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Iranian Attack Boats Buzz US Ships in Straits of Hormuz ‘Without Incident’

Five Iranian attack boats closely approached two US warships in the Straits of Hormuz, but the encounter was safe, routine and professional.

Iranian Ships Approach US Vessel Carrying CENTCOM Chief

Ships from the Revolutionary Guard Corps approached a warship hosting a top U.S. general while it transited the Strait of Hormuz.

Iranian Ships Intimidate Navy Vessels in Strait of Hormuz

Military boats from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps came dangerously close to a U.S. military vessel in the Strait of Hormuz on Monday,...

After nuclear deal, Iran sticks to wary tactics in key Gulf waterway

ABOARD THE USS NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard Corps on Monday dispatched five military vessels to monitor a U.S. warship hosting one of America's top generals on a day trip through the Strait of Hormuz, coming as close as 500 yards (meters).

Popping the Iranian Cork in the Strait of Hormuz

Eight major maritime chokepoints, through which oil tankers transit, exist globally. Seventeen million barrels of oil daily pass through one of them—the Strait of Hormuz. Located off the coast of Iran, situated between the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, uninterrupted oil flow through it provides an energy lifeline for Asia and Europe. Little publicized, however, […]

Iran Threatens To Close Oil Shipping Lanes, Could Beijing Do Likewise In South China Sea?

News from late last week that Iran had threatened to close oil shipping lanes in the Strait of Hormuz if the U.S. proceeds with further military drills is disturbing enough, but it also provokes questions about actions China could also take in the not to distance future in the South [...]

Iranian "Beaver" Threatens to Close Strait of Hormuz

Recently, Tehran announced it may close the Strait of Hormuz if the US continues "threatening" passage through the strategic sea passage.

US Vows to Continue Operations in Hormuz Straight Despite Iran's Threat

US operations in and near the Strait of Hormuz will continue despite Iran’s recent threat to close the strategic strait in response to US-led maritime drills in the region, Department of Defense spokesperson Peter Cook said during a press briefing on Thursday.

Iranian Commander Threatens to Close Strait of Hormuz to US

The comments by Gen. Hossein Salami follow a long history of rhetoric and confrontation between Iran and the U.S. over the strait.

Iran May Close Strait of Hormuz If US Continues 'Threatening' Tehran

The deputy commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps warned on Wednesday that Tehran may close the Strait of Hormuz, if the United States continues "threatening" passages through the strategic choke point.

Iran warns it could close Strait of Hormuz to US

Military commander says the US and its allies could be denied access to vital passageway if they 'threaten' Tehran.

This is Why West Turns a Blind Eye to Saudis' Misdeeds in Yemen

Saudi Arabia is planning to build a canal that will connect the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea bypassing the Strait of Hormuz controlled by the Iranians. Since the canal would pass the Shia territories in Yemen, Riyadh needs to take the country under full military control, Craig Murray notes.

Iran Says it Warned US Warship to Leave Drill Area

Iran's navy warned a U.S. warship to leave an area where Iran has been conducting a naval drill near the narrow Strait of Hormuz.

Iranian Navy Fences Off US Warship Near Strait of Hormuz

A US warship had to change its course after the Iranian destroyers sent him a warning to stay away from an area of the military drills near the Strait of Hormuz, local media reported on Wednesday.

U.S. Navy Says Video Shows Iranian Navy Firing Rockets Near Warships in Strait of Hormuz

6 months agoVehicles / Watercraft : gCaptain

By Will Dunham WASHINGTON, Jan 9 (Reuters) – The U.S. Navy released black-and-white video on Saturday it said was taken by an American helicopter showing an Iranian Revolutionary Guards vessel firing unguided rockets on Dec. 26 near warships including the aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman in the Strait of Hormuz. Show More Summary

Caught On Tape: Iran Conducts Live-Fire Rocket Drill Next To US Carrier

Late last month, amid heightened tensions between Washington and Tehran, Iran conducted a live-fire exercise in the Strait of Hormuz in close proximity to the USS Harry Truman, one of Ash Carter’s fleet of aircraft carriers. The US called the incident a “provocation” as the rockets landed a mere 1,500 yards from two US ships. Show More Summary

Navy releases video of Iran firing rockets near US aircraft carrier

The US Navy on Saturday released footage it said showed Iranian Revolutionary Guard vessels firing rockets near warships and commercial traffic in the strategic Strait of Hormuz late last month, a move raising tensions between the two...Show More Summary

Iran Fires Rockets Near U.S. and French Vessels in Strait of Hormuz

7 months agoNews : NYTimes: News

The rockets came close to commercial traffic and three vessels that are part of a military coalition fighting the Islamic State, the United States Navy said.

US: Iran Fired Rockets Near Our Warships

The US is accusing Iran of "highly provocative" actions near the Persian Gulf—with live missiles. Officials say Iranian Revolutionary Guard vessels conducted a live fire exercise in the narrow Strait of Hormuz "in close proximity" to US ships over the weekend. As first reported by NBC News, Iranian officials...

Gawker Things I Learned in 2015 | Foxtrot Alpha Iranian Rocket Splashes Down Near US Aircraft Carrie

7 months agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Gawker Things I Learned in 2015 | Foxtrot Alpha Iranian Rocket Splashes Down Near US Aircraft Carrier In Straits Of Hormuz | Lifehacker What to Put on Your Resume When You Have No Relevant Work Experience | io9 The Poseidon Adventure Is Still One of the Most Insane Disaster Movies Ever Made | Read more...

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