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Sohrab and Greg of Obits form SAVAK (listen), making live debut at Cake Shop "super show" with The Gotobeds

by Bill Pearis It was sad news when Obits called it quits in April, but on the good news front: guitarist Sohrab Habibion and bassist Greg Simpson will continue to play together in new band SAVAK. What's it all about?...

Superdawg Founder, Maurie Berman, Passes Away At 89

It’s a super sad time for Superdawg as the famed hot dog drive-in announced over the weekend that founder Maurie Berman passed away from heart problems at the age of 89. [ more › ]

Bill O’Reilly Very Sad Americans Are Divorcing Jesus, Jiving On The Rap Music, And Smoking Crack

Bill O’Reilly is very upset. A new Pew poll has shown that the super-majority of Americans who identify as Christian is not quite as super as it used to be. Just eight years ago, 78.4 percent of the population was Christian, and now that number is only 70.6 percent, sadface. Show More Summary

Sad News: Zinke, One Of Our Favorite Swim & Lingerie Brands, Is Shutting Down

I am a swimsuit addict. I’ve lived in NYC my entire life, but I’m convinced that I lived on a beach in my past life because I collect swimsuits like I should wear them every day. So obviously I was super stoked when I got an email last week announcing that Zinke swim was having […]

This Chain Chomp Cat Bed Is Awesome

This Super Mario Chain Chomp Cat Bed may just be the greatest cat bed ever. Sadly, you can’t own it, since it has been sold for $1,100(USD). Your cat will have to find another way to…

Avengers: Age of Ultron Has 800 Super People In it, But Adding One Loki Was Just Too Much

There's a lot going on in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Tons of the Hulk, you know, Hulking out. A cute Archie reference. Uh, Vision! But, sadly, one character beloved by Marvel fans doesn't make an appearance — despite what Idris Elba said when he spoiled his own cameo in the... More »

Super Sadness: Selfie Stick With Fake Arm Attached

3 weeks agoHumor / odd : Geekologie

The Selfie Arm is the brainchild of artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe. When used to take a selfie, it appears as if somebody else took the picture, and you're holding their incredibly fake looking hand. Maybe with a more realistic looking hand you could actually trick all your Facebook friends into believing you didn't go on vacation by yourself. Show More Summary

I Hear She Shops at a Tiny, Tiny Version Of Wet Seal

Little girl, sadly: But she got the new Barbie…Mom: Yeah, but hers is super janky… Yours is the good one, it was all customized for you. You don't want hers.Little girl: Oh.–N TrainOverheard by: Brittany M

Justin Bieber crashes a high school prom: Super or super sad?

Prom dress? Check. Corsage? Check. Justin Bieber? Definite check. In a total surprise move, the "Boyfriend" singer decided to crash a high school prom this past weekend. On Saturday (April 25) night, Bieber showed up at Chatsworth Charter...Show More Summary

For Women, By Women, About Men

In “Super Sad True Love Story,” Gary Shteyngart’s novel set in a social-media dystopia, each person is publicly assigned a “fuckability” score, determined by various algorithms. Lulu, an app founded in 2013, is the closest anyone has come, so far, to making Shteyngart’s vision come true. Show More Summary

Rejected Princess Movies

last monthHumor : Cake Wrecks

New, in honor of Princess Week! Rejected Princess Movies... in cake. Snow White And The Swamps of Sadness "Arrrrrtaaaaaax!!" Sleeping With The Fishes A terrible curse. A fishy tail. And a super long nap. ("Is she still pink?" "No, BLUE!") Fairy...Show More Summary

2016?s “Shakespearean” tragedy: Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush might not be friends anymore!

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have been super good friends, but now that might end -- and everyone's sad

It's Official! Downton Abbey's Sixth Season Will Be It's Last

We knew this day was coming, but it's still super sad! Rumors have been flying around that this will be the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey, and those rumors turned out to be true. [ Related: Downton Abbey's Dowager Countess In Cake Form Is The Most Terrifying Thing You'll See All Day ] According to a [...]

This League of Legends Mod For Smash Bros. Will Never Be Played

In their free time, some Riot developers made a Smash Bros. mod that League of Legends-ified the game. Sadly, Super League Bros. (as I like to call it) will most likely never see the light of day since Riot said it was "just for fun." At least we can gaze upon some fuzzy pictures and dream of what could have been. Read more...

GIF of the Day: Eyelikesu’s Pink Boo

2 months agoArts : Art Fag City

Tumblr still remains the best stomping ground for random GIFs. I have no idea who made this deflated Kirby—or is it a stretched-out Boo from the Super Mario Brothers series? Regardless, there's an element of spooky sadness here because this pink balloon-guy cannot escape its shadow. Show More Summary

6 Super Sad Things That Happen To Actresses In LA

2 months agoHumor : Thought Catalog

You’re not supposed to feel bad for people who work in Hollywood, especially actors. They chose to work in a ridiculous profession and make tons of money if they “make it.” But after living in LA for eight years and meeting tons of people...Show More Summary

Delia's is closing!?! We're super sad, and so is Anna Kendrick

If you ever experienced the joy of discovering a Delia’s catalogue in your mailbox, we’re pretty sure you can relate.

Someone Made A Super Sad Shrine To Derrick Rose In Chicago

Derrick Rose and his injury-plagued knees have become the focus of a shrine in the Chicago area, which is equal parts funny and sad. Rose should be back in just a matter of weeks from his latest knee injury if all goes well. But considering...Show More Summary

Club Nintendo Super Smash Bros. soundtrack offer delayed in Australia

That Super Smash Bros. soundtrack promotion from Club Nintendo is pretty sweet, and should be shipping out this week for most of you out there. Sadly, Nintendo has confirmed that Australians will have to wait a bit longer to get their...Show More Summary

This Year’s CPAC Speakers: Three Generations Of Stupid

Sadly, the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference is over. And while none of the speakers used Super Big Gulps as props this year, the level of stupid reached all new depths. One speaker after another proved that far-right conservatives are more interested in thoughtless applause and bumper-sticker slogans than serious policymaking. For example, Duck Dynasty [...]

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