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Engadget emblem in Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor makes uncontrollable VTs more stylish

Fans of the Steel Battalion series will remember fondly showing off that massive, 40 button controller to their friends and, for a time, feeling like the most hardcore gamer on the planet. Those days are sadly gone, that amazing controller not compatible with the Xbox 360, but of course these days you are the controller. Show More Summary

Silver Lining: Steel Battalion Heavy Armor and humanity within the mech

'Silver Lining' is a column from freelancer Taylor Cocke dedicated to highlighting moments of real potential in less than perfect games. This week he examines From Software's Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. An interesting thing happened to me within the first hours of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. Show More Summary

MechWarrior Online exists, I've come to terms with that

With Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor now in the rear-view mirror and Hawken shining brightly on the horizon mechs seem to be experiencing something of a resurgence as of late. And now that your turret arms' sights have been set both high...Show More Summary

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

The great thing about buttons - whether they're on your doorbell, mobile phone, game controller or even plastered all over an elaborate mech-simulation peripheral that comes with its own Allen key - is that when you push them into the...Show More Summary

A Postmortem—or an Autopsy—on Steel Battalion's Failures [Blip]

Kirk Hamilton, the Kotaku features editor, appeared with Anthony Carboni on revision3's New Challenger to discuss the shambling pile of fail that is Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, why scathing reviews differed so much from optimistic previews, and what this means for core games development on Kinect. The segment is about 10 minutes long. [YouTube] More »

Our videos of Steel Battalion HA

After years of waiting, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is here to bring the fans a sequel to a series started on the first Xbox. Unfortunately, no more pricey controller to play with, the game now features a combination of Kinect and gamepad and it's just terrible to play. Show More Summary

Super Joystiq Podcast 007: Steel Battalion, SpyParty, Diablo 3 patches, Microsoft's Surface

This week's Super Joystiq Podcast gets tense.In the first segment, Xav, JC, Richard, and Mike Schramm discuss Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor and the Metal Gear HD Collection for Vita. They also get into some deep discussion about the recent changes to Diablo 3.The Joystiq Research Institute returns with Jess, Ben, and Xav playing through SpyParty. Show More Summary

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour – Kenji Kataoka interview

Nick Cowen talks to producer Kenji Kataoka about the new iteration of Steel Batallion, which sees the introduction of the Kinect controller June sees the release of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, the latest entry in Capcom's series of games that feature towering battle Mechs with big guns, and the first that players will control using Kinect. Show More Summary

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Trades Its Massive Controller for Really Low Review Scores [Steel Battalion]

In 2002 Capcom released Steel Battalion for the Xbox, a mech game so complex it was bundled for $200 with a massive proprietary controller. It didn't sell particularly well, but Capcom didn't let them stop them from creating a sequel that will probably sell worse. More »

I am officially done with the Kinect

I owe everyone an apology. This past March, I stated that "Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor validates owning a Kinect." As it turns out, I was so, so wrong. We went as far as having the Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor review pass through the...Show More Summary

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor review

An AP shell hits our right-side leg, and I hear steel bend and warp at the force. I start to prepare a shell to fire back, but I have bigger problems now. My VT is filling up with smoke. Visibility is poor, and we're all starting to cough. Show More Summary

Metareview: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

Only the majestic tone of the illustrious George Takei could sum up Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor's reviews so far: "Oh my!" In our two-star review we retreated back to the Kinect game classic "It's great, when it works," but at least we seem to have scraped some functionality out of the game. Show More Summary

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Now Available For Xbox 360

If you have a Kinect that's collecting dust and you have a 360 that you put to use regularly because you're a core gamer, then this next bit of news is for you. Capcom has announced that their hardcore vertical-mech action game, Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, is currently available for the Xbox 360.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor: The Kotaku Review [Video]

I used to have one of the hugely impractical, super-expensive controllers for the original Steel Battalion. It went MIA somewhere during the various moves of my adult life, but before it did, I remember that I broke it out in all its glory maybe one or two times. Show More Summary

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor review: Grasping at nothing

With my upper body poking through the hatch of my vertical tank - essentially a massive gun turret situated atop two equally massive, birdlike metal legs - I observe the surrounding landscape with a pair of binoculars. Spotting my target, I hop back into the cockpit of the VT as one of my crew members begins to crank the engine. Show More Summary

Review: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor

If you were alive in 2002, you may remember Steel Battalion for the original Xbox. To many gamer's dismay, it required a special giant $200 controller and a priceless amount of mental fortitude, making it one of the most unique games of last generation. Flash forward about ten years -- the long awaited spiritual successor is about to drop. Show More Summary

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor short film released

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is due out tomorrow, but just in case you can't wait to hop in a VT and start blasting Uncles to tiny fiery bits, Capcom has released a live-action short film to sate your appetite. The movie only lasts about three minutes, but it comes from the well-known Japanese director behind the anime classic Ghost in the Shell. Show More Summary

Gods and Heroes [The Week In Games]

Two heavy-hitters step up on Tuesday—Civilization V and LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. Others of note include Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor and a five-platform adaptation of Brave. More »

Live Action Trailer for Video Game ‘Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor’ from ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Director Mamoru Oshii

Capcom released a live-action trailer for the mech warfare video game “Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.” The trailer was created from “Ghost in the Shell” director Mamoru Oshii. The video game is set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic setting, in which warfare … Continue reading ?

This Is More Than 15 Seconds of Live-Action Badass Mecha Battles [Video]

Mamoru Oshii, director of such animated films like Ghost in the Shell was recently revealed as the director of the Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor trailer. In the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, the director offered his insight to the creation of the trailer and some impressions on the game itself. More »

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