 undiscovered craters on the moon

Artificial intelligence can automatically identify craters on the moon, and may eventually tell us more about the formation of the solar system

EU Solar Grew 28% In 2017

European Solar Market Grows 28% in 2017; Turkey leading solar market 9 February 2018 (Solar Power Europe) “European countries installed at least 8.61 GW of solar power systems in 2017…[which is] a 28% increase in comparison to the 6.72...Show More Summary

15 new planets confirmed around cool dwarf stars

(Tokyo Institute of Technology) Scientists report the existence of 15 new planets -- including one 'super-Earth' that could harbor liquid water -- orbiting small, cool stars near our solar system. These stars, known as red dwarfs, are of enormous interest for studies of planetary formation and evolution.

Tesla's Powerwall faces stiff competition from other energy storage products

While Tesla's Powerwall may be the most well-known residential solar energy storage system, it's not the only one - and it's facing increased competition. Nearly all major residential solar companies are now developing a similar household energy storage system, either independently or in collaboration with another company. Show More Summary

Comet Chury's late birth

Comets which consist of two parts, like Chury, can form after a catastrophic collision of larger bodies. Such collisions may have taken place in a later phase of our solar system, which suggests that Chury can be much younger than previously assumed. This is shown through computer simulations by an international research group with the participation of the University of Bern.

Image: Saturn's greatest storm

Saturn's storm are sights to behold. Unlike other planets in the Solar System, the ringed planet seems to store up huge amounts of energy over multiple Earth decades and then release it all at once in the form of a swirling and chaotic lightning storm.

How life on Earth might survive on Saturn's ice moon Enceladus

With its subsurface ocean and geysers spewing water and complex organic molecules, scientists say Saturn’s moon Enceladus is one of the most promising places to look for extraterrestrial life in the solar system. But what exactly would life on Enceladus look like and how would it function? After...

California Sets Two New Solar Records

Mild temperatures and sunny skies helped California set two new solar records in recent days. On Sunday, March 4, the California Independent System Operator saw an all-time peak percentage of demand served by solar, hitting a record 49.95 percent at 12:58 p.m. Show More Summary

Venus – our neighbour from hell

Venus is our inner neighbour in the Solar System. The second planet from the Sun, it is another rocky world, The post Venus – our neighbour from hell appeared first on Skymania News. Visit us to read of latest discoveries and for observing advice. Show More Summary

New Photo Shows Huge Cyclone Horde on Jupiter

The Juno spacecraft is revealing what’s churning below the surface of the largest planet in the solar system.

Tonight’s Sky: March 2018 Video Guide

Before dawn, a string of planets highlight the eastern sky: Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter. Jupiter and Saturn are the largest planets in our solar system, while Mars is second only to Mercury as the smallest. With a backyard telescope, the rings of Saturn and the bands of Jupiter are clearly visible, while Mars appears as […]

Alien life in our Solar System? Study hints at Saturn's moon

Humanity may need look no further than our own Solar System in the search for alien life, researchers probing one of Saturn's moons said Tuesday.

Against Busyness and Surfaces: Emerson on Living with Presence and Authenticity

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Brain Pickings

On cultivating "the power to swell the moment from the resources of our own heart until it supersedes sun & moon & solar system in its expanding immensity."

NASA/Hubble Update: "Unique Alien Planet Found to Have Abundance of Water"

"WASP-39b shows exoplanets can have much different compositions than those of our solar system," said co-author David Sing of the University of Exeter in Devon, United Kingdom. "Hopefully this diversity we see in exoplanets will give us clues in figuring...        

Solar Will Dominate New Electricity Generation In US By 2022, Yuri Horwitz States

Yuri Horwitz, co-founder and CEO of Sol Systems, believes solar power will dominate new electricity generation in the US by 2022. Keep reading to discover the three reasons why.

Parks and Rec’s Natalie Morales Reunites With Mike Schur for a Modern Day Cheers

And with that, the Mike Schur TV Universe expands into yet another solar system. Natalie Morales, who you probably remember as Tom Haverford’s girlfriend-turned-restaurant-employee-turned-future-wife over the course of a few seasons on Parks and Recreation, will be starring in Schur’s newest Cheers-esque NBC pilot called Abby’s. Per the network’s description, ... More »

Model based on hydrothermal sources evaluate possibility of life Jupiter's icy moon

Jupiter's icy moon Europa is a major target of astrobiology research in light of the possibility that it offers a habitable environment in the Solar System. Under its ice crust, estimated to be 10 km thick, is an ocean of liquid water of over 100 km deep. A huge source of energy deriving from gravitational interaction with Jupiter keeps this water warm.

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