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Stolen Valor Act proposed in Massachusetts & NJ

According to the Daily Hampshire Gazette, Massachusetts State Representative John Velis has introduced a new Stolen Valor bill in that state; Velis’ bill would make it a criminal offense subject to up to 2½ years in prison to wear a military uniform, awards or decorations that one has not earned, or to use fake military […]

Stolen Valor Act in Pennsylvania

One aspect of Pennsylvania’s attempts to close the stolen valor gap was passed by the state senate. Apparently, a few years ago, PA decided to put an identifier on drivers’ licenses for veterans, but, there were no restrictions on it – you self-identified on application by checking a block on your application. The result is […]

Pennsylvania’s Stolen Valor Act goes to a vote

According to ABC27, Pennsylvania’s Stolen Valor Act is headed to a vote by the legislature soon; The Senate Transportation Committee has approved legislation to penalize Pennsylvanians who falsely claim they’re a veteran on a driver’s license application. Under Senate Bill 42, drivers could be charged with a summary offense if they apply for a veteran […]

Brian Williams Proves We Don’t Need The Stolen Valor Act?

2 months agoIndustries / Law : Above the Law

I'm not saying that Brian Williams didn't lie, I'm saying it doesn't matter.

Stolen Valor laws in the states

Chip sends us a link to Maine’s proposed Stolen Valor Act that will make false claims of any military service that results in monetary gain greater than $10 or a false claim of service in a war or wearing/claiming verbally an award or decoration that the wearer didn’t earn a “Class E crime”. A person […]

New Jersey stolen valor bill

New Jersey 101.5 reports that new legislation is being presented in the New Jersey legislature this year. I call it the “Ron Mailahn Attitude Adjustment Act” The legislation would make it a third-degree crime for anyone to knowingly misrepresent themselves as a member of the military — for the purpose of obtaining money, property or […]

Stolen Valor Video: Airborne Veteran Confronts Man Falsely Claiming To Be Army Ranger At Mall

4 months agoNews : Jonathan Turley

I was on BBC yesterday talking about the Stolen Valor Act and the video below that has gone viral after a man was confronted in a mall on Black Friday by a veteran who called him out as a fake. (Warning: the video contains bad language). The man, identified as Sean Yetman, 30, walked by […]

Pa. man impersonating Army Ranger at mall might face charges

The man busted for impersonating an Army Ranger at the Oxford Valley mall in Langhorne, Pa. on Black Friday might face federal charges for violating the Stolen Valor Act of 2013.

All Stolen Valor Is Equal. But Some Stolen Valor Is More Equal Than Others.

We all know the SCOTUS recently invalidated the Stolen Valor Act of 2005, forcing Congress to revise and reenact it.  That happened last year. So, merely making false claims about one’s military career isn’t in general unlawful today.  You have to do so for the purpose of fraud to break the law. But it seems […]

South Carolina’s Stolen Valor law

South Carolina governor, Nikki Haley, signed that state’s new stolen valor act into law yesterday, according to The Republic. Considering that the state subsidizes a large number of phoney POWs there, prosecutors should be pretty busy enforcing the law; The law signed by Gov. Nikki Haley makes the lie a misdemeanor, with the punishment depending […]

Pucino family: strengthen Stolen Valor Act

You probably we remember the story we posted in January about obese POS Brandon Ashraf who impersonated late Army SSG Matthew Pucino on dating websites with Pucino’s Facebook photos. Ashraf was arrested for criminal impersonation, a misdemeanor. Pucino’s surviving family members are pushing to strengthen the Stolen Valor Act passed last year to prevent phonies […]

How to be a good phony soldier

Hack.Stone wrote in the comments how there should be a written document to explain to phonies how to act after they’ve been busted. So, I’ve taken it upon myself, as we gear up for our annual tournament of Stolen Valor, to explain that process to the uninitiated. First, don’t deny military records. If the records […]

How Australia punishes stolen valor

From Perth Now, the story of how to punish stolen valor violations. Graeme Arthur “Gosh” O’Shannessy, 63, of Theodore, in central west Queensland, appeared in Biloela Magistrates Court yesterday charged with two Defence Act offences. [...] It will be alleged that, on April 22, O’Shannessy addressed a school assembly of more than 100 students, teachers […]

Kerkorian; Act of Stolen Valor

Kevin sends us a link to the Chicago Tribune which says that they found someone who wrote a graduate paper based solely on the tall tales of Robert Kerkorian, the disgraced police chief of Waukegan, IL. It seems he told the grad student about harrowing SEAL reconnaissance into some unnamed country in the mid-1980s. From [...]

TAH in Florida Today

With the Stolen Valor Act in the news again because the President signed it into law once more, we’ve been getting calls from around the country once again. In today’s Florida Today, Norman Moody writes about our friends and includes us in his examination of the issue; Jonn Lilyea, a combat veteran who tracks false [...]

Obama Signs Stolen Valor Act Into Law

If you lie about being awarded military honors for profit, you can now be subject to criminal prosecution, according to a new law signed by President Obama today. The Stolen Valor Act of 2013, introduced in January by Rep. Joe Heck (R-Nev.), “makes it a...

Targeting Phony Heroes: Stolen Valor Act Awaits Obama’s Signature

Four days before the nation’s veterans make their way down their hometown streets in a flurry of star spangled confetti for Memorial Day, a bill to protect war heroes from impostors is making its way to the White House for President Obama’s signature. The Stolen Valor...

Senate Passes Stolen valor Act 2013 unanimously

TSO tells us that the Senate passed the 2013 version of the Stolen Valor Act, less than a year after the original was struck down by the US Supreme Court as a violation of the First Amendment guarantees to free speech. There are no links yet, so i guess we’ll have to go on his [...]

New Stolen Valor Act Breezes Through House

A new version of a bill that targets fake war heroes easily passed the House of Representatives late Monday with a 390-3 vote. The bill, H.R. 258 also known as the Stolen Valor Act of 2013, is the latest attempt by Congress to push through...

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