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Singapore is Home to the First Self-Driving Taxi

4 hours agoVehicles / Cars : TopSpeed

The race between auto manufacturers to bring real, self-driving cars to the market is as bad as the Space Race between the Soviet Union and the U.S. that started back in the mid-1950s. With Tesla holding the trophy for the most advanced system so far, other manufacturers are closing in fast and relentlessly. Show More Summary

Support Obama's UN Resolution on Nuclear Testing

The Soviet Union and the Cold War now seem like ancient history, but many of the weapons that were produced decades ago during that conflict inexplicably remain on hair trigger alert and still threaten us all. Whether they are exploded by computer error, human miscalculation, terrorists or mad men, the result would be an end of life as we know it.

Russian Olympic Pride Salvaged by Wrestling… Until Obligatory Controversy

Monika Ewa Michalik of Poland (Red) and Inna Trazhukova of Russia (Blue) in action during the women's Freestyle 63kg bronze medal bout (Ilnitski/EPA) Former Soviet Union states—especially Russia—have an extensive history of success in...Show More Summary

Nina Ponomareva, First Soviet Olympian to Take Gold, Dies at 87

3 days agoNews : NYTimes: News

Ms. Ponomareva led a strong women’s discus contingent when the Soviet Union made its first appearance in the Olympic Games, in the 1952 Helsinki Games.

32 Vintage Photos Documented Everyday Life of Soviet People during WWII

These images of everyday life in Soviet Union were taken from 1941 to 1943 that show the difficulty of people, but they were always keep their smiles. See more »

Volvo Built A Military Vehicle Normal People Can Totally Drive

4 days agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Most military vehicles—tanks, HUMVEEs, duck tours boats—are resoundingly horrible to drive and virtually impossible to use as a normal vehicle. Not so with the 1970s Volvo C303, which is built to defeat the Soviet Union but can happily drive around town. Read more...

Red Army could have defeated Nazis without allies, most Russians say in new poll

5 days agoLocal Interest / Russia : RT

Two thirds of respondents in a recent Russian poll believe the Soviet Union could have repelled Nazi aggression in World War II without outside help, with about 20 percent saying Stalin’s regime should share the blame for the huge losses suffered in the process. Read Full Article at

Do Steps Toward Freedom Create Net Benefits?

(August 21, 2016 10:16 PM, by David Henderson) Noah Smith recently wrote a piece titled "Being an Ideologue Means Never Having to Say You're Wrong." It starts out well. He writes: "Communism would have worked, if the Soviet Union had only tried it for real." I must have... (0 COMMENTS)

Unfree Wheeling: Amusingly Surreal Vintage Soviet Auto Ads

The Soviet Union not only manufactured cars, they exported them to buyers charmed (or duped) by some amusingly and bemusingly photographed advertisements.

GORBACHEV’S AMBIGUOUS LEGACY: The article is five years old but it’s still a timely reminder of the …

GORBACHEV’S AMBIGUOUS LEGACY: The article is five years old but it’s still a timely reminder of the Soviet Union’s evils, the dismal existence of its people and Gorbachev’s attempts to maintain the totalitarian state. As for the August 1991 coup: Was he (Gorbachev) simply a victim or also a perpetrator of the coup attempt? “I […]

Former Soviet Leader Gorbachev Has A Message The World Needs To Hear

Submitted by Alice Salles via, In August of 1991, members of the Soviet Union’s government — who were also hard-line members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) — attempted to take control of the country. Show More Summary

‘Work Therapy’ — How the Salvation Army’s chain of rehab centers exploit unpaid labor

6 days agoNews : The Raw Story

Normally when we hear about people who use drugs being sent to forced labor camps as so-called “addiction treatment,” we think of places like Vietnam, China or the former Soviet Union. Surely nothing like this could happen in America? But the civil rights of people who use drugs are not protected...

BORIS YELTSIN’S FINEST MOMENT: 25 Years Ago Today, When He Stopped A Military Coup That Would Have …

BORIS YELTSIN’S FINEST MOMENT: 25 Years Ago Today, When He Stopped A Military Coup That Would Have Restored The Old Soviet Union.

The Nation’s Political Pilgrims, Iran Edition

(Steven Hayward) If The Nation magazine’s special “curated” tour of the Soviet Union Russia isn’t enough for you, why they have another trip to an America-hating country that may be perfect: Iran! Join The Nation as we travel to Iran for an educational excursion curated for a very limited delegation of Nation readers and supporters. Show More Summary

Over Quarter of Russians Believe Country Would Be Worse If 1991 Coup Succeeded

Over a quarter of Russian citizens, 26 percent, believe that the situation in Russia would have been worse if the Soviet Union State Committee on the State of Emergency (GKChP) coup in August 1991 had been successful, a poll revealed on Friday.

Why Russian tuberculosis is the most infectious

Scientists conducted a large-scale analysis of the proteins and genomes of mycobacterium tuberculosis strains that are common in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union and found features that provide a possible explanation for their epidemiological success.

Soviet Union Coup in 1991 Triggered Ukrainian Independence - Ex-Ukrainian Leader

The events of August 1991, when the Soviet Union State Committee on the State of Emergency (GKChP) attempted a coup, gave the impetus to the proclamation of Ukrainian independence, first president of the country Leonid Kravchuk said...

West Initially Not Interested in Soviet Union’s Collapse - Ex-Soviet FM

Western countries, particularly the United States, France and Germany, were not interested in the early 1990s in the collapse of the Soviet Union, as they were scared of new nuclear states not bound by any treaties, the USSR last foreign minister, Boris Pankin, said, commenting on the August putsch that occurred 25 years ago today.

NATO Assured USSR of No Plans to Expand Eastward in Early 1990s - Ex-Soviet FM

The Soviet Union received in the early 1990s assurance from NATO that the alliance would not expand toward the USSR border, the last Soviet foreign minister, Boris Pankin, said.

August 1991 USSR Putsch 'Absolute Surprise' - Ex-GDR Prime Minister

The events of August 1991, which saw a coup attempt against the USSR leader by the State Committee on the State of Emergency (GKChP) and breakup of the Soviet Union came as an "absolute surprise" to Hans Modrow, the last communist Prime Minister of East Germany, who told Sputnik about his experiences.

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