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This Fairy-Tale Forest Wedding Makes Us Want to Go Barefoot

Hitched couple Laura and Matthew fell in love on campus at Stephen F. Austin University. Laura wanted to learn to play the banjo, and Matt became her teacher. "The rest was a melody that they sing in tune," says Lacey of Photography by Laceymarie. Show More Summary

January Off-Grid Solar Investment Numbers Floors 2014, GTM

Numbers collated by senior editor at Greentech Media, Stephen Lacey, show that $42 million has been invested into off-grid solar companies currently working in developing countries already this year. Which, for context, equates to roughly two-thirds of all off-grid investments made throughout 2014. Show More Summary

A solar energy system is installed in U.S. every four minutes

We can do this. The positive news about solar energy is coming fast and furious. Stephen Lacey writing at Green Tech/solar gives us the uplifting stats on new solar installations in U.S.: A lot happens in America every four minutes.Show More Summary

Two thirds of global solar PV has been installed in the last 2.5 years!

View of mountains and new solar panels at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in Utah Stephen Lacey at green tech media is bringing us these stunning statistics of the overwhelming growth of global solar. If you want to understand why people...Show More Summary


The 5 Most Interesting Pieces of Obama’s New Climate Plan; There’s a lot of repackaged stuff in the president’s plan. Here’s what’s new. Stephen Lacey, June 25, 2013 (Greentech Media) “After promising to make climate change a top priority...Show More Summary


This May Be the Most Innovative Energy Efficiency Financing Tool Yet; The inventor of renewable energy credits has something else up his sleeve. Stephen Lacey, June 19, 2013 (Greentech Media) “…[A] tool for deploying energy efficiency...Show More Summary

World’s Most Innovative Energy Efficiency Financing Tool

This article originally appeared on Greentech Media by Stephen Lacey The renewable energy credit, or REC, is a staple in the retail energy sector. But fourteen years ago, when the tool was first being crafted, very few people understood its potential. Show More Summary


3 Ridiculously Simple Efficiency Measures That Could Help Slow Climate Change; What do India’s industrial motors have to do with Russia’s energy consumption? Stephen Lacey, June 11, 2013 (Greentech Media) “…In its latest analysis, Redrawing...Show More Summary


Intelligent Efficiency: Innovations Reshaping the Energy Efficiency Market Stephen Lacey, April 2013 (Greentech Efficiency) How energy efficiency is evolving into “intelligent efficiency” The last two major economic revolutions wereShow More Summary


Was Efficiency Responsible for 75% of CO2 Reductions in 2012? Natural gas is touted as the driving force behind America’s declining emissions. But a new study concludes that efficiency is the primary reason. Stephen Lacey, May 1, 2013 (Greentech Media) “Ever since it was reported last year that U.S. Show More Summary


Four Must-See Charts on the Future of the Global Solar Market; Who will be left standing when the dust settles? Stephen Lacey, April 23, 2013 (Greentech Media) “…[U]nexpected growth in global demand, particularly in European markets,...Show More Summary

Solar Companies Ripe To Add Energy Efficiency Focus?

Reposted from Greentech Media (with permission): By Stephen Lacey Residential solar companies have a unique opportunity to engage the energy efficiency market. Because a contractor is already talking to an energy-conscious consumer, a conversation about simple efficiency retrofits is a natural next step. Show More Summary

Chinese Companies Projected To Make Solar Panels for 42 Cents Per Watt In 2015

Future cost drops from Chinese crystalline silicon solar producers will not be as steep as recent years, but they will still be significant. Stephen Lacey, via GreenTechMedia The cost of producing a conventional crystalline silicon (c-si) solar panel continues to drop. Between 2009 and 2012, leading “best-in-class” Chinese c-Si solar manufacturers reduced module costs by [...]

Free Money At The Office

Stephen Lacey sees some: If you’ve ever walked into your office building on a weekend, you’ve probably experienced one of the most easily identifiable energy-efficiency problems. Chances are good that the empty building was as warm or cool as it normally is on the weekday when the building is at full occupancy — sucking all that [...]

GOP Lawmaker Laments [GOP-Led] ‘Congress Is Not a Reliable Partner’ To Cleantech

by Stephen Lacey via GreenTechMedia It’s nearly impossible to get Congress to agree on anything. But at a clean energy policy forum today, two congressmen — one Republican and one Democrat — agreed on three things: renewable energy is necessary, government should help leverage private investment in the sector, and the upcoming congressional showdown over [...]

Climate Progress Is Looking For A Deputy Editor

ClimateProgress is hiring a new Deputy Editor. The current Deputy Editor, Stephen Lacey, will become an editor at Greentech Media, where he’ll be covering the business of cleantech. Regular readers know what an awesome job Stephen has been doing and how tough it will be to fill his shoes. The full job description is here and below.  Please [...]

JFK Asked for the Moon—Now It’s Time for Obama to Ask for the Earth

Will the President finally use his bully pulpit to stop global warming in its tracks? Reprinted from – By Stephen Lacey – January 3, 2013 After a long period of silence on the issue during the campaign, President Obama now says that climate change is one of the top priorities for his second term. Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: U.S. solar installations headed for record quarter in a record year

The invaluable Stephen Lacey writes U.S. Installs Record Amount Of Solar So Far In 2012: Analyst Calls It The ‘Opening Act’ For 4th Quarter Boom: Almost exactly a year ago, during the height of the Solyndra hysteria, Mitt Romney made a rather odd statement about solar. Show More Summary

Open thread for night owls: The sounds of climate silence in the debates

Stephen Lacey writes, The Sound of Climate Silence: Romney and Obama Spar Over Who Wants to Drill For More Fossil Fuels During Debate: Those concerned about climate change were sorely disappointed during Tuesday night’s town hall-style...Show More Summary

Dept. Of Commerce Slaps Tariffs On Chinese Solar Cells: Will It Impact China’s Domestic ‘Solar Shakeout?’

by Melanie Hart, with Stephen Lacey The Department of Commerce has issued a final decision in a year-long solar trade case. And it’s made the Chinese very upset. After investigating whether China is providing unfair subsidies to domestic solar manufacturers, thus allowing companies to dump product into the U.S. market below cost, the Commerce Department [...]

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