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General Stanley McChrystal: The 2 Traits Military Leaders and Entrepreneurs Share

Retired U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal, author of Team of Teams, explains the two traits entrepreneurs share with military leaders.

ACTUALLY, IT STUNK PRETTY BADLY FROM THE GET-GO:  The New York Post editorial today, “As Five Talib…

ACTUALLY, IT STUNK PRETTY BADLY FROM THE GET-GO:  The New York Post editorial today, “As Five Taliban Officials Walk Free, Bergdahl Deal Stink Grows.” [R]etired Gen. Stanley McChrystal revealed last week for the first time that he’d been informed almost immediately after Bergdahl’s 2009 capture that the soldier “walked off [his base] intentionally.” Yet years […]

General Stanley McChrystal on How To Break Down Barriers Between Your Employees

General Stanley McChrystal says insular groups must be brought down. Find out how to align team incentives and create one shared definition of success.

General Stanley McChrystal Says the Best Leaders Are Like Gardeners

The model of a leader as a heroic strategist has become antiquated. War veteran and retired General Stanley McChrystal explains why viewing a leader as a gardener helped him in the Iraq theater.

General Stanley McChrystal: 'We Knew Enough to Prevent the 9/11 Attacks'

Retired U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal says your organization needs to have a "shared consciousness" where information flows fluidly from the executives to the employees.

General Stanley McChrystal: Communication Is a Matter of Life and Death

U.S. Army General McChrystal writes in his book Team of Teams about the lessons from Captain "Sully" Sullenberger's famous 2009 Hudson River landing.

General Stanley McChrystal: Empower Decision Making At the Bottom

Stanley McChrystal, retired U.S. Army General and the author of Team of Teams, says every one of your employees needs to be a decision maker.

Podcast: Stanley McChrystal on leadership

LISTEN: A conversation with Gen. Stanley McChrystal   This week our podcast is with Stanley McChrystal, the retired Army general who led U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan before his resignation in 2010. In this conversation,...Show More Summary

General Stanley McChrystal: Centralized Management Is Not Fast Enough

Retired General Stanley McCrystal, who led coalition forces in Afghanistan, says to beat your competitors, all the pieces or your business need to be nimble and have decision-making ability.

General Stanley McChrystal on How to Adapt, Empower, and Lead

Retired U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal, author of Team of Teams, says command-and-control management will make your company slow and sluggish. Find out his tips for how you should structure your company and treat your employee...

General Stanley McChrystal on how Uber operates just like a special forces unit

Retired US Army General Stanley McChrystal, author of "Team of Teams," outlines how the management of incredibly high stake, dynamic situations that he encountered in the military can apply to companies.   Produced by Alana Kakoyiannis.  Edited by Jason Gaines.   Follow BI Video:   On Facebook   Join the conversation about this story »

General Stanley McChrystal Says Iran Is 'Obviously' A Rational Actor

2 weeks agoNews : Huffington Post

In an interview with HuffPost Live Thursday, Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal was quick to defend Iran's ambitions on the world stage, saying the Middle Eastern country is "obviously" a rational actor and a democracy. While many haveShow More Summary

Four-star general explains why ISIS is unique, dangerous — and even brilliant

In his new book "Team of Teams," retired US Army General Stanley McChrystal and his co-authors lay out how to navigate through decisions when facing dynamic foes in uncertain environments. The book draws from his experiences leading the Joint Special Operations Task Force in the fight against Al Qaeda in Iraq in the 2000s. Show More Summary

Let General Stanley McChrystal Explain Why Adaptability Trumps Hierarchy

Forget everything you ever knew about your company's org chart—and that's an order. Dr. E.J. Caterson and Dr. Matthew Carty are members of one of the world's finest reconstructive plastic surgery teams, working out of Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital. Show More Summary

Generally Speaking - About Afghanistan

There's obviously no need to rehash what was written about General Stanley McChrystal and his aids in the now infamous Rolling Stone article that shook DC more than the very real earthquake that rattled Ontario and Quebec today.McChrystal is out. Show More Summary

Conservatives filing brief in favor of gay marriage

Right Turn has learned that an impressive array of Republicans and Gen. Stanley McChrystal will be filing an amicus brief on Friday in support of gay marriage with the Supreme Court in DeBoer v. Snyder. The case will decide, in the wake of cases striking down the Defense of Marriage Act, if states can restrict […]

General Stanley McChrystal Wants Every Young American To Serve Their Country — And He Has A Plan To Make It Happen

It all started with a question. In the summer of 2012, General Stanley McChrystal was wrapping up an onstage conversation at the Aspen Ideas Festival conference. He was asked if the US should reinstate the draft. Yes, he replied, but not in order to grow the size of the US armed forces. Show More Summary

Not exactly breaking news, but good call firing McChrystal

The other day I heard an old TED talk by Stanley McChrystal, the general famously let go in 2010 after his immediate retinue showed an astonishing contempt for the army’s civilian leadership in front of a Rolling Stone reporter. I get all kinds of talks from TED, some enlightening and some less so, but this [Read more...] This space reserved for your ad.

Stanley McChrystal: How to Tell When Your Leadership Style Is Obsolete

Sometimes it becomes necessary to ask the tough questions: is it time to retire your management strategy?

It’s Time for Obama to Champion Service

11 months agoNews : The Daily Beast

The president once fired Gen. Stanley McChrystal. But now, Obama should heed his call for a ‘service year’ and get on board.

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