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Team Meat on how Super Meat Boy Forever expanded upon its original 2014 build

Coming from a Eurogamer interview with Team Meat's Tommy Refenes... "In the original 2014 [build of the] game we just randomly threw [procedurally generated] chunks at you until you got to the end. The way levels were created is they were all miniature levels and then we put them together based on difficulty criteria. Show More Summary

Super Meat Boy Forever does more with two buttons than most do with 14

Let's get the bad news out of the way first: Super Meat Boy co-creator and character designer Edmund McMillen, the burly bearded man made famous by his starring role in Indie Game: The Movie, is not involved in the sequel, Super Meat Boy Forever. Show More Summary

The Label's 'The Legend of Bum-Bo' Is a Prequel to 'The Binding of Isaac' Targeting a December Release

It looks like Edmund McMillen is definitely looking into iOS more with another announcement and release month target. After recently reconfirming Super Meat Boy Forever for a 2018 release, we now have a release month for The Legend of Bum-bo. This is a prequel to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth [$14.99] which is on iOS

'Super Meat Boy Forever' Plays Exactly How You'd Expect It to at PAX West

As we mentioned last week, Super Meat Boy Forever is once again a thing on mobile. We're still skeptical as to whether or not it'll ever get released on the App Store, but, considering recent news we shot some video of it on the show floor at PAX West. The demo we played is running

Team Meat Is Showing Off Its Meaty Sequel: Super Meat Boy Forever

MEAT. We haven't heard too much about the sequel to Super Meat Boy for a while, but it's popped back onto the radar as Team Meat head to PAX West and allow anyone at the show to try a demo. More »      

Team Meat's 'Super Meat Boy Forever' Lives, Allegedly Coming in 2018

Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat have a pretty contentious relationship with the world of mobile gaming. In March of 2009, they released a pimple-popping game called Zits & Giggles, basically to make fun of how stupid they thought mobile gaming was. Then as an experiment, they raised the price of the game to $15,

Team Meat looking into Super Meat Boy Forever physical release

Don't know yet but it's something we're looking into. — Team Meat (@SuperMeatBoy) August 30, 2017 I imagine quite a few people would jump in a physical release for Super Meat Boy Forever. I would certainly be one of them. Let's hope this idea comes together.

Original Super Meat Boy "more than likely" to hit Switch this year

Yes. Super Meat Boy will more than likely come to Switch this year. — Team Meat (@SuperMeatBoy) August 30, 2017 Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to Switch, but it looks like we'll be getting the game that started it all as well. Show More Summary

Super Meat Boy sequel to launch exclusively on Switch

Cult classic platformer Super Meat Boy is getting a sequel that will launch exclusively on Switch in 2018. It's called Super Meat Boy Forever, a title that may sound familiar as it was originally announced as a mobile game before getting stuck in development limbo. Show More Summary

Super Meat Boy Forever is a 'true sequel' due out in 2018

Super Meat Boy Forever lives! Originally announced years ago as an auto-run platformer for PC and tablets, it has resurfaced and is now planned for Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android in 2018. "To describe [the game] as an auto-runner would be a disservice," says Team Meat. Show More Summary

Announcing Super Meat Boy Forever

Meat Boy is back in a brand new game! Super Meat Boy Forever is the sequel to the 2010 indie hit, Super Meat Boy! We decided to call it “Super Meat Boy Forever” because “Super Meat Boy 2” doesn’t sound cool, also we couldn’t possibly...Show More Summary

'Super Meat Boy Forever' lands on Nintendo Switch next year

Super Meat Boy Forever, sequel to successful twitch platformer Super Meat Boy, will hit Nintendo Switch (with a squishy, bloody splat) in 2018.

Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo revealed during its Nindies stream today that Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to the Switch in 2018. The 2D sidescroller is the sequel to the hit indie game Super Meat Boy, which came out in 2010. Earlier this year, developer Team Meat announced that the original Super Meat Boy is coming to the […]

Super Meat Boy Forever Coming To Nintendo Switch

The Nindies Summer Showcase is underway and, to start the show off, side scroller Super Meat Boy Forever was announced. The Meat Boy series is known for its excruciating difficulty and Super Meat Boy Forever embraces that with levels that get more difficult as you beat them. Show More Summary

Super Meat Boy Forever is likely coming to the Switch

Super Meat Boy Forever was unveiled in 2014, but we're getting closer to a release. A release that may involve the Switch actually, as developer Team Meat has hinted multiple times that they're all in on the system, and that when they...Show More Summary

Super Meat Boy Forever looking more and more likely for Switch

I mean, that's as close to a confirmation as you can get at this point. I think we'll be very happy Switch owners once the official announcement is made.

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