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First Contact

2 days agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

(Berkeley Mews) It could be cool if the Earth was a Poké Stop. But there's too much risk. It could attract potentially hostile and dangerous alien civilizations to Earth. As Stephen Hawking warned us last year, that's something that we don't need.

Undetected Alien Civilizations --"May Be Cloaking Their Existence Using Laser Technology" (Today's Most Popular)

Several prominent scientists, including Stephen Hawking, have cautioned against humanity broadcasting our presence to intelligent life on other planets. Other civilizations might try to find Earth-like planets using the same techniques we do, including looking for the dip in light...

"The Alpha Centauri Mission" --World's Science and Internet Elite 'Take Control' of the Search for Life in the Universe (A 'Galaxy' Insight)

An open letter a "manifesto" of sorts, framed and singed by many of the great scientists and minds of our century --from Stephen Hawking to Frank Drake, Lord Martin Rees, to Caltech's Kip Thorne shown above-- was published this past...

Daily 2 Cents: I Dream of Aliens -- Woman Issued Death Threats to Stephen Hawking -- Juno Probe Enters Jupiter's Orbit

I Dream of AliensVentura, CA - 2015-03-12 - 8:00PM: I was having a normal dream when it was interrupted by a vivid dream of me on a table surrounded by aliens. There were two types. one kind that was small looked almost identical to the alien on the cover of the book communion. Show More Summary

Why Physicists Disparage Philosophers, In Three Paragraphs

Periodically, some scientific celebrity from the physical sciences– Neil deGrasse Tyson or Stephen Hawking, say– will say something dismissive about philosophy, and kick off a big rush of articles about how dumb their remarks are, how important philosophy is, and so on. Given that this happens on a regular basis, you might wonder why it…

'Mentally Challenged' Woman Arrested After Years of Stalking Hawking

A US women who was stalking British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has been given a suspended sentenced.

Stephen Hawking Stalker Convicted In A Spain Hearing

There may not be anyone in the scientific community more well known than physicist Stephen Hawking and, as we all know, anyone with such a high profile is subject to attracting stalkers as both over obsessed fans and hateful critics....Show More Summary

Woman Planned to Kill Stephen Hawking at Astronomy Festival

An American woman was arrested Wednesday in Spain for sending dozens of death threats to Stephen Hawking then trailing him to an astronomy festival in the Canary Islands, Gizmodo reports. According to El Pais, the unnamed 37-year-old woman lives in Norway and has no previous criminal record. Authorities were tipped...

Stephen Hawking’s stalker gets suspended jail term for threatening to kill him

3 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Stephen Hawking’s Stalker Gets Jail Term A 37-year-old U.S. woman was awarded a suspended four-month jail sentence for threatening to kill famed British physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking. She was arrested Wednesday. The woman identified by local media as Norway-based Jenny Theresa C....

Stephen Hawking: American Woman Arrested In Spain Following Death Threats

An American woman has apparently been a bit obsessed with Oxford professor Stephen Hawking for quite some time. The 37-year-old reportedly stalked Hawking on various social media sites for at least a couple of days before finally following him to Spain. Show More Summary

In WTF News: American Woman Arrested for Trying to Kill Stephen Hawking - Rule #1 of Murder: Maybe don't tell someone exactly when and where you're gonna do it.

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Geekosystem

In How the Hell is This Even a Thing news today, an American woman living in Norway was arrested on Wednesday for harassing and plotting to kill famed scientific genius, Stephen Hawking.

“I’m next to you and can kill you” Terrified Man Couldn’t Move!

Stephen Hawking addressed a crowd of fans at the Starmus Festival. The renowned physicist, who is confined to a wheelchair, was issued death threats by a 37 year-old woman on

Woman Arrested for Plot to Kill Stephen Hawking

3 weeks agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

An American woman was arrested this week for flooding Stephen Hawking’s email with death threats, then stalking him at an astronomy festival in the Canary Islands. Read more...

American woman busted for threatening to kill Stephen Hawking

3 weeks agoNews : NY Daily News

The 37-year-old suspect was arrested Wednesday in a hotel near where a conference was being held on Spain's Canary Island of Tenerife, according to the BBC.

Woman arrested in Spain for stalking, threatening Stephen Hawking

3 weeks agoNews / Crime : NYPost: Crime

MADRID — Spanish police say they have arrested an American woman who had been threatening to kill famed British physicist Stephen Hawking while he was in Spain for an astronomy conference. A police statement Friday said the woman was arrested in a hotel near where a conference being attended by Hawking was being held on...

Stephen Hawking Faced With Death Threats At Starmus 2016, U.S. Woman Arrested

A 41-year-old American woman has been arrested in Tenerife, Spain, after making hundreds of death threats against the renowned astrophysicist, Stephen Hawking. Hawking has been visiting the Spanish island while participating in the Starmus Festival which started on Monday in Arona and concludes on Saturday night. Show More Summary

The Court Slams the Door on Domestic Abusers Owning Guns

In 2009, a logger named Stephen Voisine shot and killed an American bald eagle. Bald eagles are protected under federal law, though Voisine said he’d believed it to be a hawk, which is also illegal to kill in his home state of Maine....Show More Summary

It's Asteroid Day

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : mental_floss

“One of the major threats to intelligent life in our universe," said Stephen Hawking, "is a high probability of an asteroid colliding with inhabitable planets.”

Elon Musk Is Wrong About AI. Here's Why.

Will AI evolve to become an existential threat to humanity? Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk and physicist Stephen Hawking seem to think so. They are amongst a number of luminaries who see intelligent machines as humanity's way of committing collective suicide. Show More Summary

Stephen Hawking warns about artificial intelligence in the near future: ‘We’re not getting any less greedy or stupid’

3 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has a few thing to say about the future of humanity and the development of artificial intelligence — and he wasn’t feeling optimistic. Hawking was interviewed by Larry King on Monday. “Governments seem to be engaged in an AI arms...

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