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Episode 53 – Tammy Camp & Matt Ellsworth, 500 Distro Team

yesterdayTechnology / Startups : 500

This week, I speak with 500 Distro team members Tammy Camp and Matt Ellsworth. Learn more about our new Distrofund and WMD (Weapons of Mass Distribution), a one day conference covering marketing and distribution hack-tics to grow your startup. For more info visit: Love the show? Don’t forget to rate us and subscribe on iTunes!

Shonda Rhimes speaks out on 'Grey's Anatomy' shocker

This article contains details about Thursday's episode of "Grey's Anatomy." If you haven't seen the episode, read on at your own peril.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Shocking Twist: Shonda Rhimes And Insiders Speak Out!

If last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy is saved on your DVR, still unwatched, and you want to avoid spoilers, then DO NOT click on the break below. Seriously. This post is chock-full of spoilers. And may I make a humble suggestion? If you don’t want to be spoiled, Get Off The Internet. Show More Summary

Grey's Anatomy Shocker: Shonda Rhimes and the Show's Casualty Speak Out On That Heartbreaking Death

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! Do not read until you have seen tonight's heartbreaking episode of Grey's Anatomy! Well, that one hurt. Even though the biggest plot twist of...

BG 030: Croatia, Alabama, and Colorado Collide!

Episode Description: In this episode Vince Horn speaks with two of Buddhist Geeks most active users: Daniel Ingram and Hokai Sobol. They discuss the reasons that people get into Buddhist practice, what really inspires one to “go for it”, and what hinders one from doing so. Show More Summary

Phaedra Parks Explains Why The Kids Have Not Visited Apollo Nida In Prison

Recently, we heard Apollo Nida speak out about how Phaedra Parks has not brought his boys up to visit him in prison. However, on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Phaedra explained why they have not visited him yet. Apollo Nida spoke out recently, confused as to why Phaedra Parks has not […]

BG 032: Dharmic Throw Up

Episode Description: This week, we had the great pleasure of speaking with teacher and artist Robert Spellman, who was a long-time student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. In the first part of the series Robert shares several personal vignettes and also introduces a somewhat (w)retched metaphor for understanding the development of the path. Show More Summary

BG 033: Lacking Leadership, Lacking Conceptuality

Episode Description: In our final segment, speaking with Hokai Sobol and Daniel Ingram the conversation wraps up with a criticism of what is missing from some of the Buddhist leadership in the West, as well as the issues surrounding conceptuality and non-conceptuality. Show More Summary

Alex Boone Speaks on Jim Harbaugh's Exit from 49ers in 'Real Sports' Interview

New Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is the subject of Tuesday’s episode of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, and the episode will include a telling interview with San Francisco 49ers guard Alex Boone. In the episode, Andrea Kremer profiles Harbaugh and discusses Boone's former coach with the guard. Show More Summary

BG 042: From the Point of View of Insight Meditation

Episode Description: In the 2nd part of our conversation with Sharon Salzberg, Gwen Bell speaks to her about a number of fascinating subjects. They begin with Sharon’s experience writing for secular publications, such as Oprah’s O Magazine and her experience writing her most recent book, Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience. Show More Summary

'Daredevil' Episode 9 review: 'Speak of the Devil' -- It's a trap!

Through nine episodes of Netflix's new "Daredevil" series, Matt Murdock has been outmaneuvered and easily manipulated. Our hero is playing checkers while Wilson Fisk is playing chess.

BG 049: The Scholar-Practitioner: Joining Theory and Practice

Episode Description: Judith Simmer-Brown, a professor of Religious Studies at Naropa University and authorized teacher in the Shambhala tradition speaks with us about the coming together of theoretical study and meditation practice in the context of academia—what professor Charles Prebish calls the “scholar-practitioner”. Show More Summary

[TV Review] “Marvel’s Daredevil” Episode 1.09, ‘Speak Of The Devil’

Nine episodes in, and Marvel’s Daredevil hits its seasonal climax. Almost everything the entire series has been building to comes to a head in “Speak Of The Devil.” It should feel rushed, and jarring but somehow it proves to be the best episode yet. Staring at the climatic battle between Daredevil and red ninja Nobu […]

Daredevil's Corridor Fight: A Breakdown of the Smackdown

There is a corridor. At the end of it, there is a closed door. Behind that, a kidnapped boy. Men come and go, speaking in untranslated Russian. And so, at the end of the second episode of Netflix's Daredevil show, the scene is set for the most memorable action set piece in the entire series — and arguably one of the best in TV history. Show More Summary

BG 055: Atto, Zepto, and Yacto: The Buddhist Marx Brothers

Episode Description: We speak to insight meditation teacher and comedian Wes Nisker about humor, enlightenment, and the way that the scientific vision has impacted and informed the teachings of the Buddha. Quoting Wavy Gravy, Wes comments...Show More Summary

BG 059: McZen: A Double Satori with Cheese

Episode Description: This is an experimental dialogue called Geeks of the Round Table. In this session we speak with two young Buddhist practitioners in a round-table format about Brad Warner’s criticisms of the Big Mind process, in an article he wrote called, Big Mind™ is a Big Load™ of Horse Shit. Show More Summary

BG 070: Susan Piver: The Fearless Writer

Episode Description: When Susan Piver’s book, The Hard Questions, hit the top of the NY Times Bestsellers list (and stayed there) she decided that she needed to deepen her practice immediately. Listen in this week as speak with Susan about her journey as a popular author and Buddhist practitioner. Show More Summary

Bruce Jenner Speaks, Briefly, In New Diane Sawyer Interview Promo

Man, ABC is really going to milk the buildup to their big Bruce Jenner exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer for all its worth, huh? In this new promo for the two-hour episode of “20/20,” airing April 24, Bruce finally speaks! “My whole life has been getting me ready for this,” he says, which either refers […]

TheFuturein5 Episode 30: Why Uber is Not Really in The Transportation Business

In this episode of the Future in 5, I talk about why Uber is not really in the transportation business. I'm a very frequent Uber user. Every time I go to a conference or speak at an event -- which is fairly often -- I take the UberBlack car. Show More Summary

Episode 52 – Richard Werbe, Founder Of StudyPool

last weekTechnology / Startups : 500

This week, I speak with batch 11 founder Richard Werbe about his new startup, StudyPool. Check to learn how his team is building the modern day Cliffs Notes for everything. Intro music courtesy of Blank & Kytt: Love the show? Don’t forget to rate us and subscribe on iTunes!

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