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Strong Language.

I’m happy to announce the appearance of Strong Language, a new group blog about swearing created by linguist James Harbeck and Stan Carey of Sentence first, one of my favorite language sites. The About page says, “This blog gives a place for professional language geeks to talk about things they can’t talk about in more […]

Teenager found bed

Stan Carey writes "Here's a headline for you!": "Mentally ill teenager held in police cell is found bed", BBC News Devon, 11/29/2014. I puzzled over this for several re-readings, until I looked at the lead paragraph: A teenage girl with mental health problems who was kept in police cells for two days because of a […]

Those X-ing Ys

From Stan Carey: This ambiguity in a tweet from the British prime minister may be of minor interest: I welcome President Obama's pledge to help the Iraqi government tackle this crisis and get aid to those fleeing ISIL terrorists. — David Cameron (@David_Cameron) August 8, 2014 In the unlikely event that the ambiguity is not […]

Because Linguistics

Stan Carey lays out an interpretation of the recent origin of using “because” as a preposition: Neal Whitman agrees with Language Log commenters who think it could be from “Because hey”–type sentences (If life gives you lemons, keep them, because, hey, free lemons), where hey functions “like an adaptor, letting you shift from the ordinary speech […]


Almost a decade ago I did a post about language in movies; now I'll use Stan Carey's "Films of linguistic interest" as the springboard for another. Stan mentions the experimental French film Themroc, the Canadian film Pontypool, theShow More Summary

Whatcha Say: Britney Spears, Adam Lambert And Rihanna Got Our Readers Talking

Last week, we plead our cases for our favorite songs of the summer. But this week, we turned it over to you guys to make the ultimate decision. The race started off pretty even, but Mariah Carey and Avril Lavigne stans went head-to-head as the two singles quickly took the lead. Haven’t placed your vote... More »

A Few Links

Stan Carey has introduced me to the new blog Caxton. I’ve been browsing through some of the more recent entries, on topics such as reflexives and whether relative that is a relative pronoun, and I’ll be putting it on the blogroll. Various news outlets have been picking up a story about how some linguists have […]

Are Mariah Carey And Miguel Collaborating On A New Single & Video?

OK guys, here’s one of those connect-the-tweets stories that Stans are so good at tracking down. Based on a series of tweets from people working with and for Mariah Carey, it would appear that Mimi is collaborating with Miguel on her new single and accompanying music video. A couple weeks ago, Carey tweeted that she... More »


Last year, over at Stan Carey's Sentence first, I jovially commented, in response to one of those "Let?s try to preserve the English language" people, "Congratulations, I think you?ve filled out your Peever?s Bingo card completely!"Show More Summary


Stan Carey writes:Mysteries of Vernacular is a fun and admirable project from Myriapod Productions comprising short animated films about etymology. Each film sketches the history of a word in the form of a story lasting a couple of minutes. There...Show More Summary


I've long been aware that the Irish use feck a lot, and I had the vague idea that it was just a Hibernian equivalent of fuck. Not so! Stan Carey explains:Feck is a popular minced oath in Ireland, occupying ground between the ultra-mild expletive flip and the often taboo (but also popular) fuck.... Show More Summary

Perfect Timing

Having been away from the internet much of the summer, I found it a wonderful coincidence that, upon checking in with some of my favorite blogs, Stan Carey's recent Link Love post on Sentence first included a link to an interview with David Crystal. Show More Summary


AT the Macmillan Dictionary Blog, Stan Carey has a nice post on commas. For the life of me I've never understood why some people think that their personal comma preference is linguistic law. There are those who think the "Oxford comma"...Show More Summary


Via Stan Carey's latest link love post, a couple of tidbits I can't resist passing on: 1) Michael Quinion explains the unusual and bifurcated term godwottery, which can mean either "the employment of deliberately archaic vocabulary"Show More Summary


Chimpanzee journey 2 safe cabin in the woods. This picture, posted by my cousin on Facebook, reminded me of Stan Carey's bookmashes. I especially loved my cousin's comment: "I would see that movie in a heartbeat." Thanks for the fun, Kristin.

You can't say that

STAN CAREY has a sensible post today on his dislike of the idea of "banning words". Many a writer has earned the Curmudgeon Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster by penning a list of detested clichés or fashionable words that are henceforth (somehow) "banned". Show More Summary


Stan Carey has a nice post on standard English and "bad grammar," in which he explains that "The particular English dialect that began to be adopted as standard more than half a millennium ago came from the UK, mostly the region encompassing...Show More Summary

Whom do you trust?

DO YOU love "whom"? Stan Carey's exhaustive post on the case-marked pronoun says almost everything to be said on the subject, quoting everyone from those who put their foot down for "whom" to those who insist that the sooner "who" fills its last functions, the better. Show More Summary

The abbrevs are my plezh

FOR those alarmed at yesterday's peeving, today's post will be a celebration of teenage slang. A few posts in the linguablogosphere have recently checked in on teenage shortenings: Stan Carey ("Ledgebag is totes amaze") here, and Ben Yagoda ("Totes cray-cray abbrevs") here. Show More Summary

Summer Links

A thorough investigation of the history of different from/than/to from Stan Carey. The hilarious linguistics love song (h/t to Stan Carey) Another blog post from Stan Carey, this one linking to no less (uh, fewer?) than four websites that allow you to easily type and display IPA characters. I’ve put all the stuff I got [...]

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