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TED CRUZ: Scalia 'single-handedly changed the course of legal history'

Presidential candidate and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) lauded Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia after news of the justice's death broke Saturday. Cruz, who served as Texas' solicitor general argued several cases in front of Scalia, praised the justice's decades-long tenure on the court. Show More Summary

The Cruzifiction of Michael Wayne Haley

Herewith a quiz: If you were the Solicitor General for the State of Texas and it came to your attention that someone had been sentenced to prison for 16 ½ years for (i)committing an offense for which the maximum sentence was only two...Show More Summary

Obama's Abysmal Record Before the Supreme Court

I’ve written exhaustively about this administration’s sheer statistical failure at the Supreme Court. It has the worst record of any modern presidency, whether you count in absolute won-loss – where the solicitor general’s office struggles...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz’s Howitzer

Ted Cruz couldn’t take it any longer. It was July 23, 2012. Houston. The final debate of he Republican runoff in Cruz’s bid for a seat in the U.S. Senate. The former Texas solicitor general had entered the race as a footnote, his polling in the low single digits, his political résumé thinner than an Olsen twin. Show More Summary

Are SCOTUS Justices and the Solicitor General Email Pals?

Did Paul D. Clement forward golf tips to Chief Justice Roberts? Has Justice Sotomayor ever sent adorable cat pics to Donald Verrilli? It's unlikely, but if they did, we might soon find out. That's because a journalist from Vice News is currently suing the Department of Justice for access......

Kruse Hit Piece on Cruz

A guy named Michael Kruse has a very tendentious piece about Ted Cruz’s tenure as Solicitor General of Texas — part of the Politico hit piece series on Cruz. In the piece (safe Web cache link; no links for bullies!) Kruse first chides Cruz for getting involved in Heller despite the”fact” that “Texas had no […]

Puerto Rico Is Up In Arms Because The Obama Administration Basically Just Called It A Colony

2 months agoNews : Huffington Post

As the federal government's lead lawyer before the Supreme Court, U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli has an important but relatively narrow role: By design, his views are intended to sway the justices and the justices alone. But a brief Verrilli filed last week with the court -- for an under-the-radar case in which the U.S. Show More Summary

Puerto Rico's Governor Protests U.S. Solicitor General Brief

Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla has denounced what he is calling a change in the U.S. government's historic position on the island's political status.In a letter to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, portions of which were released Sunday by the governor's office, Garcia Padilla said the new stance contradicts the U.S. Show More Summary

The Counter-Establishment Candidate

Ted Cruz has an establishment résumé. Princeton, Harvard Law, a clerkship with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Rehnquist, the George W. Bush campaign and the Bush administration. He’s a state solicitor general turned United States senator. Show More Summary

Solicitor General Opinion Favors Colorado’s Marijuana Industry

The Solicitor General of the United Sates says that recreational marijuana is Colorado’s business and there is no need for the U.S. Supreme Court to review claims from Nebraska and Oklahoma that they are owed something because the legal weed is being trafficked beyond the Centennial State’s borders. Nebraska and Oklahoma sued Colorado a year ago... Continue Reading

Solicitor general to Supreme Court: Don’t take Bob McDonnell’s case

Federal authorities said the former Virginia governor’s conviction “breaks no new ground.”

Obama asks the Supreme Court to act fast to save his immigration orders

FIVE months ago, the Supreme Court turned back a challenge to the Affordable Care Act that would have scuttled Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement. On November 21st, the president’s solicitor general, Donald Verrilli, asked the Supremes for another favour. Show More Summary

Solicitor General Asks SCOTUS To Rescue Obama’s Immigration Plan

3 months agoIndustries / Law : Above the Law

This plan was introduced one year ago, and now the Obama administration is asking for SCOTUS intervention to implement it.

Writing Advice From the Solicitor General's Style Guide

If you're one of those "good enough" legal practitioners, this piece will make you squirm in your seat. Lawyers must be a dry bunch overall, however, because the The Solicitor General's Style Guide: Second Ed. just took Amazon's #1 new release in legal writing. This admittedly handy little tool......

Life Tech v. Promega: Inducing with Yourself

In Life Technologies Corp. v. Promega Corp., the Supreme Court has asked for the views of the Solicitor General — greatly raising the likelihood that the high court will take the case.  The kicker will be how the US Gov’t responds. The case centers around Life Technologies’ international sales of genetic testing kits.  A portion of the kit included Taq polymerase that […]

10th Circuit Welcomes New Chief Judge, Timothy Tymkovich

Timothy Tymkovich became the new Chief Judge of the Tenth Circuit last week, replacing Judge Mary Beck Briscoe, whose five year term as chief ended in September. As a judge and former Colorado solicitor general, Tymkovich has been involved in a number of notable cases, dealing with everything from......

The Court and Violent Video Games

Here’s a contemporary equivalent of the frequent porn screenings that took place in the basement of the Supreme Court in the 60s and 70s: It’s hard to picture Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, a former solicitor general of the United States as well as a former dean of Harvard Law School, hunched over at a […]

“The Warnings About The Supreme Court’s Dangerous Campaign Finance Ruling Are Now Coming True”

Paul Blumenthal for HuffPo: During courtroom debate over the McCutcheon decision, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli expressed concern that political parties could create joint fundraising committees to allow a single candidate to solicit a $1 million-plus contribution, which could be distributed … Continue reading ?

Corbyn appoints shadow cabinet amid sexist accusations

Addressing the controversy over women in the shadow cabinet, he said: “You’re living in the 18th century”. The Attorney General is responsible for legal advice given to the Government and oversees the Treasury Solicitor’s Department, the Serious Fraud Office, and the Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office. By contrast, there are 30 Government ministers who are

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