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Exclusive: Cirie Fields talks 'Survivor: Game Changers': I think our gameplay will have a big impact on future seasons

Cirie Fields wraps up her exclusive Survivor: Game Changers interview with Reality TV World -- including what she considered the jury's criteria to be when choosing the winner.

Exclusive: Sarah Lacina talks 'Survivor': I completely miscalculated the damage I had done to my friends

Sarah Lacina wraps up her exclusive Survivor: Game Changers interview with Reality TV World -- including whom she would have taken to the Final 3 with her had she won the final Individual Immunity Challenge.

Exclusive: Tai Trang talks 'Survivor': Being called "a rat" was the lowest point in my game and probably my whole life

Tai Trang talks about his Survivor: Game Changers experience in an exclusive interview with Reality TV World -- including how he feels, looking back, about his decision not to succumb to Brad Culpepper 's idol demand.

Survivor: Game Changers’: Is Sarah Lacina One Of The Best Winners Ever?

Sarah Lacina is the winner of the highly-competitive Survivor: Game Changers, but should she be considered one of the best to ever play the game? Winning all-returning player seasons of Survivor can be more difficult than all-newbie seasons, considering everyone has played the game at least once before and has a general sense of how to play. Show More Summary

Exclusive: Troyzan Robertson talks 'Survivor': Believe me, I wasn't sitting around eating coconuts all day

Troyzan Robertson opens up about his Survivor: Game Changers edit and gameplay during an exclusive interview with Reality TV World following the finale.

Exclusive: Aubry Bracco talks 'Survivor': If I scrapped my way into the Final 3, I'd find a way to beat Sarah Lacina

Aubry Bracco talks about her Survivor: Game Changers experience in an exclusive interview with Reality TV World -- including how, despite her quiet edit all season long, she believes her gameplay was top notch and even better than the first time she played Survivor.

Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst Reflect on 34 Seasons of 'Survivor'

The longtime collaborators look back on the series, and the "emotion" surrounding Zeke Smith's onscreen outing, during a conversation with THR at the 'Survivor: Game Changers' finale. read more

Exclusive: Cirie Fields talks 'Survivor': Brad Culpepper's challenge wins didn't impress me, it was like defeating 5-year-old kids

Cirie Fields talks about her Survivor: Game Changers experience in an exclusive interview with Reality TV World -- including whether she believes she could have beaten both Sarah Lacina and Brad Culpepper in the end.

Survivor: Game Changers Final Exit Interviews – Spoilers!

A season of Survivor called “Game Changers” had a lot to live up to, but it delivered on all accounts. Wednesday night saw Season 34 come to a close with four Tribal Councils that whittled down the remaining six contestants to just one…the Sole Survivor and winner of the million dollar prize. Show More Summary

Exclusive: Brad Culpepper: 'Survivor's editing was frustrating, I wouldn't have dumped Tai Trang if he gave me an idol

Brad Culpepper talks about his Survivor: Game Changers experience and tough loss during an exclusive interview with Reality TV World after the finale -- including whether he believes Sarah Lacina did truly play a better game.

Exclusive: Sarah Lacina talks 'Survivor': I used Brad Culpepper's wedding ring as collateral for our Final 3 deal

Sarah Lacina talks about her Survivor: Game Changers experience and victory during an exclusive interview with Reality TV World -- including how close she came to voting for Troyzan and participating in a fire-making challenge.

'Survivor' Reveals Season 35 Theme: 'Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers' - Watch the Preview!

During the finale for Survivor: Game Changers last night, Jeff Probst teased what was in store for next season! The theme is “Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers” and it features all new players who are divided by the positive trait most associated with them in their everyday lives. For examples, heroes are like firefighters and [...]

The Newest 'Survivor' Theme Is the Most Ridiculous One Yet

As is typical now, during the Survivor: Game Changers finale the show revealed its theme and title for the next season. Survivor, thankfully, will be going back to a cast of complete strangers for season 35. This doesn't mean there isn't a twist involved in the casting. Show More Summary

'Survivor: Game Changers' crowns Sarah Lacina winner over runner-up Brad Culpepper

Survivor: Game Changers revealed Sarah Lacina to be the winner of its $1 million grand prize during the live portion of Wednesday night's finale broadcast on CBS from CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles, CA.

'Survivor: Game Changers': Here's who won the controversial season

'Survivor: Game Changers' named its winner in the season finale Wednesday night.        

Survivor Winner Sarah: "I Underestimated How Hurt These People Were by Me"

When Survivor: Game Changers winner Sarah Lacina walked into the final Tribal Council alongside Brad Culpepper and Troyzan Robertson, she could practically taste the million-dollar prize. But her confidence quickly waned once she experienced the vitriol from jury members she had previously voted... Read More > Other Links From Survivor: Game Changers Sarah Lacina

Survivor: Game Changers Finale and Live Reunion Show Recap

Well that just happened! The 34th Season of Survivor just came to a close, living up to its “Game Changers” title right up until the end. We entered the night with six players remaining in the game and ended with just one…the Sole Survivor…which...Show More Summary

Survivor’ 2017 Results: Who Won ‘Game Changers?’

"Survivor: Game Changers" results for Wednesday May 24, 2017. The winner of the 34th season of "Survivor" was revealed after a three hour finale and reunion show.

Survivor's Next Season Pits Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

Whether you're the type to rush into a burning building to save a puppy, a person who wants to cradle a baby bird, or a person who busts his/her tail to get by, Survivor's 35th season has a place for you. During the Game Changers Season 34 finale of the long-running CBS series, the theme for Seaso... Read More > Other Links From Survivor Survivor: Game Changers

Survivor: Game Changers Winner

Another double elimination in Survivor: Game Changers Episode 11 brought us down to a final 6. First Andrea was eliminated as she tried to get rid of Sarah. Then suddenly the tables turned on Michaela. Sarah may not have turned on Cirie, but she did the next big thing. She took out her right hand man. Tai [...]

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