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Oxfam could lose funding over allegations that it exploited disaster victims for sex

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Oxfam, one of the world's most prominent relief agencies, could lose its funding from the British government over reports that its workers exploited survivors of a massive earthquake in Haiti, and possibly other disasters, for sex. It is a "complete betrayal of both the people Oxfam were there to help and also the people that sent them there to do that job,” […]

Exclusive: Lauren Rimmer talks 'Survivor' -- Why Chrissy Hofbeck and Ryan Ulrich fought to keep Ben Driebergen

Lauren Rimmer continues to talk about her Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers experience with Reality TV World -- including why no one suspected Ben Driebergen had a hidden Immunity Idol.

Strong Survivor

How one poz man rose above adversity and stigma to become a world champion athlete and inspiration.

Exclusive: Desi Williams talks 'Survivor' -- I physically and morally couldn't do the one thing that would've saved my game!

Desi Williams talks to Reality TV World about her Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers experience -- including the "moral dilemma" she greatly struggled with and whether she was surprised about Joe Mena 's rogue vote and Mike Zahalsky 's flip on the Healers.

How Syrian Zoo Animals Escaped a War-Ravaged City

It took extreme measures to save the zoo’s last survivors from one of the world’s most dangerous war zones.

Zuzana Ruzickova, Holocaust survivor who rediscovered life’s beauty in Bach, dies at 90

One of the world’s premier harpsichordists, she was the first musician to record Bach’s complete keyboard works.

Exclusive: Katrina Radke talks 'Survivor' -- I'm not surprised Chrissy Hofbeck didn't save me, she was afraid of me

Katrina Radke talks to Reality TV World in an exclusive interview about her short-lived Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers experience -- including how one particular castaway threw her under the bus.

Fortnite Survivors guide: How to find Survivors and build Survivor Squads

Saving the world won't mean much if there's no one left to live in it. Long in the making, Fortnite is a multiplayer action-building game from Epic Games. One of your objectives in Fortnite is to rescue human survivors from the hordes of monsters that plague the world. Show More Summary

Adele, confirmed angel, hosted a film screening for Grenfall survivors

Adele has arguably one of the greatest voices in the world, but she's proving she also has just as great of a heart.  On Thursday night, the singer reportedly hosted a screening of Despicable Me 3 for the children who survived the horrible June fire that destroyed much of 24-story Grenfell Tower in north London. Show More Summary

VFW helps widow recover her husband’s due

Adelore Palmiter was a veteran of World War II and a survivor of the sinking of the USS INDIANAPOLIS (one of the 317 who survived from the crew of 1,197). You probably know the story of the INDIANAPOLIS and the horror that the survivors witnessed. Adelore was an 18-year-old sailor at the time, but he […]

SO Inspirational! Teen Manchester Bombing Victim Live-Tweets Her Recovery

After Monday's horrifying attack at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, one survivor is showing the world her strength! Millie Robson had just gotten to meet the starlet ahead of the show, but her night ended in disaster when she was hit by shrapnel from the bomb while leaving the arena to meet her dad. She's only [...]

Survivor Finale Preview: Who Will Win Survivor: Game Changers?

That’s pretty much the question isn’t it? Tonight, the 34th (!!!) season of Survivor – the world’s greatest Reality Competition TV Show – will come to a close, where one of the six remaining “game changers” will be crowned the Sole Survivor and win a million dollars. Show More Summary

Exclusive: Ozzy Lusth talks 'Survivor: Game Changers' (Part 2) -- It sucks to be dethroned and hear of pre-game alliances

Ozzy Lusth wraps up his exclusive Survivor: Game Changers interview with Reality TV World -- including which castaway he believes is playing the best game so far and what's the one major mistake he thinks he made.

Survivor: Contestants Respond After One Player Outed Another as Transgender

On Wednesday night’s episode of Survivor: Game Changers the elimination ceremony took an ugly turn with real world consequences when contestant Jeff Varner revealed to his other castmates that fellow player Zeke Smith is a transgender man. Varner was the clear favorite to go home, and in an attempt to ... More »

For survivors of Halabja massacre, Syria gas attack evokes flashbacks of death

The Iraqi town was poisoned in one of the deadliest chemical attacks in history in 1988, a trauma that remains with those who believe Trump’s strikes are justified In a corner of northern Iraq, the images that shocked the world of Syrian children poisoned by chemical weapons carried a particular charge of horror. Show More Summary

Exclusive Interview With The Survivor: Game Changers Contestant Voted Out Of Episode 5 – Spoilers!

What a difference a day makes. One minute you are on top of the world and running the show, the next you find yourself fighting for dear life. Another unpredictable Tribal Council led to the latest exit on Survivor, and it left JeffShow More Summary

Exclusive: James "J.T." Thomas talks 'Survivor' blindside: It made no sense, I regret leaving my idol but no one will ever find it

James "J.T." Thomas talks Survivor: Game Changers during an exclusive interview with Reality TV World -- including why he was so confident Michaela Bradshaw was going home, and how she rubbed him the wrong way aside from the sugar incident at camp.

What's On Tonight: Designated Survivor or Legion: Power trip or head trip?

Here’s what’s up in the world of TV for Wednesday, March 15. All times are Eastern. Top picks We just can’t decide between these two badasses: One is the most powerful person in the world; the other, possibly the universe. It’s kindShow More Summary

Survivor: Game Changers’ Preview: Everything You Need to Know

Boom! And we’re back!  As the world seems to be crumbling down around us, with uncertainty and disparity filling the hearts of many, there’s one steady, reliable rock you can always count on:  Survivor!  On Wednesday, March 8, Survivor...Show More Summary

Born Survivors: The Extraordinary Stories Of Three Young Mothers

In the waning days of World War II, three young women in the same concentration camp gave birth to babies who, against all odds, managed to survive. Meet one of the infant survivors and author Wendy Holden, who tells the women’s stories in her book Born Survivors. [ more › ]

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