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How ISO9001 Can Help Transform Procurement and Supply Chain

Categories: Supply Chain Management, Supply Risk, Supply Risk Management Tags: L1, Sourcing & Categories I know what you’re thinking: How can ISO9001 be transformative rather than a hindrance? Of course, you might also be asking, “What the heck is ISO9001?” Let me explain. Show More Summary

Ways to Improve Your Supplier Compliance Odds: NEW Webinar Announcement

Categories: Supplier Risk and Compliance Management, Suppliers, Supply Chain Tags: Webinar When the chips are down and the cards stacked against you, improving supplier compliance can get lost in the shuffle. Regardless, you'll need to take the proper measures to protect your business and grow your brand. Show More Summary

Supply Risk and Compliance are Disconnected — That’s a Problem and an Opportunity

Categories: Supply Chain Management, Supply Risk, Supply Risk Management Tags: L1, Sourcing & Categories So, you’re stuck in the supply risk swamp and bogged down by compliance regimes. And you know there is waste everywhere and opportunity all around. Show More Summary

ReposiTrak debuts services for auditors

ReposiTrak, which assists companies with supply chain management and regulatory compliance, has expanded its services to include automation of audit processes. ReposiTrak, which assists companies with supply chain management and regulatory compliance, has expanded its services to include automation of audit processes.

Researcher helping to tackle the world's water challenges

A researcher from the University of Manchester has developed a free tool to help scientists and policymakers to manage agricultural water use and improve crop water productivity in regions where supply is scarce.

7 Secrets to Creating Supply Risk Management Leverage – and 3 More You Might Need

A recent pro-piece on 7 Secrets to Creating Supply Management Leverage over on Spend Matters Pro [membership required] by the prophet and the maverick highlighted 7 strategies that an organization can be successful in risk management in the light of recent events that include, but are not limited to: the Hanjin Shipping bankruptcy, the Zika […]

7 Secrets to Creating Supply Risk Management Leverage

Categories: Supplier Management, Supplier Risk and Compliance Management, Supply Chain Management, Supply Risk Management Tags: PRO As recent events such as Hanjin Shipping’s bankruptcy, the Zika virus and the East Coast oil disruptions have demonstrated, supply risk management is more important than ever. Show More Summary

Why Sustainable Supply Chains Matter

Environmental managers and chief sustainability officers are increasingly looking to their supply chains to conserve natural resources and reduce carbon emissions. Considering supply chains are responsible for up to four times the greenhouse...Show More Summary

One Key Question to Ask When Selecting a Multi-Criteria Supplier Sustainability Monitoring Solution

In our last post on Key Questions When Selecting a Multi-Criteria Supplier Sustainability Monitoring Solution, we noted that not only can supply risk management not be siloed, but in order for it to be successful, it must be centralized through a CoE that puts together policies and procedures that not only ensure that every supplier […]

Innovating to Deliver the Nuclear Promise

The following was written by Maya Chandrashekhar, project manager for Nuclear Steam Supply Systems Engineering at AREVA Inc, for the Powered by Our People promotion. She has been with AREVA and the nuclear industry since 2007. Maya Chandrashekhar...Show More Summary

Afternoon Coffee: Nominations Open for 30 Under 30, Oil Glut to Continue Through 2017

Categories: Afternoon Coffee Tags: General News and the Institute for Supply Management kicked off their third annual “30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars” Recognition Program Tuesday, bringing recognition to the newest crop of millennials making a name for themselves in supply chain and procurement careers. Show More Summary

What to Consider When Evaluating Renewables for Your Energy Procurement Strategy

By: Ian Bowman, Director of Product Management, Ecova Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)—energy supplies that aren’t produced by traditional large centralized fossil fuel plants—continue to be a hot topic among organizations seeking to reduce their environmental impact and increase cost-efficiency. Show More Summary

Want an Exceptional Supply Management System? Do NOT Forget the Supplier!

Exceptional results come from the right intersection of exceptional talent, exceptional technology, and exceptional transformation. The three T’s. And while each piece is important, and no piece can be ignored, the importance of good...Show More Summary

Want to Fail Faster? Automate it! (Repost)

This post first appeared six years ago. But it’s as relevant today as you plan your budget requests for the acquisition of new Supply Management systems, so it’s being reposted. This article in the McKinsey Quarterly on a better way to automate service operations nailed it: processes and work practices are best designed and implemented […]

Reederei NSB Opts for Marlink VSAT

NSB Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (REEDEREI NSB) has chosen Marlink to supply fully managed VSAT services including connectivity and an extensive

How Manufacturers are Applying New Technology to Improve Operations

Categories: Operations, Technology Tags: L2, technology The manufacturing industry may have a long way to go in applying advanced technologies and analytics to improve supply chain management. UPS and IDC recently surveyed more thanShow More Summary

Going From "Too Big" To "Strong Dad"

Cornelius Harvey, a 34-year-old supply chain manager from Florida, reached a tipping point when his kids started making comments about his appearance. "It was common to hear 'daddy doesn't run' or 'daddy is too big' on a regular basis from them," he says. Show More Summary

Puma Offers Financial Incentives to Improve Suppliers’ Environmental Management

Sports company Puma and European bank BNP Paribas have teamed up to offer a supplier financing program to Puma suppliers that improve their environmental, health and safety and social performance. Supply chain financing allows a large corporation to provide attractive financing options to its suppliers, which benefit from the corporation’s credit rating. Under the new […]

InstaSupply keeps all your invoicing ducks in a row

Ah, supply invoicing. As a lad my dear old father used to dandle me on his knee and speak of the great supply invoice systems of yore. He came from an era when supply managers were giants, men and women of valor. “Don’t go tryin’ anything new in Logistics, wee Johnny,” he’d say, pipe tobacco dribbling onto his sweater. “The old ways are best ways,… Read More

Here comes ISM services PMI ...

The Institute of Supply Management will release the results of its survey of service providers in August at 10 a.m. ET. Economists forecast that the purchasing manager's index slipped to 55 from 55.5 in July, according to Bloomberg.Show More Summary

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